Little things in the everyday life of a lipedema patient

Little things in the everyday life of a lipedema patient

It's the little things that sometimes make our life so difficult to bear. Sometimes it is not the big picture, but rather every little piece of the puzzle out of suffering that makes us despair.

  • We get up early to be able to put the compression on in time.
  • On some days it is not yet dry, although it has hung long enough to dry.
  • Twenty times it works fine with the compression, but then comes this one day when it pinches everywhere and it doesn't fit properly.
  • Our knuckles are surrounded by calluses - not very nice.
  • Bloody fingers are also not uncommon.
  • Artificial nails, freshly painted nails, very often have little chance of surviving.
  • Ritsch, Ratsch, Ritsch, Ratsch we're coming! Embarrassing ...
  • A hole! The worst that can happen.
  • Crouching down or working in it is really nasty!
  • Cold feet and legs - all day long.
  • And then sometimes sweaty feet and unbelievable heat ...
  • Brown legs? What's this?
  • Wash compression every day ... wash, wash, care ...
  • Compression and Sports - YES! 3 times the muscle effort - not a thing!
  • She rolls down on her stomach ...
  • ... presses in the stomach and constricts me ...
  • ... and pushes my existing streaky bacon upwards, Michelin man style.
  • A lot of movement also means pulling up frequently, no matter how well she sits.
  • The "tank feeling" after putting on.
  • The "I run like a penguin" syndrome ...


This list can be expanded forever and really only shows a few little things that we as lipedema patients have to deal with. Of course, there are some points to be taken with humor, but I mean them seriously. There is also a grain of truth in every joke.


I take my hat off to all compression wearers and pay my respects to everyone! You are doing hard work!

Handwriting Anja

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Author: annichen1989

I'm Anja and I was born on February 10.02.1989th, 2 in Schwedt an der Oder. So I come from beautiful Brandenburg. Professionally, I work as an office communication clerk, I support XNUMX companies with my workforce. I also work as an artist in the field of manga. Dear Caroline invited me to participate in this blog. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and I hope that this will also make our disease better known.

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  • Hi Anja,
    thanks for the great article. I often feel alone because I seem to be the only one around here with lipedema. Yes, I was grateful for the ritschratsch. I noticed it and thought, as always, it's just me. Well then, today I was walking my dog ​​and had to grin at every ritsch-ratsch. I notice again: I'm not all alone.
    Thank you and best regards Bommel

    • Hello bobble,

      You're not alone. Somehow we all have the same problems and that binds us together. I'm very happy to have hit the nerve.

      Best regards,

  • Small things brought to the point ... find me in most of them ... for me it is rather cracking instead of ritsch ratchet and the meshes are already running ... the curling of the waistband on the stomach and the bacon squeezed up are the worst for me ... whether in the office or in sports ... I hate it ... LG from Halle / Saale

    • Hello Gudrun,
      I am happy when you find yourself again, these small but fine problems do not always make it easy for us. We'll do it anyway!

      Greetings and thanks for the feedback

  • Oh yes, smile ... I also know all about it! On some days I don't care about anything and I wear it with composure and joy. And then there are the other days ... which make you despair just because of such little things. Again and again: Fall down, get up, straighten the crown! 😉 the best thing is to know that I am not alone! There's a big Lip family! That always helps me 🙂

  • Huhu.
    I only had holes in circular knitting. The whole heel was exposed.
    Well, now I have no more suavas, but no more knees and a fat stomach and ass…. Everything has shifted upwards. Also normal right? Well what is normal? It annoys me that my bottom and stomach wobble so ... If only it would help.

  • But, with all that crap, my wardrobe has become more feminine, because I don't feel like breaking a sweat. I would never have shown legs in the last few years, so mini skirt without stockings or something. Now. Has something too.
    LG bobble

  • Oh, expressed myself stupid. I haven't worn a mini with stockings in the last few years. And now through the Kompri again.

  • Thanks Anja for the contribution! Unfortunately, I know all these things only too well. On some days there are “little problems”, on others it is disasters. Especially when a pair of jeans is worn out again ... I sometimes fight the Ritsch-Ratsch problem with tights over the compression stockings and Bermuda shorts! It's not completely gone, but I imagine it's not that loud anymore.
    Hello Kerstin

  • Hello.
    I buy second - hand, at six to ten euros per pair of pants, that's not that bad. But they've been with me for a couple of years. It also annoys me that I wash around every day ... But it's so good to see that you are not alone. Thank you for your contributions.

  • Or, I'm just barefoot runner in summer…. Maybe next time try open toe stockings. But it's not the same ...
    LG and a lot of courage for you guys!

  • Since it is constantly rolling on the waistband is really annoying. I've even worn suspenders but they were so laced on the shoulders
    Now put a slip over it so that it doesn't slip

  • Hm, since it was a frequent topic in the list and also in the comments and I had to struggle with my first pair of pants on my stomach, here is my solution: my pants only end just below my chest. Due to the longer body part and the sitting of the upper edge on the costal arch, nothing cuts into the belly and the lymph can no longer build up painfully there. There are no bacon rolls on the stomach. Especially when doing sport, the pressure on my stomach when breathing was bothering me and at the beginning I even tucked a mousepad under the Kompri so that it wouldn't curl up - I then immediately complained about it and found the solution described above with the medical supply store. All other trousers are made with the longer body part and therefore fit perfectly. All the best to you!

  • I can only agree with Anne: The waistband should be nice and high.
    A good trick: spontaneously support both hands comfortably on the waist. The covenant should be where your hands intuitively land, then, in my experience, nothing will roll.
    Best regards,

  • Oh god ... wonderful! Could it be that all that I experience and what burdens, annoys, stresses or makes me angry, is the same for the many other people affected ?! It can! You made that clear to me within the two minutes in which I read your text! Sweaty feet, cold feet, armored feeling (exactly the word went through my head the very first time I put it on) and this ritsch, ratchet ... I think from now on I can laugh about it more often instead of cursing!
    Thank you!