LiLy's Voice Europe - a non-profit patient organization

Today we would like to introduce you to LiLy's Voice Europe, another contact point for those affected. I was allowed to conduct a short interview with the honorary managing director Christine Kaiser.

Who is Christine Kaiser?

Christine Kaiser, born in 1966, is a trained nurse and mother of three children. Today she works as a management assistant and honorary managing director of LiLy's Voice Europe. She fell ill with lipedema in 2011 after having had a disc operation that gave her cortisone. She was diagnosed with the disease in 2012.

How did the patient organization come about?

Christine, like most of us probably, sat down after the diagnosis and tried to find out as much information as possible about the disease. At first she collected everything she found for herself and then put it on her own homepage. At some point she had the idea of ​​wanting to support those affected in another way and that's how LiLy's Voice Europe came about.

What exactly is LiLy's Voice Europe?

It is a non-profit patient organization that supports other patients with lipoedema, lymphedema and dercum. She is in constant contact with doctors, therapists and those affected to exchange ideas. They help those affected with legal advice and coaching in matters of nutrition and sport. The German "voice" of LiLy's Voice Europe is Martina Schrader.

Further plans for the future?

In the future, the organization would like to organize another LipAcademica (advanced training event for professionals and patients). At the same time, she would like to dedicate herself to promoting and researching Lily and Dercum. They would also like to help spread the word about the disease.

Here you come to the page by LiLy's Voice Europe. Just have a look around.

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