Lipedema Checklist - What To Do After Diagnosis?

Lipedema diagnosis

Once you have found the right doctor for you and have made the crucial appointment and the lipedema diagnosis behind you, unfortunately, like many, you will stand like an ox in front of the mountain. A checklist is needed that provides a good overview for the first steps after the diagnosis.

The lipedema checklist after lipedema diagnosis

What must be on the recipe?

Compression stockings
For the legs
1 pair of compression tights, KKL 2 (or 3), open toe / closed toe (as desired),
Flat-knitted made to measure, individual finishes
Diagnosis: lipedema / lipolymphedema
1 additional pair for alternating supply for hygienic reasons

For the poor
Upper arm - wrist + gloves:
1 pair of arm socks G - C, KKL 1 (2 or 3)
1 pair of gloves AC (D or E), KKL 1 (2 or 3)
Flat-knitted made to measure, individual finishes
Diagnosis: lipedema / lipolymphedema
1 additional pair for alternating supply for hygienic reasons

You can find all variants here. If you want to be on the safe side, just call your medical supply store beforehand and ask if they would like something else on it.

Possible mistakes

  • No decongestion phase before taking the measure
  • Incorrect knitting technique: circular knitting is for lipedema not suitable
  • Please don't forget that Exchange supply!

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)

For lipedema patients, too, lymphatic drainage can often be a sense of achievement and pain relief. Above all, it is recommended as a preventive measure. Have a 6 recipe for 45 minutes (whose arms are also affected 60 minutes) and try it out for you. There are 6, 10 and 24 recipes.

Make an appointment with the medical supply store

Please turn it off for the morning, because your size is still at its best. If you have had accompanying lymphedema from lipedema, wait until after the decongestion phase to take care of it. With them you then make all the subtleties for the supply. At the beginning you have to experiment a lot, because there are several manufacturers that all have their advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I like the quality of Medi the most, but Juzo has an even thinner fabric, which can be more comfortable for you. There are still Jobst and Bauerfeind, I haven't tried the former personally, I cannot recommend the latter.

Fitting on pickup

Please insist on being able to try on the supply when you pick it up in order to be able to discuss defects or complaints directly. It is, however, the case that the stockings only become really soft and elastic after 3–4 washes. So bring a little patience or enough dirty laundry with you 😉

Skin care

Your skin has to get used to the new fact of being in thick tights for most of the day, and in the further course it is important that you take care of your tissue. It needs more moisture than ever and then itches less. Which products you can try is in this article about Juzo care and in this about Medicare. You can find tips on skin care here.


Every movement, no matter how short or light, stimulates your lymph flow and at the end gives you a little relief. Even when or especially when you are in pain, as with other clinical pictures, you should not be too strong in the relieving posture, but rather go on the offensive and counteract it with active movement.

Possible sports despite lipedema diagnosis:

  • everything that you feel comfortable with and that does not overload you
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Walking and hiking
  • flowing movements

You can find more ideas in our section Exercise with lipedema.

Application for a Lympha Press device for the home

villa-sana lympha press lipedema diagnosis checklist lymphomat
You can apply for this beautiful home device to be of support at home. The sample application is unfortunately no longer online, which you can then send to your health insurance company. But your doctor will certainly help you with the application.

Rejections from the health insurance company of your applications discord contradict

In many cases, the health insurance company rejects applications. But don't let that get you down and fight for your right to remedies! You can also become a member of the VdK be helpful.

Dealing with the compression

You can do what you have to pay particular attention to when taking care of your supplies in this article ...

Best regards,

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Caroline Sprott is a remarkable personality involved in the world of lipedema. Born in Bochum in 1989, she now lives in Augsburg. Her professional career began as a trained media designer and she works full-time in marketing. But that's not all - Caroline is also a lipedema speaker, author and model. She is committed to the fight against lipedema and is passionate about supporting the community of those affected. Caroline founded the Lipedema Fashion Blog to share her experiences and knowledge with other sufferers. She wants to create a place where women with lipedema can find information without having to go through private Facebook groups. She combines her passion for fashion with her commitment to the lipedema community. Some interesting facts about Caroline Sprott: Style and fashion: Caroline loves fashion and sees it as a passion and therapy at the same time. She doesn't let compression stockings limit her and opts for creative outfits. Style Icon: Your style icon is Grace Kelly, a woman of natural elegance and inspiration. Favorite colors: moss green, yellow, pastels and navy blue. Weakness for animals: Caroline greets every cow - a loving gesture that shows her love for animals. Important life philosophy: Stay inquisitive, curious and optimistic - life is too short to waste even one day. In addition to being a model and entrepreneur, Caroline Sprott is a health influencer who advocates for the lipedema and lymphedema community. Her commitment and positive attitude are inspiring.

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  • Hello everyone,

    for our website we once took the liberty of linking this article. 😉
    Will not be the last link. Just too good ...

    Thank you very much.

  • Hello, the vein doctor was lip / lymph bland
    Now looking for a good doctor.
    1. Doesn't accept anyone anymore
    2nd appointment end of April

    So wait. How should I eat myself.I am gaining more and more weight.I am 48 years old and still in the middle of the menopause
    Come from the district of pirmasens

    • Hello dear Steffi,

      look here or at jameda for a doctor in your area.

      Since, to my knowledge, there are no scientifically proven diets for edema patients, we only have to worry about a calorie deficit if we want to lose weight. No matter what type of diet is supposed to lead to weight loss, the goal is always to burn more calories than you consume. I recommend our nutrition category, where you can find many articles on different approaches, reading and recipes.

      Best regards,

  • Really useful tips. Back then I was standing there like the ox in front of the new barn door! Of course you have to inform yourself and read well, but the posts and comments in this self-help group have, to be honest, brought me a lot further. By the way, I'm the elderly woman here, stolye 73 years old. My keyboard is crazy, it never again types the last letter of the alphabet. CRAP !!

  • Hello Carolin,
    You write here:
    1 pair of tights and
    the pair of changes ...
    That means a total of 4 tights.
    Does the health insurance pay for that?

    • Hello Ivo,

      Exactly, 2 supplies per half-year, 4 a year in total. Unfortunately, it cannot be said in general that all health insurances approve this. But basically you should apply for it and try it. My health insurance has approved it since the diagnosis. 🙂

      Best regards,

  • Hello Caroline. After a long search, I now have appointments with 2 different doctors to make a diagnosis. 1 in May the other in June. I have a question about compression. How many pairs of compression stockings, for example, are you entitled to from the cash register in which period? And are stockings better than tights? I'm really looking forward to your answer. Lg Kirstin Weber from Neu Anspach

    • Hello Kerstin,

      You are entitled to a supply + an alternating supply for hygienic reasons at the beginning, then one every six months. But in general, if you need more, you can also apply for it. I always got two in the semester and some apply for more and even get them approved. That depends heavily on the clerk.

      Which type works better for you depends very much on your body, your strength and your everyday life. Since you're just feelest approach gradually with a good medical supply store.

      Lovely wishes

  • Dear Caroline, I admire you how you deal with lipedema. I will be 78 years old next month and have lipedema since menopause. Always had stable legs before. But no doctor has ever recognized my illness. At my age I can't get any more compression .... get out alone. Wear the Lymphofit leggings from ANITA.
    Thanks again for your article.
    Kind regards ... Gisela
    NBR. Can't do sports because of knee problems.

  • Hello, what is the decongestion phase? I have to fight a lot with lymphedema, especially in the heat, stage 2 lipolymphedema, was diagnosed about 4 weeks ago. If it were only the swelling, I would also have severe pain, burning ... .. even with cooling sprays, elevated storage, aqua aerobics, MLD it doesn't get any better 🙁 thanks for the information, Lg from Austria, Birgit

    • Hello Birgit,

      the acute congestion phase extends over a few weeks, during which you receive daily lymphatic drainage with subsequent wrapping and then a suitable flat-knit compression to maintain the condition. Maybe rehab would also be worth considering?

      Best regards,

  • Hello Caroline
    I also have lipoedema on my arms and legs, and always open spots on the lower leg. And 4 weeks ago the mega-event, since then the water has been running liters from my legs. No doctor says anything about it and I have the feeling of great perplexity Have you ever heard of something like this, you would be very grateful.

    • Hello Astrid,

      But that sounds mainly like lymphedema. Please get a second opinion from another doctor whether you are really being properly cared for.

      Best regards,

  • Hi I have in November, received 20, the diagnosis lipoedema stage second Since then I've been wearing compression leggings and have lymphatic drainage every week. I also go to the gym at least twice a week, and ride and dance twice a week during the carnival season. Now I would like to further promote my legs and have a Lympha Press device prescribed for me. Unfortunately, my family doctor and the phlebologist are a bit sparing with prescriptions, which is why my dermatologist now also prescribes lymphatic drainage for me ... How do I have to proceed to apply for such a device?

    Kind regards and thank you very much!