Traveling with Lipedema: Backpacking Ireland - Part 2

Continuation of Part 1

Was it a good decision?

A trekking tour without flat knit compression? I can answer this very quickly and directly ... No!

Why? Because my liposuction was in mid-February and I just put too much on my body. It's been less than five months, but you learn from mistakes. My legs had to go through a lot - 11 days in hiking socks. Every lipedema girl knows that socks are such an issue and then those super tight hiking socks. Awful. But I did not have the typical lipedema pain, but was plagued by deposits that reached from ankle to knee. But what option do I have? Do everything bad or just stick it out and enjoy your vacation? I chose the latter.

We landed in Cork at 16:30 pm, Irish time, full of anticipation and I was overwhelmed by a feeling: "Off to an adventure".

First we went to the baggage claim, the backpack was strapped to the back and our adventure could begin. We decided to stay in Cork for the first night and checked into a B&B (Bed & Breakfast). Not a luxury room, but that wasn't our intention either.


The night ended sooner than you thought. I was so excited - the first day of our tour. Let's go to Kinsale on the coast! We walked through a beautiful landscape, the sun was shining on my face and I just felt happy to run against the current of everyday life. On the way we met many fields, herds of cattle and super friendly Irish people. Unfortunately, we didn't reach our destination for the day, Kinsale. What did that mean for us? Camping! But this is not so easy in Ireland, as all fields and properties are fenced. But we found a cozy spot on the edge of the field 7 km before Kinsale.

lipoedem fashion travel with lipoedem ireland view of the fjord
View of the fjord

The next morning it went on early, because the ambition had seized me and I was full of energy. We walked for miles uphill, downhill ... everywhere these green pastures, fields and such great rustic houses - beautiful. But the first blister on the heel announced itself ... no matter just continue. I couldn't stop walking. You probably know that from jogging.

We reached Kinsale at noon. We were flashed, up from the cliffs we looked at the city. What a great view. The sea, the harbor, the great buildings - we wanted to stay here. We checked into a B&B straight away for two days. We were attracted by the city, the colorful houses, the people and the wonderful landscape. No time for a break, instead we went on a scouting hunt. We hiked to a fort ... breathtaking. The sun was down, but it was worth it to us. We will never forget these impressions and views. In the evening we sat on the harbor bench and ate french fries. We deserved it!


Two great days came to an end so quickly and it was time to say goodbye to Kinsale. Our new destination: Clonakilty. About 25 km as the crow flies from Kinsale, also on the coast. We rode the bus through narrow country and coastal roads, past forests, rivers and Irish wilderness. I am still totally fascinated by the landscape.

Clonakilty, there we were, quite rustic on a campsite with the sea behind our necks. We booked six days straight away. This was a good decision as we wanted to explore the area without a backpack.

lipoedem fashion travel with lipoedem ireland clonakilty city
Clonakilty City

I was drawn to the sea. You can feel the ebb and flow of the tide very much and I sometimes sat for hours and watched the water. For the first time in many years I was able to enjoy. I forgot everything around me, turned off my thoughts and enjoyed the here and now.

lipoedem fashion travel with lipoedem ireland clonakilty sea 2
Clonakilty by the sea

We spent great days in Clonakilty, went to the beach a lot. I cooled my swollen legs and I can tell you that it was wonderful! We toured the city, sat in cafes and just had a good time. I often tried to analyze why I always stress myself so much, why I can't switch off my head at home and why I can't just live and enjoy life as it comes. I took these questions home with me and dealt with them intensively after the vacation.

It was time to turn our backs on Clonakilty, but we wanted to spend the last night in Kinsale. At the port with a bag Fish & Chips in hand we enjoyed our last evening in Ireland.

lipoedem fashion travel with lipoedem ireland Kinsale port
Kinsale harbor

Ireland - journey into the self

11 days in Ireland, and I have the feeling that I am coming back to Germany as a relaxed and relaxed person. This tour showed me what I can experience with just a few things, that I should listen more to myself and finally get away from it Steffi, the head person should say goodbye to something so that I don't always stand in my own way. Life has so many great things in store for you, even if they are inconspicuous at first.

Your Steffi

Lipedema Fashion Travel With Lipedema: Backpacking Ireland

Author: Stefanie Melzer

I'm Steffi, guest author at Lipedema Mode and was born on August 30, 1991 near Leipzig. Now I live near Koblenz on the Rhine. By puberty, I began to notice differences between my friends' legs and mine. But since no doctor could help me, I lived ignorantly with the chronic disease lipedema until I was 23 years old. After more than a year of conservative therapy, I played more and more with the idea of ​​having an operation, as the pain determined my life more and more. I had an operation on February 16, 2017, and what can I say ... For a good six months, I can no longer imagine what it was like before the liposuction.

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