Last minute Halloween make-ups

Hello everyone,

Halloween is just around the corner!

Some of you may have already thought about going to a Halloween party, but haven't found what you are looking for in disguise? Then I have a few ideas for you that can be quickly imitated with a little theatrical make-up or the usual make-up products.

Often all you need is a simple, black dress with the make-up - and you're done! As you have probably already noticed, it is often difficult to find beautiful costumes in larger sizes. You can also consult your own wardrobe. Also saves a few euros for a champagne or beer 🙂

First a few pictures from our own hodgepodge ...

Halloween last minute make-ups

> The outfit was a black dress, various pearl necklaces and a lace hair band

> very, very light powder; dark gray and black eyeshadow; dark red lipstick (mixed with kohl - perfect!) and contouring powder for the cheeks.

> Vampire teeth and fake blood!


> black lace top; black skirt; various pearl necklaces

> black and white theater make-up

> dramatic artificial eyelashes

Dia de los Muertos and Samara from The Ring

> Caroline: colorful theater make-up in the colors of your choice; the thinnest possible brush for the small details; one Flower headband; a black or colored dress, depending on your taste

> Michaela: very light powder; black kohl and eyeshadow (this time the ladies are allowed to emphasize and not touch up your dark circles!); a long black wig; a white one smock and a standard kitchen knife (ONLY for photos and not as an accessory for going to a party!)


lipoedem fashion last minute halloween makeup kitten
Kittens // Found at:

> as a basis: normal daily make-up; brown and black eyeshadow; black kohl; Emphasize eyebrows !; Put highlighter in the inner corner of the eye and on the cheeks; Red lipstick

> Draw the cat's nose and whiskers with a waterproof eyeliner or preferably with stage make-up

> Cat ears and a black dress - done!


Black Swan

lipoedem fashion last minute halloween make-up black swan
Black Swan // Found at:

> white theater make-up as a substrate; black theater make-up and eye shadow for the eye-catching eye make-up - be sure to use a filigree brush !; you can also put some highlights on the eyes with some glitter; dark red lipstick

> a black top; a tutu or Tulle skirt and a crown complete the costume!

> if you like, you can also have one Feather boa throw over


lipoedem fashion last minute halloween makeup zombie
Zombie // Found at:

> now it gets a little more difficult: light powder; black eyeshadow and kohl (for the water line), plus red eyeshadow (and possibly a red lip liner) to set off the ends; a fine eyeliner for the veins; red lipstick (preferably a 24-hour hold, e.g. Maybelline) - The veins and the blood on the mouth would be partly made up with lipstick, because it holds better there.

> the outfit can be anything from sporty to elegant, because everyone can become a zombie!


lipoedem fashion last minute halloween make-up spider woman
Spider-Woman // Found at:


> Here you can use my Smokey Eyes tutorial as a basis, plus a striking lipstick in pink or red (depending on what you are more comfortable with - it is more red with me). Add a bit of glitter to your eyes as a highlight - you can also use beautiful, long artificial eyelashes.

> Now to the main part of the make-up: draw with a fine eyeliner (dip eyeliners are best, e.g. via Douglas from NYX) many, many large and small spiders, as shown in the picture, on your face and neck. If you don't want to paint your neck, some spiders on the side of your face are sure to look lovely too! And now just be careful - don't wipe your face anymore, otherwise it will start all over again

Shopping recommendations


I'm not sure yet what I'll choose. At the moment I'm leaning towards the Spider-Woman 🙂
And so that it doesn't get last-minute at Carnival, check out your next Carnival costume now. Here we have ideas for you!

Have fun applying make-up on Halloween and greetings,


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