Full Day of Eating - Lipedema Food Diary # 7

Hello to all readers,

we start a new day full of recipes.


The classic! Porridge or simply oatmeal porridge - For a serving you take 50 g oatmeal (whether you prefer the tender or pithy ones is up to you), you boil them with 300 ml milk, 1 packet of vanilla sugar and a little cinnamon to a creamy pulp, served with fruits of your choice. I love fresh blueberries and think they go perfectly, but also apples, bananas and strawberries. Be creative!


Whole wheat bread with egg and lettuce - We all know that we have little time at work, so bread, preferably whole grain bread, is still tried and tested. 2 slices of wholemeal bread coated with mustard and topped with 2 hard-boiled eggs are super filling. In addition, you make a salad of tomatoes and cucumber, you can take the balsamic dressing with you and only make it over the salad when you eat. I buy my balsamic dressing ready-made and use it very sparingly. Otherwise, you can quickly conjure up your own dressing from low-fat 150 g yogurt, a little lemon, herbs, salt and pepper.

Dinner and breakfast

Broccoli rice pan - Totally quick to do. Simply divide 500 g broccoli into florets and cook in a pan with 60 g rice and 500 ml water for 15 minutes. Before doing this, season well with salt and pepper and a little tip, I like to add a strong pinch of curry to this dish. If you like to eat meat - this goes well with turkey fillet, which you can cut into small pieces and cook at the same time.

In between I have fruit and vegetables. In portions so much that it fits in one hand.

Have fun cooking!

Handwriting Anja

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