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leather Jackets nowadays are available in all shapes, colors and price ranges, but many people believe that leather jackets are only for tall and slim women. But far from it, because even women with large sizes can wear a leather jacket without any problems. It doesn't always have to be the classic biker jacket.

Often times you have to try out a few jackets to find the right shape for yourself. Because just like with all other items of clothing, not every woman has the same jacket. But once you have found your leather jacket, it will accompany you in every situation.

How do you combine leather jackets?

Biker jacket black lipoedem fashion autumn biker jacket

The classic biker jacket, for example, is an absolute eye-catcher and conjures up a cool look out of every outfit. For women with a wider hip you should always choose a top that is longer than the leather jacket (these often go to the waist) in order to skilfully conceal the extra pounds. Super long blouses, sweaters or shirts are suitable for this. Skinny jeans, leggings or a maxi skirt stretch the body and the eye-catcher is automatically directed to the jacket. You can wear almost any shoe, whether casual sneakers, pumps, boots or comfortable Birkenstocks. With different basics you can put your leather jacket in the limelight as you wish and you are prepared for the big show. If you like to play with accessories, you can wear a scarf, hat, baseball cap and much more. give the look a very special touch.

With colored leather jackets (there are in all great colors from green to blue, red to purple, there is something for every taste) you should make sure that the outfit is not too colorful and wild. Because it quickly looks like a carnival. In order to leave the colored jacket in its place, choose muted colors such as black, gray, brown or even white for the brave. Of course, smart jeans always fit!

Many shops now offer a great selection of different leather jackets in large sizes. Take a look around and maybe your new leather jacket will soon be a loyal companion through your life.


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Author: Mitcha

I'm Michaela and I come from beautiful Hessen (Central Hesse). I am fashion at lipedema because a good idea has become reality! Caroline is a very good friend of mine and I have seen her illness first hand, so to speak, since the beginning of our friendship. Through this I learned and experienced a lot about the disease and its suffering that it brings with it. Of course, their pitfalls too, especially when it comes to fashion. Every woman should feel beautiful and desirable, even with the diagnosis of lipedema or other ailments that a woman has. In this regard, I am at Caroline’s side with words and deeds, and together we’re looking for beautiful, fashionable variants that will give your own outfit that certain something despite compression garments. So it happens that I support the blog in terms of fashion, lifestyle, nutrition and sport, even without having lipedema myself. Because everyone should feel comfortable in their body.

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  • I am also affected myself and can find myself here when describing the suffering in most of the postings. I think it's good that this platform exists here and that we can exchange ideas - that's good. Personally, I think a conscious diet (on the one hand what and on the other how much) is most important - advise against any radical diet, the shot backfired with mír too. So consider conscious food changes to be sensible. In addition, it is just as important to work on the psyche. With almost all of them you can read here which psychological hell they have already gone through, had to endure everything - me too. But we must not give up and be discouraged by health insurances that do not pay and doctors who do not recognize. Rather, we should work on our ego. We should educate people about the disease so that more and more people, when they find out about it, are perhaps more likely to work against it and it happens less and less that those affected are labeled as lazy couch potatoes, eating chips and junk food and - in the worst case - discriminated against. Polishing up ego - is not easy - especially not when you are far down. I myself have found a naturopath to help me. A lot happens that pulls us down and makes everything worse, in our heads, in our thoughts, and something can be done here. But we can only do it alone. Nobody but us can do that. I got instructions. Also through books. And it works. Not always. But more and more often. I would be happy if I can encourage one or the other here. Because who knows, maybe it is up to all of us to find a way out of this disease - together and then to pass it on to the others. In this sense. Have a nice evening everyone - and don't think about the illness for a few hours. Sit on the balcony and enjoy the beautiful summer evening.