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My beloved avocado green has to give way to new medi colors in autumn 2022. Reason enough not only to choose my avocado love with a particularly cheerful outfit and to encourage you to quickly secure this good mood color with the next recipe. But also to tell about how colored compressions can lure out your inner baby again.

Dress up feeling good

A long, long, really long time ago, I developed my fashionable self-therapy out of necessity. As a counterweight to the lipoedema diagnosis of my arms and the helplessness that came with it, that I now also had to wear arm compression. She helped and still helps me existentially in pain therapy and therefore they are part of my everyday life from now on. But the dislike was so immense at the beginning that I lived in constant rejection of them. This could not become a permanent state, because I was anything but happy.

Since my digital presence, I've really been asked again and again how I go about radiating and being who I am. At the time, it was a conscious decision not to let this innate happiness of something like this knitted fabric take away from me. The disease is the enemy, not the compression. I urgently needed to internalize that.

Well, compression is the friend, not the enemy. But how do I get that in my head? Then I realized. It takes full flight forward!

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challenge accepted

Believe it or not. Before I was diagnosed with lipoedema, I had no particular understanding of fashion. I just got dressed, nothing more. It was only the compression that presented me with the challenge of observing and integrating it in order to sweep away this foreign-body character.

It worked and should continue to this day - my fashionable self-therapy. Therapy in the truest sense of the word.

Do you remember your baby age? No? Neither did I, but maybe you were allowed to watch a child grow up yourself and observe that it struggled through life in big steps every day, learned curiously, failed, grew, allowed all emotions and never questioned itself. I wish we would never forget these talents.

Back to the roots

So how about an impulse to see the world with baby eyes in an unbiased, playful and fear-free way and to look at every hurdle with baby ambition?

Learn what makes you happy. Dress how you feel - without compromise. Wear what fills your heart.

Ciao denim blue and avocado green - Hello, raspberry red and chestnut!

The two are only until September 19, 2022 medi trend colours Denim blue and avocado green available to order for your circular and flat knit compression. If you don't want to miss out on these two colors, you can quickly save them with the next recipe.

The two new trend colors raspberry red and chestnut can be ordered from October 4th. Are you also curious how they will look like?

Get inspired by these avocado green looks for the last time

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Pictures: Michaela Kern

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Author: Caroline Sprott

Caroline Sprott is a remarkable personality involved in the world of lipedema. Born in Bochum in 1989, she now lives in Augsburg. Her professional career began as a trained media designer and she works full-time in marketing. But that's not all - Caroline is also a lipedema speaker, author and model. She is committed to the fight against lipedema and is passionate about supporting the community of those affected. Caroline founded the Lipedema Fashion Blog to share her experiences and knowledge with other sufferers. She wants to create a place where women with lipedema can find information without having to go through private Facebook groups. She combines her passion for fashion with her commitment to the lipedema community. Some interesting facts about Caroline Sprott: Style and fashion: Caroline loves fashion and sees it as a passion and therapy at the same time. She doesn't let compression stockings limit her and opts for creative outfits. Style Icon: Your style icon is Grace Kelly, a woman of natural elegance and inspiration. Favorite colors: moss green, yellow, pastels and navy blue. Weakness for animals: Caroline greets every cow - a loving gesture that shows her love for animals. Important life philosophy: Stay inquisitive, curious and optimistic - life is too short to waste even one day. In addition to being a model and entrepreneur, Caroline Sprott is a health influencer who advocates for the lipedema and lymphedema community. Her commitment and positive attitude are inspiring.

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