How do I motivate myself to exercise?

How do I motivate myself to exercise?

Hello everyone,

many of you have difficulty motivating yourself to exercise. Sometimes you don't make it in time or the weaker self is huge and you can skip the planned sports session. Plagued by a guilty conscience, we are out and about for the next few days. Days become weeks and weeks become months. Stop it! Lace up your shoes and let's go.

Here are my tips on how you can motivate yourself better:

  1. Sport has to be fun for you. If you have to force yourself to do it, there is little point in it. Try a lot and stick to the sport that you really enjoy.
  2. Morning exercise. Sets the alarm half an hour earlier and starts the day with a 20 min. Workout. The early bird catches the worm.
  3. Pack your sports gear in sight or take your sports bag with you to work. Then there are no more excuses!
  4. Head cinema! Imagine your successes, the fun you will have in today's sports session. Fill yourselves with anticipation of what you will achieve.
  5. Before / after pictures. Take stock of your body based on photos and take a look at them after 2–3 weeks. What has changed? That motivates a lot!
  6. New sportswear. There are now a few stylish sports gear in every common chain. Treat yourself to a new awesome outfit - because you will definitely want to do it.
  7. Do not overtax yourself. Don't start with the hardest workout right away, but increase slowly. Small successes are much more fun.
  8. Hardly any time, little energy. Instead of a strenuous workout, try a yoga session to switch off and stretch.
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Favorite sport jogging

Don't stress yourself out with exercise. We achieve so much, we are not always perfect and that is a good thing. If you can only incorporate exercise 1–2 times in a week and are satisfied with it, then that's perfectly okay. Please do not look at others - listen to yourself.

Handwriting Anja

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