Compression in heat: summer time - hardest time

The "carefree" summer

Everyone is looking forward to summer. When November is too gray again and March is like chewing gum, one likes to think of the carefree summer time. It is light for a long time and, above all, it is warmer and you don't have to wrap yourself up like that. So far so good.

But let's talk about this "warmer". Because this "it-gets-warmer" hope is caught up with the "it-is-too-hot" reality very quickly. Tormenting oneself into compression every morning is seen by most as an additional punishment. In addition, you have to struggle even more than usual with the storage and the associated pain. We're not even talking about the extra pounds.

Why does it always rain on me?

"Oh, my winter fat goes away very quickly in summer - I'm hardly hungry in the warmth."

Says your girlfriend and licks an ice cream while you sing in your head “Why does it always rain on me?” Because your own weight management seems to be on vacation, especially in summer.

This is not surprising, because heat makes lipedema worse. The vessels widen and the lymphatic system works worse. As a result, even more water is pressed into the tissue and there is an increase in the circumference and, almost inevitably, an increase in weight.

Compression in the heat

As painful as that may sound, consistently wearing the compression in the heat, especially in summer, helps contain the edema and reduce pain. Of course, the usual tips on how much to drink also help here (preferably lukewarm herbal tea) and movement. A walk in the evening is a wonderful way to end a day and then avoid the greatest heat. It is also advisable to ensure that there is an adequate supply of electrolytes. And when the day is up, don't forget your skin care routine. I prefer to use pure coconut oil.

On hot days I like to wear my compression with light clothes, long or short. With beautiful, light and flowing fabrics. Sometimes with clear cuts, but also playful. Do I have to mention my love for denim clothes again at this point? Are great too Midi or maxi skirts with beautiful blouses. For colored and patterned supplies, plain jersey or denim shorts are always ideal.

But see for yourself, I've put together a few styling options. I wish you a couple of nice and bearable midsummer days. Autumn will come sooner than you think.

Author: Kristin

My name is Kristin, I am the mother of two daughters and I live in Upper Bavaria. I am 39 years old and have gone through all phases of this disease: diagnosis shock - successful weight loss - surgery and relapse after pregnancy. Everyday life with my family is colorful and fun and the best time of my life. However, with two small children, household and job, there is often little time for yourself and the lipedema. I would like to encourage that it is worth fighting in every phase - even if you think you have lost the fight in the meantime.

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  • Dear Kristin, great pictures. Dresses look very good even with compression stockings. I wish I was as positive as you. I suffer a lot from not losing any weight, especially now in summer, no matter what I do and how I move ... Hope for autumn and winter ... I wish you such a positive attitude and continued Charisma. LG Kirsten

  • Dear Kristin, what brand are your stockings that look almost like normal tights here? I am a newcomer to compression and have not had much training in recognizing flat and circular knits and in general!
    Thank you before

  • Hallo,
    Since I have to wear compression, I've only been wearing skirts in summer. A tip: I usually have a spray bottle with water with me and always spray my legs with it. At least when it's really hot. Greetings to everyone