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I was able to test a few Juzo products for you, which are specially made for compression care and stressed lipedema skin.

After extensive testing, I would now like to share my experiences with you. For this I use the Juzo article description and then give my own impression.

lipoedem fashion juzo care adhesive lotion
Juzo Adhesion Lotion - adhesive lotion for a secure hold of compression knitted fabrics

The Juzo Adhesion Lotion is available for the convenient attachment of compression stockings, sleeves, knee supports and other compression knitted fabrics with a tricot border or knitted fabric end.

The lotion is spread on the skin according to the deodorant roller principle, then the compression knitted fabric is pressed against it - done. The skin-friendly, residue-free, adhesive lotion provides a permanent, secure hold. After wearing, the lotion can be removed from the skin within a few seconds with a damp cloth.

Many who have a two-part compression garment know that the stockings do not want to hold and slip. Adhesive lotions that "stick" the compression to the skin are ideal for a better hold.

The glue is very easy to use and can also be applied precisely. However, I was only partially enthusiastic about the result. The promised hold and the easy removal were given, but unfortunately the scooter leaves strong stains in the compression, which have loosened again during washing. And removing the compression from the skin was also uncomfortable. This was my second glue in this form and I am more convinced of the other product.

special detergent juzo care lipedema skin fashion

juzo special detergent

Frequent washing increases the durability of compression stockings and elastic fabrics, it extends their lifespan. The Juzo special detergent is highly concentrated and therefore particularly economical. One centimeter of paste in two liters of lukewarm water is enough to care for high-quality compression knits.

The detergent is more than 90 percent easily biodegradable and free of phosphates, enzymes, bleaching agents and optical brighteners. Available in a practical tube with good dosage options. Also suitable for knitted wool.

When washing your compression, you have to be very careful with the detergent. It should not contain any plasticizers, as these can damage the material and reduce the compression effect. It is best to use special detergents especially for compression knitted fabrics.

I am enthusiastic about the special detergent. As promised, it is really very economical and is very suitable for hand washing the compression. I also use it in the washing machine every now and then when I briefly wash my compression through on my own. I find the smell very pleasant and the cleaning power is also very good.

lymph care lotion juzo care lipedema skin fashion
Juzo Lymph Care Lotion - Vital Balsam 7 - The ideal leg care for day and night

The Lymp Care Lotion is no longer available in the Juzo range. It was replaced by the Vital Balsam 7, which now also contains menthol for cooling. When caring for lipedema skin, it is very important to pay attention to which care products are used. Some care products may contain ingredients that can damage the compression garment. It is therefore advisable to use special care products.

This particularly skin-friendly emulgel combines the advantages of a gel with the properties of a cream. It is specially designed for people who wear compression stockings:
The emulgel cools, is not greasy and is quickly absorbed; it nourishes and keeps the skin supple.

Vital Balsam 7 contains high-quality cosmetic ingredients such as panthenol, vitamin E and menthol. Panthenol smooths the skin and makes it supple. Vitamin E activates protection against environmental influences and free radicals. Menthol brings about the invigorating and cooling feeling of freshness. Valuable complementary natural extracts from red vine leaves, horse chestnuts and arnica flowers promote blood circulation.

I found the lotion very comfortable on the skin. It could be distributed very well and also moved in very quickly, which I find an important point. The smell was also very pleasant and not too intrusive. The skin immediately felt more well-cared for and after a few applications you immediately noticed that the skin was well hydrated again.

cooling spray juzo care lipedema skin fashion
Juzo cooling spray

Thanks to its revitalizing crackling effect, the cooling spray from Juzo refreshes tired, heavy legs and feet. The foam spray is sprayed on before putting on the compression stockings. It is quickly absorbed and leaves no residue. The spray can also be used directly on compression and support stockings.

The Juzo cooling spray invigorates and cares for stressed skin and gives you an intense feeling of freshness. So ideal for the warm season.

Especially in the warm season you are grateful for any refreshment when you wear the compression. Therefore such cooling sprays are actually a good idea.

I tested the cooling spray on the skin and on the compression garment. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with this product. The foam comes out of the can very badly and the consistency takes a lot of getting used to. The product also smells very strongly of alcohol. This evaporates after a while and then the smell is pleasant, but I find it too annoying. At first it is cool when spreading the skin, but the feeling is only short-lived. With compression I hardly felt any effect at all.

lipoedem fashion juzo care

After extensive testing, the lotion and special detergent are my favorites.

The products are available in medical supply stores or directly from juzo to order.

Best regards,

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