New Year's resolutions - out of fashion or can happiness be planned?

As soon as the year draws to a close, they come back on the table - the good resolutions for the New Year. Some people can only smile about it and think that you don't need a specific starting date to achieve your goals. The tradition is antiquated and out of fashion. If you have goals, you can start right away. 

Others are looking forward to the beginning of the year and are already sitting on the shopping lists in order to implement their good resolutions as quickly as possible. It is planned and organized to have the perfect start to the New Year. 

It's hard to get past the topic 

For me it differs from year to year, which does not mean that I am undecided. Much more, it shows that life is constantly changing and so is my attitude and action. In the meantime I am very relaxed about my New Year's resolutions. Of course, I still believe that you can start immediately if you focus on a goal. But there is nothing wrong with a little motivational help in the form of a nostalgic date. 

As is the case with good resolutions, they fall by the wayside over time. The euphoria is lost as soon as the first hurdles come, the initial success fails or you have broken your new habit. What remains is frustration and an empty wallet. 

Unfortunately, I also belong to the group in which the motivation of good resolutions decreases after Easter at the latest and membership in the fitness studio or the sports subscription ends as a card file. The cross trainer that people wanted so much for Christmas stands orphaned in the corner and fits into the living room like another decorative piece that is dusted weekly. You have long been out of the nutritional plan and at a certain point you no longer find the motivation to start again. Damage makes you wise, you would think, and yet I've paid a lot of money. 

This year everything should be different

I just have to smile myself, because this sentence is probably the most frequently spoken sentence at the turn of the year, next to “Happy New Year”. 

And yet I know that this year I will not invest several hundreds of euros in something that is doomed to fail in the first place. 

After looking at myself from a different point of view, I was able to change my attitude towards things. I broke away from unrealistic goals that put me under pressure and only plan small steps that I can master with ease and fun. Setbacks no longer make me feel insecure. I do the whole thing for myself and nobody else. 

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Since the diagnosis, I have looked at myself and my needs with different eyes and paid more attention to what is good for me and, above all, what I enjoy. My focus and my inner attitudes have changed by simply looking at myself from a different perspective. I was able to probe very well, which is why I never really kept my resolutions for long.

Instead of thinking in small steps and moving forward with motivation, I had unrealistic goals that were far too far away and only put you under pressure. In addition, I had always opted for activities and things that helped many others to succeed, but which I personally did not enjoy and thus my motivation decreased over time. For me, this includes the gym or one of the many Diets, that just didn't suit me and my life.

I don't follow a trend anymore

However, there are enough alternatives to this and if you are having fun, then the probability is much higher that something will be persevered or even become your own routine. Achieving small goals generally makes you much more motivated and does not let setbacks unsettle you so easily. I also find it very important to question why one is planning something for the New Year. The motivation behind it should not be underestimated. So for every New Resolution this year, I ask myself whether I want to achieve the goal for myself or for someone else. There is no point in starting something if you are not behind it yourself. 

lipedema fashion good resolutions new year lymphedema lipolymphedema simone schäfer fashion_in_compression instagram

In the meantime, I am looking to see what is within my possibilities and how I can achieve my goals with lipolymphedema. I don't give the disease any more space in my life than necessary and yet I use almost all the possibilities of conservative therapy. The goals are smaller, more manageable and therefore easier for me to achieve. First and foremost, I want to be satisfied with the overall situation. This not only includes working on the cause, but also on my positive attitude. 

It was like a switch that flipped in my head. Since then I have been optimizing my self-management, which is crucial for achieving my goals. Here I put the priority on myself without regrets. 

I get to know my body again

When I applied for the Lymphomat, I dealt more intensively with the subject of self-management and made some changes in my life here. It was like a switch in my head. I have optimized processes and therapeutic measures for myself to such an extent that I feel comfortable with them. That in turn helps me achieve my goals. Of course there are setbacks here, too, but I can take them up well. I only do things that I really enjoy. Self-management in lipedema or lymphedema are a decisive factor in well-being. You deal very intensively with the disease and yourself. This way you get to know and appreciate yourself and your body anew. You are welcome to prioritize yourself without regret. Because if you feel good yourself, you can also pass this well-being on within the family. 

I put my times in the schedule so there is no compromise or excuse. Within the family, every room needs to meet its needs. That's why I don't cook three different dishes, but have opted for a conscious form of nutrition without strict rules. This makes it easier to stay in balance. 

lipedema fashion good resolutions new year lymphedema lipolymphedema simone schäfer fashion_in_compression instagram

At first I thought that there was no time for this multitude of self-therapies. Then I wrote my appointments that lasted longer than 15 minutes, such as exercise and lymphatic drainage, in the appointment planner and thus consciously blocked this time for me. There is no longer any compromise or excuse.

Within the family there should be space for everyone to meet their needs. When it comes to the big topic of food, tastes vary widely, especially with children. A strict form of nutrition with many rules was therefore out of the question. There's no point in having to cook three different dishes at the end of the day. I eat more consciously. As a result, I was able to keep my weight healthy for the first time and even reduce it slightly without falling into an extreme. The varied food was even fun again, even if I went overboard. It was easier for me to regain my balance than usual. 

My new year's resolutions

My resolution for the New Year is to build on the last few months and to further optimize the big topic of self-management. Happiness can be planned and resolutions can be kept with fun. 

As described, I've changed a lot in my everyday life and I have to say that I've come a bit closer to my goals. Most of all, I'm happier. My resolution for the New Year has picked up where I left off in the old year and has to deal with the important topic of self-management even more intensively. 

So your own happiness can be planned to a certain extent and in such a way that you keep your resolutions with fun over the year. Here I also invest money, but no longer in things that I don't really enjoy, but in myself, and that's why I now lean far out of the window and assert myself

“This year everything will be different”.

lipedema fashion good resolutions new year lymphedema lipolymphedema simone schäfer fashion_in_compression instagram

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Author: Simone Schaefer

Hello my dears. My name is Simone and I was born in 1981. I live in the beautiful Eifel with my husband, my daughter and our dog. After I was lucky enough to furnish the models at a lip / lymph symposium on behalf of my employer at the time in September last year, I was confronted with the disease for the first time and recognized myself immediately. I got my diagnosis in November 2019. For me, fashion has always been a way of underlining one's personality. I want to show and motivate that even with curves beyond the usual clothing sizes, nothing stands in the way of the fashionable variety and the compression even supports you as a fashion highlight.

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