One comment: living with lipedema

Everyone knows those days in life with lipedema when they get up, look in the mirror and just think:

"I don't look good today."

You just have a bad day, got up on the wrong foot and the next day the world looks a lot better.

Unfortunately, many of those affected feel the same way every day. They would like to cut their legs off because they can no longer stand the sight or the pain. You feel left alone and misunderstood. Almost like a leper.

Often they are tightened with evil, derogatory looks and even if someone only glances at you, the thought occurs that he thinks:

"Look at the fats."

They try to hide behind wide and inconspicuous clothes so as not to attract attention. They would also like to wear the new summer dress that they recently discovered in the shop window and feel just as beautiful as everyone else.

lipedema fashion_ enjoying-life-cherry-tree

And they can do that too! We can!

It is not easy to accept the illness and yourself. But in the GroupIt is easier to talk to other people affected. You learn to understand that you are not alone with your physical and psychological pain. You increase self-confidence and learn to have fun in life again.

That is why I find the exchange with others particularly important. Because only together are we strong and can cope with difficult days more easily. We also have a right to be as comfortable as we are. We must the Compression stockings wear because we are sick and not because we like it. That's why we can dress just as chic and modern as the models in the magazines and look good doing it. We should be understood when we cannot dance all night long because of the pain. And we should be able to find life just as worth living as any other healthy person.

Living with Lipedema

It is important to use the good days and enjoy them. Going out with friends and doing things that are fun. Because every unused day is a wasted day! So let's enjoy life to the fullest.


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Author: Tanya

I'm Tanja, born in 1988 and from beautiful Bavaria. Professionally, I am a landscape gardener and I don't really have much to do with fashion there. However, I really enjoy writing and I think it's nice to get inspiration again and again and learn to realize yourself. I would like to pass this feeling on to others and fight together against our illness and achieve that we still feel good in our skin and beautiful.

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