Lippa Britta asks Dr. Nolte: What is lipedema and lymphedema?

Today I have something completely new for you. While I am writing these lines for you, a YouTube video is uploading for you in the background. This will be a little experiment. For a long time I have wanted to create something in video form. But my writing at Lipedema fashion is at least as important to me. So what to do

Then topics came to mind that might seem a bit dry in written form (that's how I feel personally) B. I have planned some interviews. Now you have the option of either reading it here or you can watch it on YouTube and, if necessary, read it again here. I have now united both sufferers for you. I really hope you like it.

But now to the actual topic:

Today (15.08.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX) I am visiting Dr. Peter Nolte, Ebb practice in Meinerzhagen.

Interview with Dr. Nolte - What is lipedema and lymphedema?

Britta: What is lipedema?

Dr. Nolte: Lipedema is fat cells that grow in typical parts of the body and that have lost their natural delimitation in the tissue structure and so proliferate to an extreme, mainly in women. Lipedema differs in different disease peaks. It is characterized that the lipocytes grow excessively enlarged and multiply and that in a relatively uncontrolled manner at so-called predilection sites. (Editor's note: In medicine, the predilection point is the preferred region of the body for a certain disease process.) In lipedema, these points are especially the front of the thighs, the hips, but also the buttocks and often the upper arms.

Britta: What exactly is lymphedema?

Dr. Nolte: First and foremost, lymphedema is a reduced return flow of tissue fluid. In this sense, lymphedema is not a disease, but a condition of this drainage disorder of the tissue water. There are several causes for this condition. The main problem is actually that the so-called third vascular system is not able to transport the tissue fluid back. This results in swelling in the tissue, i.e. an accumulation of fluid in the tissue, which is then regarded as lymphedema.

Britta: Why do lipedema and lymphedema often occur together?

Dr. Nolte: With lipedema and lymphedema, but also with phlebedema, one must assume that this is a multifactorial (editor's note: dependent on many factors) connective tissue disease. The origin of these diseases lies in the weakness of the connective tissue. As a connective and supporting tissue, this connective tissue is not able to keep the space between the surface of the muscle, the so-called muscle fascia, and the subcutaneous tissue of the so-called matrix in a suitable shape. So-called micro-tears occur again and again in this sponge-like structure, where the body tries to build in increased proteins at precisely these points in the sense of a repair, which then leads to an increase in protein. This increase in protein also draws water, since proteins are water-loving, and this ultimately leads to the fact that the excess fat cells (lipocytes) that penetrate the tissue and thus disrupt the lymphatic drainage in its natural work in transporting the tissue water away becomes. One often observes that primary lipedema is followed by secondary lymphedema. This creates the combination form of lip-lymphedema. 

Lippa Britta asks ...

I hope to be able to help some of you with this first little interview. This was the first part of a whole series "Lippa Britta asks ..." and not the last episode with the extremely likeable Dr. Peter Nolte. I would of course be very happy to receive your feedback.

Many thanks to Dr. Peter Nolte who took a lot of time to answer all your questions.

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