Itchy blisters caused by compression stockings? This is how you solve the problem!

As temperatures rise and we all sweat more, some of us who wear compression socks experience uncomfortable problems. Who doesn't know it: itchy blisters right where the adhesive tape is on the stocking. Before you panic and suspect a silicone allergy, let me explain to you what's really going on. Itchy blisters caused by compression stockings are not uncommon.

Why does it itch?

Our skin is full of bacteria. This is completely normal and healthy. These bacteria live in a delicate balance with our skin. However, if sweat, especially in the heat, gets trapped under the silicone nubs of the adhesive tape, a reaction between the bacteria and the sweat can occur. This can cause irritation and small itchy blisters from compression socks. So it's not the silicone's fault, but rather an unfortunate combination of heat, sweat and bacteria.

Itchy blisters caused by compression stockings with adhesive tape micro-nubs

How to counteract the itching

  1. Stay clean: After each visit to the toilet, wipe with a damp cloth along the inner edge of your stockings, exactly where the adhesive tape is located. This helps remove the bacteria that have accumulated there. Do the same with your skin too.
  2. Baby powder: If you're sweating extremely, I recommend using a little bit of baby powder. This helps to absorb and bind moisture. A little tip: It's best to do this every time you go to the toilet.
  3. Aloe Vera Gel in the evening: This miracle cure soothes the skin and supports healing. Apply it to the affected areas where your tape normally sits.

My ultimate tip: micro-nub adhesive tape

I have personally experienced the problem of itchy blisters caused by compression stockings and found the solution in the micro-nub adhesive tape. This adhesive tape has been specially developed for sensitive skin. Since I switched to it, itchy blisters are a thing of the past! Please feel free to get advice from a medical supply store.

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