Compression - how I fashionably combine lipedema outfits

Today's compressions are modern and have nothing in common with grandma's stiff rubber stockings.

I received my diagnosis in November last year and already had an inkling of what to expect as I had been dealing with the topic for a long time. So it wasn't a big surprise when I got the recipe for the first compression tights in my fingers.

Fortunately, today's compressions have nothing in common with the idea of ​​grandma's stiff rubber stockings. They are neutral or colored, modern, have Pattern or appliqués and can even form the basis for any young, fresh outfit. In theory, a good approach to continue to develop freely in fashion. I really wanted to prove that to everyone who had previously teased me that I will now wear grandma’s rubber stockings in the future and that the time of fashionable development is probably over.

I dared to step out of my personal comfort zone and discovered a new fashionable world. What did I have to lose?

lipedema fashion simone schäfer plus size outfit juzo

However, there is one rule to be observed.

I've always been dressed in a rather colorful and slightly extroverted manner. With my compression, it should continue the same way. When measuring, I asked for it the current trend colors and decided on a light blue with a gray undertone.

Blue actually goes with everything and integrates perfectly into every outfit.

The challenge only began when I actually held my compression tights in my hands. The fabric of my favorite trousers was twisting around my leg and the tunic was statically charged by the polyester.

When searching through the wardrobe, there were still various skirts and a few dresses. It all comes down to a try. What did I have to lose?

I also wanted to show my compression. I dared to step out of my personal comfort zone because I rarely wore dresses and skirts at the time. I loved to emphasize my curves in a pair of pants and felt very safe with it. But my joy in experimenting was aroused, after all, a whole new, unknown fashion world was just opening up here. Although I had an affinity for fashion and trends since I was a child, I was not yet able to fully identify with this feminine fashion area.

One rule, however, was clear - namely that there are no rules in fashion!

I alone decide what to wear. Fashion can also convey a feeling that underlines your personality. This is how the very personal style develops. Stripes with dots, pink with red, bumpy or flared, short or long. One doesn't work, doesn't exist. Only one person sets the limit and determines what makes you feel good. Namely yourself. The gait becomes more upright, you become more communicative and self-confidence grows. Every woman, regardless of the clothing, can wear whatever she wants. There is no limit to the variety of styles with compression and curves.

It is important to get free. After all, fashion should be fun.

Compression is my base and belongs to me. There are no problem areas, just beautiful curves that need attention in the right places

In the beginning, in addition to my compression tights, which the more I wore them, a jeans-colored skirt and a neutral or patterned shirt served as a basis for me. Both made of cotton, modal or viscose so that nothing could get charged. Most of my shirts have a V-neckline or a suggested button placket so that my neck is stretched a little and the eye is not on my double chin first, but a little further down on the sternum. It also makes me feel more sensual. Carré or submarine cutouts serve the same purpose and can also highlight the shoulders.

At first I let the shirt hang out at the skirt. With pants, I had always stuffed it a little on the side to hide the hips. This solution did not look advantageous for the skirt due to the lack of downward extension. Although it covered my wider hips and bottom, I also looked like a box from top to bottom. So I just tried it and tucked the shirt up into the skirt to create a silhouette. The first few times I put on a cardigan or blazer, which gave me security. I am now leaving this out.

I'm no longer talking about problem areas, but beautiful curves that should be emphasized in the right places. The whole thing is comparable to contouring the face with make-up. Only that I did this with compression tights and clothes instead of a brush. A few more matching accessories in a contrasting color and my first outfit was ready, in which I felt comfortable even in compressions and, above all, looked young and modern.

The color of my compressions are mostly reflected in the patterns of my clothes and make the outfit look harmonious.

Colored compression can be perfectly combined

Inspired by the first delicate attempts, I also chose the next compressions in color. Magenta, purple, red and gray moved in. If possible, I don't wear more than three colors in one outfit or stay within a color family with slightly different nuances. The color of my compressions is mostly reflected in the patterns of my clothes. For example, on the blue compression, I like to wear a dress in a contrasting basic color, which, however, has blue in the pattern. The magenta or blue arm socks go well with this. In general, there are no limits to the combination with colors. Even bright colors like magenta can be perfectly integrated into the personal feel-good outfit, as long as it is reflected in a dash of color on the clothing or is in direct contrast. The gray, neutral compressions can be ideally combined into bright colors or almost disappear in tone on tone combinations.

I wear what I like and my compression is not just an aid, but my personal fashion accessory

I am the classic A-line type of woman, but I don't like to be pigeonholed because I generally wear what I like. As a result, some clothes hang ugly from my shoulders and make me look broad. With the help of a belt, I shape every dress. In addition, I can vary the height and cheat myself a little more bust size. Also works wonderfully in combination with a skirt and body. That's right, I wear bodies. And with great pleasure, too, because nothing slips ugly. Since I wear the skirt a little tick above the waist, my stomach has enough space to spread out without coming directly into focus.

I not only wear my compression as an aid, which makes my everyday life much easier, but I have also turned it into my personal fashion accessory. She is a part of me, shapes me and has changed my clothing style again. She made me discover my femininity and I am even more confident with my curves. In the beginning, no one thought that the diagnosis, the shock of having to rely on compression every day, would lead to something positive.

lipedema fashion simone schäfer plus size outfit juzo

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Lipedema Mode Simone Schäfer Author

Author: Simone Schaefer

Hello my dears. My name is Simone and I was born in 1981. I live in the beautiful Eifel with my husband, my daughter and our dog. After I was lucky enough to furnish the models at a lip / lymph symposium on behalf of my employer at the time in September last year, I was confronted with the disease for the first time and recognized myself immediately. I got my diagnosis in November 2019. For me, fashion has always been a way of underlining one's personality. I want to show and motivate that even with curves beyond the usual clothing sizes, nothing stands in the way of the fashionable variety and the compression even supports you as a fashion highlight.

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  • Hi. I just admired your photos. I would also like to dress as confidently as you do. Have you ever thought about advising women like me or going shopping with them? I am a member of a self-help group. There are sure to be one or the other who also needs tips. We have a professional photo shoot planned for next week. To motivate ourselves and to show that we are still beautiful. I bought a dress even though I usually never wear clothes. Although it's super comfortable, I don't dare to.
    Maybe you can write back to me. Kind regards Katja

    • Hello dear Katja, thank you very much for your great feedback.
      In fact, I already had the idea of ​​accompanying women shopping independently in the future and supporting them according to their type. I have to think more about that.

      Dresses are very comfortable, especially at the current temperatures. Wear what you feel good about. Especially in the Shg you are not alone with your feelings and everyone is in the same boat. The shoot is a great opportunity to venture into something unknown and to get out of the comfort zone to wear a dress for the first time. In colder temperatures, a cardigan or bolero can also provide security.
      I am happy if you let us take part in your outfit and I am sure you will shine.

      Best regards,

    • Hello Christine.

      I am pleased that you like the article and that you recognize yourself in it.

      Have a nice week.

      Best regards,


  • Hi Simone,
    very nice photos and clothes. My outfit has completely changed with the stockings. I do not hide and if you can see it, then also properly. Now wear skirts and shorts in summer too. I'm not sweating, just that the others don't see the stockings !!
    Be brave and crazy and creative !!!
    Best regards,

  • Hello dear ones must also wear flat knit supplies wear only kilts and skirts in the summer, people shouldn't think what they want