Hula Hoop - What is it about the hoop from childhood?

Does he really conjure up a wasp waist on his own?

Hula Hoop is considered the trend sport of the year and promises fun, a magical wasp waist and weight reduction as if by itself. That sounds too good to be true. I too surrendered to this hype and recently brought home memories from my childhood days. I have to say that I have stumbled across the hula hoop every now and then over the past few years. In plus-size groups in particular, sport was sometimes more and less discussed. So far, however, the tire has not been able to establish itself. The long lockdown and the simple possibility of doing sports without major investment or modification has certainly contributed to the fact that the Hula Hoop celebrates its big comeback in 2021. 

Once you've started, you don't want to stop. Practically everyone can swing the tire with a little practice. It does not require any special skill or a high athletic level. With the Hula Hoop, having fun comes first, so that both the youngest and the oldest can start with the Hullern at any time. The tire turns out to be a small all-rounder. You not only train your endurance, but also the deep muscles of your stomach and back in a very pleasant way. Posture and body awareness improve noticeably. Every turn means touch and thus the Hula Hoop has an acupressure effect on our body. In addition, hullern is absolutely gentle on the joints, which is why I see the great advantage here for everyone who, like me, has a little more on their ribs. The pelvic floor is also trained with the Hula Hoop without any effort.

The best for last. Everyone determines the intensity of the training for themselves. What is certain is that an hour burns a lot of calories and, in combination with a well-established diet, melts pounds. 

lipoedem fashion hula hoop simone schäfer fashion in compression

The hula hoop is no longer a toy, but also a fitness device

The choice of quality and prices is almost endless. At first glance it is difficult to make the right choice.

So today's Hula Hoop has nothing in common with the simple plastic hoop from childhood days. It is not a toy, but has evolved into a fitness device. As is the case with fitness equipment, it is available in all price categories and qualities. At first glance it is difficult to make the right choice. The choice and possibilities are almost endless. If you don't want to order from someone on the Internet, but from one of the well-known manufacturers, then you have to allow for a delivery time of three to four weeks. This also applies to individual, hand-made tires. Personally, I would only resort to tires made to order. Ultimately, however, everyone has to decide for themselves and my underground fitness level is not the same as any other. First and foremost, having fun in movement is in the foreground. 

lipoedem fashion hula hoop simone schäfer fashion in compression

My hula hoop

I was lucky, because instead of the almost four-week waiting time, behind a little Advent door there was the option of ordering a 1,5 kg foam-coated tire immediately. It was not thought about long and ordered immediately. After placing the order, I started thinking about it because, according to the table, the 2 kg tire would have been the better choice for my body weight. I have to admit, I was in awe of the 2 kg tire and was really happy that it wasn't available at the moment. 

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Here I have mine hula hoop ordered. With the code "Simonefashion" you get 5% discount on your order.

A few days later my new Hula Hoop came and what worked so smoothly in childhood should still work as an adult. Similar to riding a bike. I proudly put the individual elements together and just when the rest of the family was so nicely scraped around me, I started my first attempt. One turn, another, followed closely by a loud bang. The tire was already on the tiles. A 1,5 kg tire is pretty heavy. You shouldn't think so. Everyone has starting difficulties and since I had informed myself a little in advance on various channels, I knew that it would take some practice. A while passed like this. 

I shimmered like a rainbow

According to various forums, bruises and pain are initially included. But is it really like that? 

I tried it again and again, but the tire didn't stay up. But I learned that it can be painful if the hula hoop hits your hips, shins, chest, ankles or calves when falling or swinging. The next day I already had the receipt and shimmered like a rainbow, from the waist down. I had already read in various forums that this should initially be completely normal.

Bruises and pain are said to be part of it. But is that really the case?

The first impulse that got me thinking was the statement from my former physiotherapist, who said in a subordinate sentence that hematomas are always a sign of bleeding, i.e. an injury. I really thought about it when I loaned my tire to a very well-trained friend who brought it back after only two days with the diagnosis of pelvic contusion. I paused, even if it was really difficult for me. The advantage of such a hula hoop is that it is always ready to hand. Ideally, it has found a place on the wall for storage. This is generally recommended and prevents undesired deformation. The tires should only be rolled up or disassembled for transport. Mine will definitely come with me on vacation, a nice round of hula hoops on the beach at sunset. 

Back to the topic

The myth about the correct weight of the tire divides the hula hoop community.

The tire should have an adjusted weight of no more than initially 800g and an adjusted size. More waist circumference also means a larger diameter. The table with the recommended weight of the tire is probably known to everyone who has already bought a hula hoop or is planning to do so. 

This is exactly where opinions split. While some say that the body weight is decisive for the weight of the tire, others argue that a weight of 1,2 kg or more is much too heavy and that knobs, waves, fillings and foam covers are unnecessary if that Tire has an adapted weight of no more than 400g to a maximum of 800g. If you have a larger waist size, you should use a larger tire instead of a higher weight. With a larger tire, the path that the hula hoop needs is longer and you therefore have more time to give the tire the right momentum. I just can approve that too. Since I've had the bigger tire, it almost works by itself. The weight can be increased slowly after a certain time, if desired. However, it should be remembered that the intensity of the training does not determine the weight, but the continuity. 

The centrifugal force is much higher. Hematomas and pain are neither desirable at the beginning nor later.

Fat cannot be massaged away, and neither can lipedema

You have to be aware that it is not just 1,2 kg that hits muscles, bones, organs and vertebrae, but that the centrifugal force is significantly higher, which is why these hematomas also arise. With the Hula Hoop, bruises and pain are neither desired at the beginning nor later. So much for the theory and, like everywhere else, there are discussions on this topic. In fact, the myth about the correct tire weight can be said to divide the otherwise peaceful hula hoop community. The long-term damage caused by training with a heavy hula hoop is not known, as there is no long-term study on this. But the fact is that you can't massage away fat, just like cellulite or lipedema. 

I started the search engine to find out how it came to such different statements and after a few seconds came across several Hoop Dance sites, as well as videos and the explanation that Hoop Dancers, due to their size, often used children's tires in the past, which were a small one Have a weight of 200g to 400g. To make the tire easier to control, a higher weight was recommended. Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to have a hoop dance tire in hand knows that it is between 400g and 600g at the beginning. It is assumed, however, that this statement was the cornerstone for the high weight of the fitness hoop. 

As I have just pointed out, there is no consensus on this. Of course, there is also the opinion that the hematomas are part of it at the beginning, because the tissue has to get used to the pressure and some people have not got any at first. In various forums you can get tips on how to avoid hematoma, such as pulling two shirts over each other, bandaging yourself or buying a corresponding padded belt. It can be so different and everyone should weigh for themselves what they can expect from themselves and their body. 

Continuity is the key to success

Muscles are built up, unfortunately the hula hoop does not let the annoying pounds melt away by itself.

So I was very happy that I couldn't order the 2 kg tire, as the 1,5 kg tire was a challenge for my untrained body, as you could see. The hula hoop community is really incredibly open and helpful and I got such great advice.

Close your eyes, arms up, sideways, one leg forward, tense your stomach and a lot more.

The tire stayed up no more than three to four revolutions. However, I had not yet followed the most frequently given advice, as it meant investing again in a tire, which in the end I did. A tire that is adapted to my color preferences and, above all, to my dimensions and weighs just 800g. Since then the tire has stayed up and I start my first gentle attempts at a workout. Once things run smoothly, you want to achieve more quickly. That is the continuity I was talking about earlier. Besides, I don't consciously tense my stomach, but just let it happen.

The more relaxed you are, the better and just don't think about it, otherwise the tire will lie and you will do soil science again. 

However, if you have the wish that the Hula Hoop conjures up the desired figure on the side, I unfortunately have to awaken you from the dream. Even if it were so nice. The tire can support you on your way to a wasp waist and weight loss, as well as build muscles, but it cannot simply magically remove those pesky pounds. It's still a combination of diet and exercise. 

lipedema fashion hula hoop

My tip for compression wearers

Have fun and try it topless or in a tight cotton shirt.

And now here is another very hot tip for all compression wearers. Try it topless, without a shirt, just in a bra. This gives the tire more grip. If you have the opportunity, stand in front of a mirror and watch your movement. That helped me wonderfully. If you want to wear a shirt, keep the super slippery functional clothing for walking. Better to wear a tight cotton shirt, because the tire also has the opportunity to stick and thus stays on top much easier. Due to the compression, you initially have less feeling for the swing of the tire. I am wearing an older compression that is a bit more worn out or sports leggings with massage nubs. 

Most of all, don't give up. It takes a few tries anyway to keep the hoop up and free you from the fact that it initially looks as gallant as someone who has been doing the hula hoop sport for years. The first successes are already visible after a short time and no master has fallen from the sky anyway. 

Have fun trying!

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Author: Simone Schaefer

Hello my dears. My name is Simone and I was born in 1981. I live in the beautiful Eifel with my husband, my daughter and our dog. After I was lucky enough to furnish the models at a lip / lymph symposium on behalf of my employer at the time in September last year, I was confronted with the disease for the first time and recognized myself immediately. I got my diagnosis in November 2019. For me, fashion has always been a way of underlining one's personality. I want to show and motivate that even with curves beyond the usual clothing sizes, nothing stands in the way of the fashionable variety and the compression even supports you as a fashion highlight.

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  • Hello Simone! What is your ideal 800 gram tire in diameter? I am a complete beginner and have a figure similar to you. I don't want to buy anything too small or too big 🙂

    Best regards,

    • Hello dear Caro,

      My tire has a diameter of 130cm. With that it worked very easily right away. In the meantime I also hoop with a 120cm Hula Hoop. For the beginning, however, I would always choose the larger tire.

      Have lots of fun with it.

      Best regards,