Jewelry: Diamonds are the Girls' best friend

Hello everyone,

I once thought about jewelry with me. I think we women should deal with this topic. Everything from our little ones Stomping legs distracts is only good for us. Jewelry is available in various colors, shapes and sizes. But not every guy can wear every piece of jewelry, so you should think carefully about what suits you.

Jewelry should be adjusted to the body size

Necklaces, earrings and co. Should fit the body size. Dainty necklaces and earrings look largely lost on tall women. Large pieces of jewelry for a tall woman are perfect! With smaller women, however, huge, glittering pieces of jewelry tend to be intrusive and too space-consuming.

Simple rule: large woman = large jewelry / small woman = small jewelry

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Combine jewelry and clothing

With Statement chains you can refine and spice up simple shirts. Large earrings go wonderfully with a plain dress, and bangles also enhance the outfit. The jewelry shouldn't steal the show from clothing, they have to go hand in hand. Attention should be paid z. B. that jewelry and clothing are in the same color scheme or deliberately in contrast to each other.

Never more than two large pieces of jewelry

Please do not hang yourself with jewelry, it looks overloaded. It is most effective to choose an eye-catcher - but never more than 2 large ones trinket to wear.

Do's: Earrings and Bangles / Bangles and Belts
Don'ts: necklace and earrings / necklace and bangles

Office chic

A small rule also applies here: more than 5 parts are taboo. Just count what you are wearing today ... A ring, watch, chain, bracelet and earrings (count as a pair). 5 parts can be reached quickly. Especially if you are wearing several necklaces or bracelets. Don't get caught up in yourself, but guide the other's gaze in the right direction. Nobody wants to look pretentious, right? Understatement - less is more!

With this in mind, I say goodbye!

Best regards,

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