JOBST® Confidence put to the test: Compression like a second skin

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If the word "Confidence" can already be found in the name, then my ears quickly perk up. JOBST® has brought a new flat knit quality onto the market and, thanks to a new knitting technology, would like to create a new wearing comfort. I have tested the JOBST® Confidence for you by thread and stitch.

The first impression: yikes, it's soft!

If you've been wearing compression for over 10 years, you've gotten used to the material. Nevertheless, the side effect is that the skin is stressed by wearing the care every day. So I was all the more astonished at how soft the knitted fabric of the JOBST® Confidence socks felt. Don't worry, it is still stable and exerts pleasant pressure.

"Socks? Don't you usually wear tights? ”You will ask yourself now. Done, at the time of the test, you can initially order calf stockings, thigh stockings and arm rests, but the range is constantly being expanded and you can expect to get JOBST® Confidence tights, Radler or Capri in spring 2022. Your medical supply store can tell you which constellation of a multi-part supply or whether even only a one-part supply makes sense in your case. If the opportunity arises, simply get advice there. You can find a suitable medical supply store for this in the Dealer search.

The second look: what are these little dots doing there?

At first I thought something had gone wrong while knitting, but that's not a knitting mistake at all, it's pure innovation - the Contour-Fit knitting technology! So-called contour points ensure that a particularly snug fit and thus more freedom of movement can be made possible. Will this be my new sports compression garment? The moisture management of the knitted fabric in particular could be worth gold for this! I also like the adhesive tape very much, which gives a fabulous hold thanks to a fine, rubberized thread.

Not only as a leg support, but especially as an arm support, could be a good addition to the range thanks to the comfortable wearing comfort. Many are particularly sensitive to the arms and will be happy to receive some relief.

Who is the JOBST® Confidence suitable for?

The new JOBST supply is suitable for mild and moderate lymphedema and lipedema sufferers.

That leaves you wanting more!

The new JOBST® Confidence makes you want more and I am very much looking forward to the upcoming additions to the range. For me, the new technology is a great and valuable addition to the world of flat knitting and it will certainly be good for many of those affected.

Have you tried the Contour-Fit knitting technology? What was your conclusion? Write it in the comments and inspire other readers to maybe try JOBST®.

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  • Hello, I've been wearing Jobst confidence as an arm sock since the summer, but I don't think the difference to the Elvarex soft is so immense. It has more firmness, that is, it doesn't stretch as much. In terms of color, the Elvarex suits me better, I don't find the mottled so beautiful. In terms of wearing comfort, I would buy the Confidence again at any time.

  • I fully agree with Caroline.
    I myself have been wearing the knee socks and arm socks from Contour-Fit for a good 6 weeks.
    Super comfortable to wear, the arm sock is easy to put on - you don't need a pull-on aid.
    This knitting technology is really a hit.
    As Caroline writes, it fits like a second skin.
    This is particularly beneficial to me with the knitted-in adhesive edge, as I have an allergic reaction to the pimples and otherwise always had to insist on them. Here it is standard.
    I've been wearing compression for my legs for 6 years and for the arm for 4 years.
    I switched from Juzo to Jobst in 2018.

  • Hi! I first tested the confidence last year as an arm sock. It felt super great, but because only a narrow adhesive edge is possible, unfortunately dad wasn't for me at all. Today I received a sample. A confidence leggings in anthracite. Wear them for 5 hours and so far I'm really impressed. But earlier I had the feeling that it would slip on the left leg. But it's only day 1 and I'm very excited for the next few days. Now she is being tested in sports. I find them super comfortable to wear.