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Who or what is LUSH?

LUSH is a British high-policy cosmetics company whose products can be bought in stores or ordered online. They all get their raw materials from organic farming or fair trade, always make their products fresh and do not support animal testing. All products are handmade and vegetarian, some even vegan. They also largely do without preservatives and are constantly expanding their range with self-preserving products (currently 65% ​​of the range is self-preserving). Even the packaging is special - solid products are packed in paper and you can buy suitably shaped aluminum cans for them. All other packaging is recyclable. For example, anyone who brings five empty LUSH pots back to the shop will receive a face mask for free.

I now had the honor and was invited by LUSH to a VIP appointment with my girlfriend in the shop in Ingolstadt to get to know the company and the products even better.

When you enter the shop, you are enveloped by the scent of the many great things and because of the colors you don't even know where to look first. We were greeted by the lovely employees Simone and Carina, who prepared a great little something for us with fruit water and grapes.

Simone, me, Carina (from left to right)




Both girls were super friendly and personable and gave us a little insight into the fascinating world of LUSH. LUSH offers everything from hair products to body care and cosmetics.



I especially like the solid products. The firm hair shampoos or conditioners are simply lathered under running water and then applied to the hair. Or if you want more intensive care, slide the solid product directly over your hair. Of course, everything for hair is also available in liquid form.


There are also great-smelling shower gels and body lotions for body care. The massage butters are also something special. They nourish the body with valuable oils and dissolve on the skin solely through body heat.

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From cleaning to care

I especially like the face masks. They are so well presented and smell so seductive that you want to spoon them out of the bowl. Of course there is also everything else you need for facial care - from cleaning to care.

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The soaps are also a real eye-catcher with a bewitching scent. These can be cut into pieces that suit you.

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There are also great bath products for complete relaxation and to clear your head. These sometimes change with the season from Halloween to Christmas.

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There are also perfumes and cosmetics. When it comes to cosmetics, nothing is left to be desired. There is everything from lipstick to eyeliner to mascara.


If you want to make your loved ones happy, you can also find small, sweet wrapped gifts in the LUSH Shop.

At the end we were allowed to choose two hair products each. Of course, a few other little things also found their way into my shopping basket.




I think the range and the corporate philosophy of LUSH are great and I think you should take a look at a shop or their website. In the shop you can try everything and you are also welcome to take a sample or two of products with you if you are not sure.


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