Fashion trends autumn winter 2016/2017

After the trend colors, came the shoe trends, of course the autumn-winter 2016/2017 fashion trends cannot be missing and they are very promising. Because everyone can let off steam with the current trends. Whether elegant chic or casual street style, whether playful or straightforward, if you want to rediscover yourself or just want a few cool new pieces, you can look forward to the autumn winter trends 2016/2017.

And here they are, the most important trends for this year's autumn / winter 2016/2017.


Capes and ponchos are the fashion piece this season and appear in a classic look or sometimes completely eccentric, masculine or wildly playful. Anyone who, like me, loves capes can use them as a super stylish alternative to the standard winter coat and snuggle up in them warm and cozy.


Long sleeves

We used to do it unconsciously and hide our hands in the oversized sweater. Now we can just do it because it's super cool to wear tops with loooong sleeves. If it is too much for the whole day, just roll it up and the problem is solved.

dresslongarmasoslong-sleeved sweaterasos long sleeve

Thick down and quilted jackets

With this trend, we will definitely not get cold in the cold season, because in autumn / winter 2016/2017 it will be down everywhere and preferably in a mega oversized look. Whether as an oversized coat or as a skirt, we can smile relaxed towards the cold season. If the down is too voluminous for you, you can use a classic quilted jacket with a little less down.

asos down blue capesteppzaradown glitter zara


The green checked pattern is back and is more diverse than ever. Whether as pants, blouse, coat or skirt, multi-colored or in the classic two-tone variant. The cool checked pattern is indispensable this autumn / winter 2016/2017 and has to be in the wardrobe. The great thing about this trend is that it can be styled casually and elegantly and is therefore also a real eye-catcher in the office.

plaid mangomango-violeta-rock-checkcaro-asos

Loops & loops

Loops have long been a welcome guest on any type of blouse and this autumn / winter 2016/2017 they are showing themselves in their most beautiful form. The playful bow and ribbon trend should not be missing on coats and sweaters and shows once again how beautifully diverse fashion can be. A trend that really suits every woman and always looks great.

asoscurve dresscablouseblousemango


Velvet is an absolute must-have for this year's autumn / winter 2016/2017. And is mainly worn in an all-over look. But if that's too much for you, you can use the fine fabric to add a few nice accents as a skirt, blouse, shoe or dress.

velvet dress zarasweater velvetzarabomber jacket velvet zara

Winter flowers

Who doesn't like to get flowers and enjoys their beautiful variety ... how good this great trend should not be missing in this autumn / winter 2016/2017 and thus colorful flowers decorate not only our shoes, but also our clothes in the dark season. Whether individually embroidered or with an all-over print, the floral patterns conjure up in the coming season and in our hearts.

floral print jacket-asosmango dress flowersfloral blouseeasos

Shine & glitter

If you want to stand out in any case, Goes back to the 70ies and sparkles and glitters for what it takes. The sparkling yarn Lurex provides the necessary disco feeling this autumn / winter 2016/2017 and convinces us in beautiful dresses, skirts and tops that you can also glitter with style. Particularly nice z. B. at the Christmas party, a black pencil skirt and a top in the shiny fabric.

asos-jacket-glitterhumrock glitter


Those who prefer it playful and romantic are in the absolute fashion heaven with this autumn / winter 2016/2017 trend. This season, ruffles adorn everything your heart desires, whether blouses, embroidered sweaters, trousers or dresses, the sweet eye-catcher definitely ensures a romantic fashion highlight.

asosrueschenruffle blousecurveasosblouseshumrueschen


Who doesn't secretly dream of strolling comfortably through the city in baggy pants and hooded sweaters ... I think almost everyone and you know what, in autumn / winter 2016/2017 that's no problem at all, because streetwear is absolute this season socially acceptable and can also show itself outside of sport in everyday life. What is important with this trend is not the old worn out sweatpants, it has to look really cool and be made of good material.


Fashion trends autumn winter 2016/2017

I hope to be able to provide you with a small but fine inspiration with the examples and to get you excited about the great trends. Fashion is so diverse and beautiful that every woman can rediscover and reinvent herself with it every day. What it takes is a little courage and a willingness to experiment.

Have fun shopping and don't be afraid!


Handwriting Michaela

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Author: Mitcha

I'm Michaela and I come from beautiful Hessen (Central Hesse). I am fashion at lipedema because a good idea has become reality! Caroline is a very good friend of mine and I have seen her illness first hand, so to speak, since the beginning of our friendship. Through this I learned and experienced a lot about the disease and its suffering that it brings with it. Of course, their pitfalls too, especially when it comes to fashion. Every woman should feel beautiful and desirable, even with the diagnosis of lipedema or other ailments that a woman has. In this regard, I am at Caroline’s side with words and deeds, and together we’re looking for beautiful, fashionable variants that will give your own outfit that certain something despite compression garments. So it happens that I support the blog in terms of fashion, lifestyle, nutrition and sport, even without having lipedema myself. Because everyone should feel comfortable in their body.

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