Lingerie and compression: every woman is sensual

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Women are critical of themselves and I am no exception. You carry comments from the outside world with you in your head all your life and don't even notice that you've never questioned them. Was the other person really right in his assertion?

Do I really have that broad shoulders? My nose is really not small, but is it a prong? Is my forehead too low? Too low ... for what?

In the end, the uncertainty prevails and you believe someone else's opinion more than your own body feeling. Suppose there are no ideals of beauty. Not a standard that one has to "conform" to. No authority that tells you that something about you is not optimal. Would we then even be tempted to identify something in ourselves as a problem area?

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Body positivity

#bodypositivity is a movement that not only revolves around oversizes, but also about returning to harmony with your own body - with the aim of feeling good with it. And that doesn't just affect women and not just overweight. But also scars, bumps, all optical properties and also the psyche. It is about being more conscious of forgiving one's flaws. Feeling like it's okay to have stretch marks, broad shoulders, or red hair. And in our case it is also about the everyday situation in which we find ourselves.

You are you because you are you

You are made up of so many qualities, both visually and internally. You are you because you look the way you look. Your body has seen, lived through, renewed, coped with, endured so much - it is only natural that it is marked by life and it is simply a good thing. It's a bulletin board that tells about your life and without the many stories on and under your skin, you wouldn't be the person you are now.

Here was my appendix. From this scar I know I don't have skin cancer. My bosom has seen several pounds come and go. My legs and arms had to endure a hideous fat demon.

Anything that contributes to your own well-being is potentially the right path to body positivity. And as long as you haven't got there yet, you mustn't lose sight of this goal and every little progress. Every tiny positive development or realization, every part of the body with which you are no longer at war, eases your soul and throws ballast off your shoulders.

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How do you illustrate this special feeling?

The movement is growing and more and more women and men acknowledge their “mistakes”, publicly share how they deal with themselves and inspire so many others who can draw new strength from them. I too want to set an example and overcome my own insecurity.

I see compression as a fashionable task that I set myself to do something new every day. But even I have a crack: I could never imagine how this moment of undressing would feel for my partner and what it might look like. At some point you stand in front of him in lingerie and compression, and then?

We had already been in a relationship for half a year when I got the diagnosis, so he was the only one with whom I had lived through this issue so far. But also the thought of how that would work out when looking for a partner always makes me nervous.

Oh God, when things get down to business and he only sees me in lingerie and compression ... That'll turn him off.

If this intimacy of a relationship has not yet existed, all that remains in my fantasy at this moment is an embarrassing silence. Total uncertainty about how to feel in such a situation. You're completely wrapped up and then with medical compression garments. How am I supposed to bridge this time of undressing? That has nothing to do with sensuality. Lingerie and compression: do they even go together?

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Lingerie and compression

And my partner gave me the crucial answer. "Women are naturally sensual if they just let them be." He is right. You just have to allow it. You shouldn't let such a piece of high-tech fabric take away the beauty of the moment. This is about him and me and not about some illness or opaque stockings. You have come so far that you will soon be standing naked in front of him. If he hadn't already found you attractive as a woman, you wouldn't be where you are now.

The knowledge

Because of his patience with my insecurities, I've learned that I have to trust him when he says he loves me. With everything my body brings with it. He sees me with his eyes and in his eyes I am the woman with whom he wants to shed his stockings all his life and wake up without make-up in the morning. He's already decided for himself and I just have to believe him that he did it consciously.

These qualities in me, which I perceive as flaws, are pipe dreams. Artificially bred ideals that do not apply to my body and which I simply do not have to fulfill. I don't have to. My body doesn't have to. I just have to be myself and make the most of my given body and life to become a happy person.

And that includes accepting that my partner finds me sensual and attractive even in compression. So I do him and myself a favor and let go of all these fantasies and focus on just being a woman. With everything that belongs to me. Even in lingerie and compression.


Special thanks go to Michaela, who enriched this journey with her creativity, wonderful talent and constant encouragement and to all the people out there who made me the person I am allowed to be today.

The bustier is from Ashley Graham and can be found here at navabi be ordered.

lipoedem lymphoedem lipedema lymphedema fashion lingerie black out of bed hair bra lingerie plus size bbw big breast cup bustier caroline sprott michaela kern
lipoedem lymphoedem lipedema lymphedema fashion lingerie black out of bed hair bra lingerie plus size bbw big breast cup bustier caroline sprott michaela kern
lipoedem lymphoedem lipedema lymphedema fashion lingerie black out of bed hair bra lingerie plus size bbw big breast cup bustier caroline sprott michaela kern
lipoedem lymphoedem lipedema lymphedema fashion lingerie black out of bed hair bra lingerie plus size bbw big breast cup bustier caroline sprott michaela kern

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Author: Caroline Sprott

I'm Caroline, born in 1989 and live in Augsburg. Why did I start the lipedema fashion blog? At the beginning of my diagnosis I was completely helpless before an uncertain future. Now, a few years later, through active participation in self-help groups and a lot of research, I have accumulated a wealth of experience that I would like to make available to other affected persons in one place - without the detour via private groups on Facebook. The fashion component is of course due to my hobby. At the time, I promised myself that I would never be restricted by compression stockings. This attitude gives other patients courage and so Michaela advised me to start a blog.

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  • Thank you for your courage! Thank you for waking up the erotic goddess in you.

    I think the photos are wonderful, sensual, appealing ... And they show that eroticism is also compatible with lipedema. May all women find the courage to love their bodies.

    • Thanks for this encouragement. I myself stand before this problem and can understand the skepticism. I integrate my health as best I can with my outfit, no matter in which way. Unfortunately, there is new compression only for half a year, but the custom-made product is so expensive for arms and legs.
      Good luck for the future

  • Dear Caro, wonderful photos. Great contribution. I'm so caught up in the photos and your words - I don't know how to express it. You are a very special person. I bow very deeply to you. I admire your strength, your positive charisma, your energy, which gives other women so much courage and you are really beautiful! What luck !

  • Hello Caroline,

    I stumbled upon this page today and will definitely not be here for the last time. Very informative, personable and written openly.

    What I still have to get rid of: You are really a very, very pretty woman! Especially the second picture in the post really blew me away.

    Keep it up!

    Lovely wishes


    • Hello dear Anna,

      Thank you for your kind words! I'm so happy that you like our project 🙂 Have a lot of fun with the articles and if you have any questions, feel free to write to us!


  • As a man I would like to tell you they are very beautiful pictures, erotic-sensual. The report turned out great too. Of course I understand that you don't dare to show everything, but just courage you're pretty and you can be seen. Your husband can consider himself lucky. LG Andreas

  • Hello Caroline,

    I admire your positive charisma and your strength, THANK YOU for this contribution and for your courage.

    I myself am also faced with this problem, or rather the problem "how do I explain something like this to a man whom I am just getting to know without deterring him and still feeling good about myself"

    You're beautiful. Stay the way you are
    Kind regards, Bekka

    • Dear Bekka,

      I would say that you don't have to explain yourself at all. I always find it stupid to have to explain my compression right at the beginning because I don't want to focus on the disease. I always handle it in such a way that I only talk about it when I am asked about it. Until then, you just enjoy life outside of the disease. Should you then get closer, you can ask him carefully how he thinks about her and whether that would bother him.

      Read it to you Article from my husband here on the page by. He explained in a pleasantly pragmatic manner what most men think of our compression 🙂


  • Dear Carolin, sls woman who also has proportions, I can only tell you how you look fantastic, feminine, seductive and incredibly intimate. And I say that although I really don't like women.
    Have fun with your sweetheart

  • Hello Caroline!
    Since November 20, after about 30 years of searching, I have been diagnosed with lipedema. Why do you have to search so long?
    In July I change the doctor, the specialist makes me sick, but she should be positive for patients. Or?
    I was without compression for 4 weeks because they were already being repaired.
    2 tights and 2 armbands in 12 months is a disaster if you wear them for an average of 16 hours. I work in the daycare and on some days I think about putting on the bracelet saws, color ...
    I don't wear them in the garden either, because I could get stuck with them or make them dirty.
    You are punished with The Disease, and if you wear the compression a lot, the material suffers. Currently I have a pair of tights because the other is under repair in the 5th week. After half a year the compression subsides, how should you wear it regularly with two treatments for sport, work, leisure ... if you are afraid it will break. There is hardly a thought of being fashionable. I think it's great that the supply is in color, but with so little, you can't choose large. But maybe there is a trick to get more. The TK approves 1 per 2 months. I'm trying to get my pension now. If there's an easier way, please reveal!
    Thanks for encouraging me when it comes to fashion.
    Greetings Heike Lühr-Pestke