The most common questions about IPK and what you need to know about the Lympha Press

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In life with lipedema, lymphedema, or thrombosis, self-management is everything and that includes compression therapy. In addition to lymph drainage and flat knit care, an IPK device for at home is a good addition to your therapy. But what exactly is it, how do you apply for it and what do I have to pay attention to when using it? Here you will find out.

What is IPK and what is it good for?

You are very likely familiar with the main anchor points of your conservative therapy - the compression supply and lymphatic drainage. But as with so much, the decisive part of the therapy and your self-management takes place independently in your everyday life and at home. This also includes IPK (Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy). It is not to be seen as lymph drainage or as a replacement, but as a helpful supplementary decongestive therapy.

At what point in conservative therapy is it used?

Personally, when I made my diagnosis, I submitted the application to the health insurance company together with the specialist and was approved directly. In principle there is neither too early nor too late. It doesn't matter which diagnosis you have below or what stage you are at.

Can it replace the MLD?

IPK cannot replace manual lymphatic drainage, but rather supplement it. It is important here that there are no lymph drainage problems that could cause congestion when using a Lympha Press device. Also shortens not the right to MLD if you have the Lympha Press.

The application

How do I apply for an IPK device and what do I have to pay attention to when applying?

Make an appointment with your specialist or family doctor and get a prescription. Don't worry, this is not on your doctor's budget (this is a great way to insure him in case he looks wrong). The costs for the device, with the exception of the prescription fee, are covered by the health insurance company. You can simply have the Lympha Press written on the prescription. Further documents from z. B. Lymph clinics can be helpful for the application. The device will be made available to you for an unlimited period as a loan from the health insurance company.

lympha press ipk pattern recipe
IPK sample recipe for a Lympha Press

What requirements do you have to meet for approval?

Prerequisites for applying for an IPK device are, among other things, the appropriate diagnosis, wearing compression stockings, that you are already going to the MLD and medical supervision of the course of therapy. The indications for the use of an IPK device are: primary lymphedema, secondary lymphedema, in addition to CPE, lipedema, mixed edema forms, post-traumatic edema, venous edema, venous leg ulcer, thrombosis prophylaxis, congestion due to immobilization (arthrogenic congestion syndrome and partial paresis).

What to do in the event of a rejection?

As with all applications that you submit to the health insurance company, you can file an objection in the event of a rejection. Pictures of the affected body parts can help here, important arguments why you need the device and that you want to optimize your self-management at home too.

The Lympha Press

What is a Lympha Press?

It is a 12-stage device and cuffs with 12 or 24 overlapping air chambers. They are always inflated one after the other from bottom to top. This takes 30 seconds, then the overpressure is released and a new pumping cycle begins. Perhaps you have already discovered the Lympha Press in practices, clinics, medical supply stores, in forums and on social media, it looks like a large astronaut trousers or jacket into which air is rhythmically let in and out. These cuffs are available in a wide variety of designs, such as: B. Pants, single leg cuffs, jackets or separate arms.

Which device is the best?

It is not possible to say exactly which device is the best. However, I have had very good experiences with the Lympha Press from Villa Sana. It has been loyal to me for over 10 years and has not yet had a defect. What I personally find very good are the extension strips, which can adjust the cuff with increasing or decreasing dimensions.

It is important that you get a device that is listed in the aids directory of the statutory health insurance companies. If you apply for the device on the prescription of your doctor, this is usually the case. To be on the safe side, it is better not to use over-the-counter devices if you have a tendency to edema.

Tips in use

Compression on or off?
The compression can be worn during the application, but in this case you should reduce the pressure a little.

Morning or evening? How often, how long, what pressure?
Whether in the morning or in the evening is in principle not relevant. Personally, I prefer to use it in the evening before I go to sleep and let the quiet, rhythmic letting in and out of the air slowly rock me into the heaviness of bed. The duration and strength of the application should be determined individually, this is best discussed with your doctor.

Before each session, you should free your lymph nodes and yourself anlymphs. If you are unsure how to do this, your lymph therapist will be more than happy to show you.

What to do if you have a cold
If you feel sick, the same rule applies as for manual lymphatic drainage. Please refrain from using it in this situation.

Any questions?

I hope this article has brought you a step further with the most frequently asked questions. Should you still have any questions, the customer service at will help you healthy villa I'm sure to be happy to continue and advise you.

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