Living pain-free with lipedema without liposuction

I received my lipedema diagnosis in 2010. For years I had heavy, sore legs and the complex physical decongestion therapy in the Földi Clinic was the start of my lipedema career.

My therapy started right there in 2011. I was bandaged 23 hours a day during my stay and received my first flat-knit compression at the end of rehab. It was and is a blessing to me and I wear it at least 6 days a week for at least 10 hours a day.

Since my diagnosis, my weight has fluctuated +/- 30 kg due to consistent dieting, unrestrained eating and pregnancy. Again and again I had days that were marked by aching legs.

I often thought I was doing everything I could to get the pain and lipedema under control. But it was not so.

My lymphologist recommended liposuction

At the end of 2019, I made my way to my lymphologist because the pain in my lower legs was unbearable and I wanted to get help. At this point I consistently wore flat knit compression, used my Lymphamat 2–3 times a week and felt that I could move enough.

My lymphologist recommended that I see a surgeon and discuss the therapeutic option of liposuction of the lower legs. At the same time he prescribed me compression class 3! So I was promoted one class.

I had the consultation appointment for liposuction shortly afterwards. The conclusion of the appointment was that liposuction was of course possible at your own expense. I was now faced with the decision of whether or not to have an operation. I'll be happy to explain why I decided against it another time.

I decided to fight!

When I was diagnosed with a herniated disc a short time later, it was clear: I would lose weight and do sports.

And so began my journey to freedom from pain.

I started WW in February 2020. I started counting points and watching my diet again. At the same time, I signed up for the gym. I quickly realized that both had a very positive effect and I began to lose weight.

I wore my flat knit compression in class 3 for at least 10 hours a day. In mid-March my sport in the studio was no longer possible thanks to Corona and I was looking for alternatives. I started doing light exercises with my own body weight at home and integrating more movement into my everyday life. I was also very lucky to have a Bellicon trampoline made available. Whenever time allowed, I used it.

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So I lost 20 kg despite lipedema

All of this is still part of my daily routine: I wear KKL3 compression every day, I do WW, I move a lot and I love my Bellicon. With these points I managed to lose 20 kg.

I have a balanced diet and have been giving up dairy products for a short time. I have also restricted my sugar and carbohydrate consumption.

As a motivation to move, I wear a watch that records my activities. So I always have a good overview of what I burn and what I consume.

In addition, in March I started to take the golden milk after Myra Snöflinga. Their effect is controversial, you can find great information at Myra himself or also here on the blog. Everyone should find out for themselves whether and how they can help. I personally take turmeric, barley grass, rose hip, ashwagandha and vitamin D / K2 drops every day.

My other measures are:

  • 1 x week for manual lymphatic drainage and, if necessary, apparatus for lymphatic drainage at home
  • Consistent abstinence from alcohol, as I always had severe pain after consuming alcohol
  • 2-3 liters of water per day
  • put your feet up whenever you can
  • if necessary the Night compression Jobst Relax on arms and legs

And perhaps the most important point: I have fundamentally changed my attitude towards myself. I made peace with my lipedema. It belongs to me like everything else. I firmly believe that stress and negative thoughts have a great influence on our pain perception.

Living pain-free with lipedema

In my case, all of this currently means that I can live with lipedema virtually painlessly. At the moment I can even do without my arm compression completely and there are also occasional days when my legs are uncompromising and I do not suffer from pain.

Don't give up, fight and try to live your life with lipedema and not against it!

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Author: Anna Hirsch

My name is Anna and I was born in North Hesse in 1981. I am married and have a little daughter. I have been diagnosed with lipedema since 2010. There was no blog, Instagram or Facebook to get information or to exchange ideas. And that's exactly why I want to show other sufferers here that you can go through life with confidence despite lipedema. I have been wearing compression tights every day since 2011 and live a completely normal life with them. I spend a lot of time with my family and friends, work as a night nurse, go to the gym and enjoy being out and about with the eBike. As of now, I don't want to have an operation. You can follow my path on Instagram under anni_days.

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  • Super well written. Dear Anna, you are a strong and confident woman. You can be proud of yourself. All the best and good luck.
    Many greetings and take good care of yourself. Express yourself, greetings Claudia Lock from the Lilybelles Nordhessen‍♀️

  • Liebe Anna,
    you are absolutely right! You have to do something yourself and not just whine + scream for lipsuctions! (My diagnosis: lower legs + arms stage 2 - knees + thighs stage 3) I too have completely turned my life inside out in 2020, I have a diet change behind me, I take turmeric every day, consistently wear flat knit every day, always put my legs up if possible, Lymph drainage once a week - only with sport it doesn't work that way yet - water aerobics twice a week have not taken place since Corona! Even so, since May I have lost 1 kg and my pain has gotten much, much less! I'm on the right track and so hopefully I can avoid an operation!
    I wish you all the best for the future and we are both on the right track!
    LG Susan

  • Hi Anna,
    Congratulations!! Yes, the attitude is very important. My physio laughed at me when I said: I'll get rid of that too. I lost 22 kilos, tracked calories, went fasting once a year, started climbing and mountain biking. Also take vitamins d and k1, b, c, then sweet clover and opc. In the last few weeks I have eaten more chips and chocolate, less exercise, 2 kilos on it, my legs hurt more again…. But, I now know how to do it and I tell you: stay tuned, everything is possible if you believe in it and follow it consistently!