Lipoedema rehabilitation at the Inselsberg Clinic

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The Inselsberg Clinic - a field report

Since my diagnosis in 2014, I have been to two different clinics for lipoedema rehabilitation twice through the German pension insurance. In 2022, as part of my educational work at the Inselsberg Clinic, I was allowed to stay for a week to gain an insight that I can pass on to those affected. At that point in time, I had no idea that the Inselsberg Clinic would knock my socks off like that. In this experience report, I give my own personal opinion honest impressions further. Before I go into the treatments on site, I would like to highlight special features of the Inselsberg Clinic that I noticed positively during my stay:

Rooms: Bright and friendly, with a height-adjustable, tiltable and wide bed, the shower with a curtain and a shower chair instead of a narrow cubicle.

Seating: Whether in the room, at mealtimes or in the waiting area, there are extra-wide chairs for lipoedema/lymphedema patients everywhere.

Lymphatic drainage: The couch is also extra wide, the appointment is 1,5 hours (1 hour lymph, 30 minutes for bandaging). Bandage rolling machine: Winding up by hand was yesterday, here you can quickly roll up the many bandages again with the machine in no time.

Swimming pool and sauna area: Optimal water temperature, large pool with an overall great atmosphere.

Inselsberg Clinic
Inselsberg Clinic

The Children's programme (for children from 3-12 years), as well as the Family room (for max. two children) and dog room are in great demand and therefore have a longer waiting list (more information directly from the Inselsberg Clinic). The family rooms are divided by a passageway and have a couch and a dining area. So there is enough space for up to three people. In the dog rooms, too, you can find everything that mums and dads need. I think it's really great that consideration was given here, since this challenge is an exclusion criterion for many of those affected when applying for rehabilitation.

Children's programme
family room
dog room

But now to the process

I had that on the first day at the Inselsberg Clinic Admission interview, the perometer measurement (volume of legs), lymph drainage including subsequent bandaging, decongestion gymnastics, strength training and a conversation with the nutritionist.

The second day started with a briefing on the Wicker app. The app includes training videos with personal access that can be used for up to five weeks after rehabilitation. Then there was
Breakfast (yes, sometimes the appointments are so early that you first have to “work” and then you can eat) and we go straight out for a digestive walk, with the group for Nordic walking. The Inselsberg Clinic is so beautifully landscaped that you are right in the middle of the forest. That was of course an impressive lap in the early morning. At 11 a.m. we continued with strength training. I have to say that the equipment room really great and modern equipped and the devices are super easy to use. Really good: you can look outside during training! There are a lot of small details, but I really like such things and that's why I like to list them here. Directly after lunch there was another digestive program with decongestion gymnastics. The trainer did a Tabata unit with us, which can be compared to interval training. It was really a lot of fun and it's also a cool way of training at home.

The last appointment was the introduction to the Lymphapress. Although I've had the device at home for almost five years, I've also learned something new. There are three trouser cuffs (two of them in size XL) and two for the arms.

At the end I was in one of the two gymnastics rooms and hulled for another 45 minutes. Even with a short stepper unit meanwhile. Phew, that wasn't easy on the one hand and got the pulse really pumped, but guess who ordered one of these steppers straight away and is now doing it at home... after dinner we went for a dip in the in-house swimming pool. Incidentally, I think one Pool is an absolute must-have in a lipoedema clinic and once again it gets 5 out of 5 stars.

Zack, already halftime!

The day of the mountain festival started out very relaxed for me on the hydro jet Come on. If you don't know the device: It massages you with a jet of water. You lie on a kind of water bed and the jet then generates a very pleasant pressure from below. The day probably couldn't start any better. After my 90-minute lymphatic drainage of the arms and legs (from the front and back), the "wellness program" was perfect. Since I'm still in the afternoon Aqua walking I wasn't bandaged, so I asked if I could have my arms lymphed. However, I then had an extra appointment for bandages after the water time. But since there was only a 30-minute time window in between, I wrapped everything up and took it with me and ran through the Inselsberg Clinic like a pack mule. That looked really funny.

Then I used the time to exercise in the gymnastics room - of course there was a hula hoop unit again. After the sudden onset of winter, I wrapped myself up and collected steps outside. Movement is the be-all and end-all in the bandages.

The fourth day started at 7 a.m. in the Lymphapress. Such treatments are always really cool at the time, because you can relax again. After breakfast there was a very informative lecture on weight loss nutrition advice. After that I had an interview with the marketing department and I was allowed to explore a few corners of the Inselsberg Clinic for you. Then we went to strength training.

Super cool: there are several 1,2 kg hula hoops in the Inselsberg Clinic - ideal for practicing!

The penultimate day was also a lip/lymphedema info day, where I was able to talk about my path so far. Since this started at 16 p.m., I “only” had decongestion gymnastics after lunch. But it was tough, because we were outside at two degrees. With the right clothes, that wasn't a problem, but I didn't have a jacket over it, so I had to sprint back to my room quickly. But arrived in time for the start. Why am I telling this? I didn't expect that we'd go out in such temperatures.

Zack was already Friday and the last day of insight into the Inselsberg Clinic had come for me. At 7:30 a.m. we started straight away with aqua gymnastics to 90s music - after that I was awake, in a good mood despite the lack of sleep and really enjoyed my breakfast again.

Then it was back to the Perometer for measurement and the Final consultation with the doctor. After all, within four days, 250 ml on my left leg and 40 ml on my right leg said goodbye. A great success in such a short time! Then we went to strength training one last time. The trainer gave me the tip for the leg press to just press with the ball of your foot. On the very day that I increased the weight from 70 to 80 kg ... no sooner said than done! I highly recommend the bunion press technique for anyone looking for a progression! After that I was able to relax and enjoy the water jet massage on the hydro-jet again.

The day went well, because immediately afterwards at lunchtime I went to the commercial manager for a feedback discussion. My small and constructive suggestions were noted directly. Overall, it was a very pleasant, open and honest conversation. After the last lunch I went to decongestion gymnastics again and after a last round of hula hoop I went back home.

My test verdict is simple: very good

I can't put it any other way. In my opinion, the Inselsberg Clinic has everything you need, the staff is always friendly and helpful, from the swimming pool to the sauna it is the perfect feel-good paradise for the free hours.

In principle, I didn't miss anything and was very pleasantly surprised!

Most liked me the universal concept impressed. No tight chair backs, the bed can be adjusted in all directions, the shower curtain and shower chair offer enough space and everything! Just great. I will definitely do my next lipoedema rehab there. If you are still looking for criticism of the Inselsberg Clinic, I somehow have nothing to complain about. Who wants me to grumble at the highest level: initially I didn't have oat milk and had to drink the coffee black, but that was immediately changed. The whole house - from the service staff to the commercial manager - listened when I had ideas for improvement.

Ah, but one thing wasn't quite there yet: the cafeteria offering. However, when I asked, Cola Zero was immediately ordered. Unfortunately it could not be delivered. But in the feedback discussion, the Inselsberg Clinic found through our stay that the offer in the cafeteria is being revised - ketogenic and calorie-friendly foods should also be included in the future.

Make the best of yourself!

The most important point of all for me is a very nicely meant hint:

Don't go to rehab thinking that the physios and co. are doing your "job".

Rehabilitation works particularly well when you are actively involved. Lymphatic drainage is NOT the most important thing, but movement therapy in bandages/compression. Rehabilitation as a decongestion therapy is not a wellness stay. The ultimate goal is that you himself active establish new and healthier habits and above all work on your self-management (also afterwards). The key is NOT to be lymphed or bandaged every day, but to exercise — whether in compression or bandages, local doctors also point out. I've used every window of opportunity to move.

So I wish you all the best of luck in your rehab! Maybe even in the Inselsberg Clinic...

Applying for an inpatient rehabilitation measure - this is how it works...


Before you apply for a rehabilitation measure, you will have a consultation with your doctor. Here it is discussed whether the requirements for rehabilitation are met. These are:

  • need for rehabilitation
  • rehabilitation ability
  • a positive rehabilitation prognosis
  • concrete rehabilitation goals

In principle, rehabilitation should have a positive effect on a disability and/or the need for care, prevent it from getting worse or mitigate its consequences. For patients of working age, it is often a matter of averting impending or actual reductions in earning capacity. Individual rehabilitation goals are, for example: improving mobility, reducing pain, preventing the need for care.

Who is responsible?

In most cases, the statutory pension insurance (employable, etc.) or the statutory health insurance (pensioners, etc.) are the responsible service providers for inpatient rehabilitation measures. Certified rehabilitation facilities that either have a supply contract in accordance with Section 111 SGB V with the health insurance fund, an occupancy contract with the statutory pension insurance fund or are in their sponsorship are suitable for implementation.

process of application

You must apply for your inpatient rehabilitation measure from the payer responsible for you.
You can find out who is responsible in your case from both your health insurance company and your pension insurance company. There you will also receive the relevant application forms (health insurance: sample 60 and sample 61; pension insurance: application form sets G100 and G110). Ask your doctor (specialist if possible) to fill out the forms and draw up a favorable opinion (certificate). If several illnesses are present at the same time, the leading diagnosis must appear first in the application.

the right to choose and choose

If you want to do your rehabilitation in a specific clinic, you have to
specify when submitting the application. According to § 8 SGB IX you have the right to a suitable for you
choose your own rehabilitation clinic. The regulation wants your self-determination as
Encourage the patient and give you as much space as possible to be responsible for yourself during your rehabilitation
give shape to your living conditions.

You can find the necessary forms here

I wish you every success in applying for your own rehab and hope you enjoyed my insight into the Inselsberg Clinic!

Your Vanessa

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