Lipedema and lymphedema in menopause

Come on guard

My closet needed a few additions this fall. Because I don't necessarily feel so comfortable in the eternal jeans look. At 64, can I allow myself to change my style? And so I treated myself to one Stroll through the local towns and came home with an all-weather hat and a transformation scarf. Reaction from my husband, "Now you look like your mother!".

That's an absolute compliment because he loves my mom! She looked and still looks great with her 92 years, snow-white hair and rosy skin. She is well informed about the family and the current situation in the world and always surprises us with her astute comments.

Actually, I never wanted to be like my mother. I remembered your menopause as extremely troublesome and annoying, and mine? Did I even notice her? I hardly ever talked or thought about it until Caroline asked me if I could write something on the subject of menopause with edema and compression. By the way, it seems to be typical that some women seem almost invisible during this phase of life and withdraw ... this is a chapter of its own!

First of all: My lymphedema with therapy and stockings only developed AFTER this phase as a result of several cancer operations in 2016.

After my (hardly noticed) menopause there were violent “changes”

After an accident with my husband at the age of 49, I had to get out into a full-time job, plus part-time jobs (courses, concerts), three school-age children with voluntary positions on the parents' council, house and (organic) garden. I didn't have time to think, I didn't notice anything. Four years later, the secretary of our office was standing in the doorway and watching me while I was talking to a customer. She said with a smile “Ms. Thomé, you are a walking time bomb!” I didn't understand why, and then she said “Yes, that's how we women go through menopause ...” Admittedly, I was tough when it came to sales negotiations, my daily routine was fully clocked and everything had to run smoothly at home. I must have mutated from the good hare mom to the fighting hare.

Except for a certain hyperactivity and beard growth on the chin, there were no changes. I had always kept my weight, my hair has been gray since I was 40, and I enjoyed my busy life with many interesting and enriching contacts.

Lipedema and lymphedema in menopause

Since I do not consider myself to be the typical example of a woman going through menopause, I have brought more seasoned women on board on this subject. Both well-known Instagram names and more mature girls from my immediate environment, which I now also use Kersten @ omamio6 and Diana @diana_ich_in_compression count who I got to know personally, and also Sylke von den @lipomaedls. When we correspond with each other, it's like having a conversation with the friend around the corner. #instagramconnects

It is quite rightly said Menopause and not menopause. How different these years can be, how one can cope with them, about psyche and body and what comes after: This is what interesting and strong women will present to you in the next articles under the heading Lipedema and lymphedema in menopause. For this purpose, we are establishing the keyword #wechselellily, under which you will now also find these and other posts on Instagram and Google. Of course, we look forward to your contributions and feedback. In this way, the experiences and needs of our age group can also be heard more.

But the most important message is:
Girls, it's over!

It's a life-intensifying phase. Take all the help you can get. But don't go around in circles, because it won't get any better for you and everyone else around you if you have no other topic.

In the next few weeks we will tell you how we got caught, whether it affects our lipedema or lymphedema, what we are doing differently now than 10 or 20 years ago, and which dreams have come true. One or the other important appeal will also be there!

I hope you enjoy reading

The Ursula

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ursula thome

Author: Ursula Thome

Hello, I'm Ursula Thomé, born in 1956. I developed secondary lymphedema in my abdomen, groin and thighs after cancer operations. I am a classical philologist, used to be a teacher and worked part-time at ballet schools and in sports studios. Music and sports also accompany me in (non-)retirement: I continue to work in a fitness studio where I can support edema patients and rehabilitation athletes, and I continue to play the bass on stage. I have been wearing compression garments since 2017. Caroline's blog helped me a lot with valuable information to overcome obstacles and problems related to my edema. I love my colorful compris - preferably with patterns and jewelry crystals in a rocking outfit (also openly on stage). They don't restrict me, they help and underline my clothes and my mood and enable me to continue an active and fulfilling life.

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  • Dear Ursula,
    I was happy to learn a little more about you ... I also like being on your Instagram profile.
    Great idea to include several in the "problem" above - I'm looking forward to the other contributions! 🙂

    • Thank you very much - You can be curious, and the exchange on a topic seems to me to be the best thing about social media networks ❣️

  • Hello, I'm 62 and have been noticing thicker, thighs, saddlebags, strange dents for a few weeks.
    Today diagnosis: lipoedema…. received... :(( I'm so sad, scared... I like to move...
    My menopause is long gone... where does that come from??
    I have now come across yours, this page... will read more intensively...
    Hopefully give me courage??
    Kind regards, Tine