medi trend colors 2023: How to combine sage, lilac and bloom

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It's finally that time again average Trend colors for 2023 can now be ordered and a new pattern will also be available. Lilac and sage, along with the Bloom design, remind us that compression therapy and style can go hand in hand - or should I say leg in hand? I'll show you how you can use this combination to bring fresh elegance into your wardrobe and let new spirits blossom. Good or? Bloom, because of the pattern “bloom”. Well, I can see you want to see pictures. Me too!

It's about more than just colors

It is an attitude, a declaration that our therapy not gray and monotonous have to be. With the medi trend colors 2023 – whether fresh sage or cool lilac – Every day gets a little brighter in compression. So that you don't have to worry about how to skillfully combine the two colors, here are two outfit ideas for you!

PS: The colors are not realistic due to lighting conditions during photo shooting and possible screen differences. Please take a look at the color scheme of the samples in your local medical supply store, they are the best reference for your decision making.

Sage color you just can't be wrong. Thanks to the muted, calm look, many other cool and pastel tones can be combined. The Fashion element “Bloom” continues the romantic pattern of the dress and creates a wonderful everyday look.

The second medi trend color 2023, lilac, is indescribably elegant and, above all, difficult to capture. Depending on the incidence of light, the phase of the moon and your mood, it changes to a different shade of purple and glows intense and lively, like the most beautiful lilac flowers you can imagine.

A little sprat note to everyone who would like to write to me about what the color “lilac” should look like: Lilac comes in every color imaginable. A 3 sec. Google search is enough proof, this is simply called the diversity of nature. Isn't that wonderful? Cheers to color diversity. 😉

You are in the prime of your life

The new flat knit compression design, “Bloom,” reminds me that life can be understood as a flower.

Think of each petal as a part of your life – unique, full of our own experiences and yet sometimes just a part of the whole. Here is the youth, vibrant and full of promise. There is ripe old age, with the sweet wisdom that comes through years lived. And every phase, every flower has its own beauty, its own meaning.

Any connection between the petals can be used as the people in our lives, our relationships, and our communities that support us, challenge us and ultimately support us in our growth. Or maybe it is the challenges that your diagnosis brings with it and which you can face with greater strength with the help of effective aids such as compression stockings.

The flower of life invites us to embrace all facets of our being and to recognize that every phase, every experience, and every person we meet on our journey, is an essential part of this wonderful, chaotic, and incredibly beautiful adventure.

bloom fashion element mediven 550 sage lipedema

The “Bloom” pattern can be used as both design element, So knitted in one color, as well as fashion element, knitted in two colors, can be ordered. You can see which combinations are possible for your compression stockings in the overview here or in the Color Pattern Finder Herausfinden:

mediven color overview

Which trend color do you let into your life?

Choosing a color for compression stockings is almost like consciously choosing a mood. What vibe do you want to feel for the next few months? Which color should guide you on your way accompany you a bit? Listen deeply into yourself and give this feeling a color. Which ones have you seen?

Write it to me in the comments or link me in the story in which you post your new favorite color!

This article was created in cooperation with Medi.
Pictures: Michaela Kern

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