Coconut oil - the miracle cure?

Hey dear ones,

admittedly, I kept waiting for a new post for a long time and I am aware of all guilt. Due to the stress of learning and a short trip to the Dutch capital, I was unfortunately a bit busy, but now I am fully involved again!

In the summer we announced on Facebook that I was testing facial care with coconut oil. I talked to a friend who had inflammation and lots of pimples on her face before the supposed miracle cure was used. As I tend to have small pimples on my forehead and in the chin area, I thought: Wow! I'll try that out!

Now I wanted to give the skin some time to get used to the oil. No sooner said than done - at DM that was the next day Biography Bought coconut oil. In this case, organic is very important and especially virgin oil!

Every morning and evening I have now cleaned my face - you can remove make-up etc. with the coconut oil. Remove the excess make-up with a facial toner and then cream with coconut oil. The smell is wonderful!

I quickly noticed that my face was still tense despite the oil. However, I thought nothing of it.

Today, about 4 months later, I can say: my skin has only improved to a limited extent. The pimples have shifted and changed a bit. Now they are mostly sitting on the cheeks and temples.

Redness, on the other hand, has improved and the face is smoother.

And best of all: my eyelashes have grown longer. By massaging in the eye area, the coconut oil seems to have wrapped itself around my eyelashes like a protective film and has protected them a little from mascara & Co. It is definitely recommended for that!

The problem is: the coconut oil donates fat, but not moisture. This is how new pimples appear.

In the meantime I'm looking for an alternative - of course I'll keep you up to date!


The only undisputed champion is coconut oil when it comes to hair. In addition to my eyelashes, I was able to look after my hair overnight. Before going to sleep, just let some oil melt in your hand and massage it into the tips (also at the roots), tie a bun and leave it on overnight. Don't forget to wash your hair in the morning, of course! Otherwise the whole thing looks like after 2 weeks of not washed hair 🙂 Wonderfully smooth and shiny hair! The best cure ever ... and so natural!


Also recommended for a quick lip peeling: Mix sugar and coconut oil, massage the lips with it and rinse off. And Zack - the matte lipstick looks a lot nicer!


All the best,

Handwriting Pia

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