My 28 day Body Detox Tea cure from Fittea

Detox cure with Fittea

We have been reading a lot about Detox for some time. It is supposed to detoxify, make you and the outside beautiful, make tired people livelier and at the same time conjure up a few kilos less.
Sounds really good at first and made me think about taking a detox cure for a long time.

But what is detox anyway?

Detox is the short version of the English term detoxify and means "detoxify". During detoxification, your body is supported by various methods to bind and excrete pollutants and toxins in order to be able to cleanse itself again. (Source:

Since the range on the market is huge, you don't really know what is best for you. What can be optimally integrated into the already too busy everyday life? And what doesn't cost a fortune? Since I'm not a fan of radical cures, where you only live on juice and soups for two weeks and I wanted to take it slow to start with, my choice is the 28 day body detox tea from Fitea ( like.


The decisive factor for this was the recommendation of a good friend who had already been on a 28-day detox cure Fitea and was very enthusiastic about the product. So I wanted to try this too and went to the Fittea homepage ( first made smart.

The Body Detox Tea 28 days

As the name suggests, the Body Detox Tea cure lasts exactly 28 days. It should increase your well-being and give you a pleasant lightness. The page lists goals that you would like to achieve with a detox cure: weight loss, well-being, regeneration and hydration.

The main components of the Body Detox Tea are green tea China Gunpowder - naturally contains caffeine, dandelion - particularly valued by medicinal herb experts, ginger - is full of valuable vitamins and minerals such as potassium and iron, tulsi - perfect companions in the detox cure and is known as the "elixir of life" . (Source:

Other ingredients of the Body Detox Tea are lemongrass, lemon peel, pieces of ginger, coriander, jasmine blossom, pop rice, rose petals, natural aroma, ginseng root, pineapple pieces, apple pieces, goji berries, moringa leaves, orange blossoms, white hibiscus blossoms.

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The aroma of the Body Detox Tea is heavenly. All the ingredients immediately fill your nose and make you want to try the tea. Since I love tea, this was really crucial for me. The carefully selected ingredients are also a big plus.

Daily use can be easily integrated into everyday life and is child's play even for those who don't like the morning. For 28 days, pour a teaspoon of Body Detox Tea with 100 ° C hot water every morning and let it steep for five minutes. Then enjoy the tea in slow gulps. Fittea also offer beautiful tea eggs (price 4,90 €) in green and pink in their shop, so that brewing and portioning is very easy. Since the tea tastes very mild and aromatic, it can be easily integrated into the morning routine for this period. Just skip the coffee and drink the Body Detox Tea instead. The China Gunpowder green tea is a good substitute for caffeine and makes you feel fresh and lively. Of course you can drink the tea continuously for a longer period of time.


The effect in the 28 days of Body Detox Tea

Fittea advertises its tea with the words "Start your detox cure now with our popular Body Detox Tea and just feel good in your skin." And yes, you are right. I felt more comfortable and was fitter. I got out of bed better in the morning and sometimes I also had the feeling that I was performing better, both professionally and physically. Going to the toilet was easier as usual.

During this time, I paid special attention to eating a healthy and balanced diet, drank a lot of water and unsweetened teas (I do this anyway, since it is very important to drink enough) and, with two small exceptions, have avoided alcohol. Unfortunately, this didn't work out so well with the sweets, but I tried to contain it and avoid it as much as possible. I haven't lost any weight through the detox cure, but I think that it doesn't work either if you don't fully engage in a detox cure and simply do without a lot so that the body can detoxify properly. After all, a detox regimen is nothing more than a fasting regimen.

Der Preis

With €19,90 Does the Body Detox Tea have a steep price and many will wonder why should I pay this for a tea? That is easy to answer, because quality has its price. If you want selected and coordinated ingredients, you have to be prepared to pay a little more for them. In the end, you invest in yourself and your health. And we should be worth it.

My conclusion on the Body Detox Tea 28 days

Personally, I am very enthusiastic about the Body Detox Tea 28 days from Fittea and found it really delicious and beneficial. Of course you shouldn't expect miracles, but by and large the tea kept what it promised. I felt more comfortable and more balanced and I felt fitter. If you want to do something good for yourself and your body or if you are thinking about starting a fast detox, you can use the Body Detox Tea from Fittea. I will definitely treat myself to a Body Detox Tea from Fittea again.



Handwriting Michaela

Transparency: We thank Fittea for the free and unconditional provision of the product.



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