Power comes in color: my way in compression

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Flat knit compression - a word that has been with me for many years. My current doctor always says:

"You will wear your compression for the next 100 years."

Wow, what a statement. At first I thought this was a joke. So for a lifetime! Class. I've been wearing them since 2013, so that's a good 8 years. I initially wore them because I was told to. Ms. Beckmann, you have to go through that now! Put them on every day and then it will be fine ... Of course it wasn't. It was so firm, stiff, painful, chafed, cut, I was sore, it was constricting, I could not breathe well, I felt sick and my circulation went weak. Absolute horror! In the midst of people I had the feeling that I was losing my balance. Fears spread. It was getting dark around me. I only wore black, covered myself and my body. I neither wanted to see anything of myself, nor should the other be able to. Every movement was difficult, I felt held on, and I lacked the momentum for which I was once known, my lightness.

I don't want any of this!

Every new trip to the nearest doctor destroyed another spark of hope - hope for a good life. Many would-be diagnoses, accusations, insults, humiliations and numerous tears later it was enough for me! I don't do that anymore. I left off the compression, stopped using lymphatic drainage and stopped following any nutritional advice!

You will see!

But the only one who saw something was me! The extreme change in my body was obvious. My arms and legs exploded. The pain became unbearable and my will to live sank, very deep. As I am typing these lines for you, I really have to pull myself together. That time was so incredibly long ago and luckily only vaguely tangible and yet I have it clearly in my mind's eye. This part of my past cost me a lot of nerves and above all health and valuable life.

So I rearranged myself

So flat knit compression is good for me? OK! But not like this. It has to fit me and my life and it should be a relief. My life should improve, make me happy and I want to have fun and joy. I need color and happiness. Out of this dark "bubble" in which I saw myself trapped.

And so, after a long journey of around 5 years, it should finally shed light. You remember my article.

I got to know and love the Bauerfeind company! Yes, I am really talking about love here. After trying on my custom-made one for the first time VenoTrain curaflow it happened to me. I felt like I could start walking. So the material would speak to me:

“Go Britta, go a little longer, go, you can do it. Just dare! "

And I dared. Every route, every flight of stairs, every car journey, every long working day. Everything became easier! Of course, that's not all. I started to deal with myself. Rethinking my priorities took a closer look at my surroundings. Listened to me and my heart. What does it wish for? Where do i want to go? What else do I want to experience? Now that I can do it again. In the meantime I had started to get a little more colorful with fashion, but I didn't really dare to use flat knit compression. But that should change now.

Color comes into play

My first real color was burgundy. Oh how wonderful this feeling was and from that moment on I was unstoppable. Just as I continued to develop in terms of color technology, so does the Bauerfeind company. Starting with beautiful everyday colors, which initially played a role in my cards, the first two fashion colors came on the market in spring 2019. With Orange and Royal, they met the tastes of many, including me. Orange in particular was an absolute revelation for me.

But now hold on tight: After two years of complete enthusiasm for these two bright colors, I am ready for change. Something new is allowed. Freshness and spring-like lightness may move in with me and with you. What many of you are longingly awaiting is finally coming! Bauerfeind brings out two absolutely amazing colors again. Some already have them but have you really seen them yet? Their names are Coral and Ocean! Now, of course, I don't want to keep you tortured any longer. Here they are, presented by us especially for you in our most beautiful outfit: 


And now go, put on your favorite outfit, your most beautiful compression and celebrate life with us! From now on into an easier life. Go forward, show yourself, trust yourself, you are great, let yourself be carried away, be free in your thinking, let others talk, feel as great as you are! Get the best out of yourself by making the best about you shine. Together with us. Because you are not alone. #together we are strong #powerkommtinfarben

Your Britta


Author: Britta

Hello everyone, my name is Britta and I am a spring child from 1984. I love fashion and make-up and, as a person affected by lip and lymphoedema, I deal with it very intensively. My motto is loosely based on Pipi Longstocking, "I make the world as I like it". I would like to take you on my journey and share my discoveries with you.

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