Loop catcher - repair for compression stockings

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It happens very quickly, got stuck somewhere, fell on the bike or it was the mice - a hole in the compression. As long as it is just a ladder or a small hole, the supply is not lost. Because if this accident happens within the manufacturer's warranty of six months, all you have to do is go to the medical supply store and have it sent in. In this case, the manufacturer will take over the repair for you free of charge.

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No more repairs from the manufacturer?

But if the mishap happens after this guarantee, it is no longer up to your manufacturer. But here we have a hot tip for you. The company Maschenfänger repairs your compression stockings for a fair price from the network, so far I have only heard positive voices, also in terms of appearance.

So do not despair at the next hole of an older Kompri and simply send it to the mesh catcher for repair.

Further information and contact

Im Flyer you will find some important key data, but the website holds all the information and even Suggestions compact ready for you. You can find them here Pricing all services, such as ladder repair, working in pulling thread, shortening the toe, repairing holes and attaching a new adhesive tape.

Here it goes directly to Website.

All the best

Image: Mesh catcher / © www.maschenfänger.de

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