The wedding outfit: It's Wedding Time

They are probably the most beautiful celebrations that you can experience as a guest - weddings!

And who doesn't know it, as soon as the invitation is in the mailbox and you know when, where and how to get married, you ask yourself the all-important question: What am I going to wear? After all, you want to look especially beautiful for this special day. But never more beautiful than the bride, of course!

Since I have had the honor of being invited as a guest at many different weddings over the past three years, I was able to deal with the topic very well. So don't panic! If you deal with your outfit early enough (3 months have proven to be a good cut), you reduce the risk of making a bad buy in the end and can put together your outfit piece by piece.

I would like to give you a few little tips and make my shop recommendation for the online shop ASOS, so that you can present a great outfit at the next wedding that is coming without breaking a sweat.


Many bridal couples indicate a dress code in their invitations, which you should always adhere to 100%. Because then you avoid evil looks and trouble with the bride and groom. And of course the colors white, champagne and cream are reserved for the bride. Black should definitely be avoided on this day. You should also largely do without mini skirts or dresses that are too cleavage. Of course, a subtle appearance is worth more than looking like a Christmas tree ball. So avoid too much jewelry and bling bling.

The invitations, location and of course the taste of the bride and groom always give a great insight into what the wedding will be like. For a pompous wedding in a castle, of course, you choose a different dress than for a beach wedding or a party in the village barn. If you are still unsure, you can talk to the bride and groom or the groomsmen at any time.

Shop recommendation ASOS

ASOS offers a very great and large selection of different dresses and outfits for weddings or special occasions. Even as a maid of honor / bridesmaids you can find beautiful and stylish dresses. The dresses are modern, elegant, playful or classic. And every type of woman is represented! Whether in special circumstances, tall, curvy or small - everyone will find something here.

ASOS curve

The Asos curve you will find beautiful dresses for every type of wedding. The cuts flatter the figure and look very elegant and feminine. Personally, I like the clothes from ASOS curve very much and often better than the clothes in my size. You really don't do anything wrong here.

Flower dress summer curvepink shift dress curvesilver dress curvepink dress with pallietten curve

ASOS maternity (in special circumstances

Anyone in special circumstances naturally has two reasons to be happy. Not only that you are at the wedding in a double pack, but that Asos is also a great line for pregnant women offers. Here you just have to decide whether you want to highlight the belly or hide it a bit. In any case, you will look beautiful.

maxi dress blue pregnant womenlace dress pink pregnantfloral dress pregnant

ASOS petite

If you are small, you know the problem ... the beautiful clothes are often too big or the length is wrong. It is not always easy to find a great dress that really fits when you are one of the smaller ones. With Asos petite this problem is also addressed and resolved. With the Asos petite line, even small women now have the opportunity to buy beautiful dresses tailored to them. So let's go shopping and save yourself the hassle of shortening annoying clothes!

Flower pattern maxi petitepink maxi petiteMaxi nude petite

ASOS tall

Even those who are very tall often have problems finding beautiful clothes that are optimally tailored to their size. Asos got on with the line Asos tall also accepted this problem and designed some great elegant dresses for tall women. There is a great dress for every taste!

case midi tallNude midi tallred midi tallblue maxi tall

I have only shown you a very small glimpse into the different categories at ASOS (dresses for weddings). Of course you can find a lot of nice clothes there. A visit is always worthwhile! You can find the links to take a look directly in the text when you click on the bold Asos names.

And don't be afraid! Even those who rely on compression stockings can hide them under a beautiful maxi dress or make them stand out even more with a matching midi dress.

The most important thing, of course, is that you shouldn't dress up just to look great. Represent your taste and stay true to yourself, because this way you feel comfortable on this special day and can enjoy the wedding celebration in a relaxed manner.

Have fun shopping!


Handwriting Michaela

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Author: Mitcha

I'm Michaela and I come from beautiful Hessen (Central Hesse). I am fashion at lipedema because a good idea has become reality! Caroline is a very good friend of mine and I have seen her illness first hand, so to speak, since the beginning of our friendship. Through this I learned and experienced a lot about the disease and its suffering that it brings with it. Of course, their pitfalls too, especially when it comes to fashion. Every woman should feel beautiful and desirable, even with the diagnosis of lipedema or other ailments that a woman has. In this regard, I am at Caroline’s side with words and deeds, and together we’re looking for beautiful, fashionable variants that will give your own outfit that certain something despite compression garments. So it happens that I support the blog in terms of fashion, lifestyle, nutrition and sport, even without having lipedema myself. Because everyone should feel comfortable in their body.

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