Naturopathy: Rutin - Herbal weapons in the fight against lymphedema in lipedema

How does lymphedema develop in lipedema 

Before we get on the subject Rutin in lipedema come, I would first like to explain how lymphedema can develop in lipedema. Lipedema patients are usually afflicted by agonizing lymphedema at a later stage of their disease at the latest. The legs become heavy as lead. Bruises are common. Shoes or boots no longer fit your feet, especially during the day. During the day, you only literally squeeze into your favorite jeans, which you could still fit into in the morning. An uncomfortable feeling lies in the tissue from morning to night.

We are talking about the problem child of the so-called secondary lymphedema. This means that, in contrast to a primary lymphedema caused by a congenital malformation of the lymphatic system, it is directly related to another previous illness.

In our case, secondary lymphedema can develop if a Lipedema left untreated for too long. As a result, the existing lymphatic tracts are narrowed by the increased, diseased fatty tissue. Thus, the removal of the lymph load stagnates, and fluid collects in the intercellular space, the interstitium. This combination of lipedema and the following lymphedema is finally referred to as Lipo-lymphedema. This condition is usually promoted by an existing obesity (obesity). With the mentioned symptom combination, the backs of the feet and / or hands are usually swollen and both legs or arms are always affected symmetrically (in the same direction). Unfortunately, to this day, the well-known, primarily conservative measures such as compression therapy and manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) can only alleviate the symptoms, but not stop or cure the disease. 

I have lipedema hematoma bruises

As a patient, what can you do to help prevent fluid accumulation? 

Of course, primarily stimulate the lymph flow through the right movement! Long walks, cycling and z. B. Nordic walking. The main thing is that the body's circulation gets going, the lymphatic tracts are stimulated to do more work by activating the circulation and respiratory functions. It is best to choose sports that are not only fun and a repetitive act is easier, but also those in which the diseased tissue does not experience any major vibrations.

For example, a 5 km jogging run at a rapid pace or a jumping sport would not be recommended here. In addition, obesity should be avoided and existing overweight should be reduced. Otherwise it can lead to a further worsening of the lipedema and to an increased likelihood of consequential damage, such as B. osteoarthritis of the knee, skin infections, incorrect joint loads, etc. contribute. In addition, excessive heat should not act on the tissue (taking a sauna, etc.), because this promotes edema formation by widening the blood vessels in the skin. As a special tip in the fight against edema formation, I recommend my patients, for example, certain micronutrients and plant substances, which can improve the blood vessel and tissue situation. Many of those affected benefit enormously from this. Unfortunately, this is still often not established in the therapy of lipoedema or lymphedema and is largely unknown. 

Here is a purchase recommendation for rutin for lipedema, with a good price / performance ratio

Rutin in lipedema - not only protects its plant host! 

Rutin is a protective substance of certain plants, with the help of which the corresponding plant originally protects itself against harmful UV radiation. It is one of the so-called flavonoids (perhaps already heard in connection with wine or cocoa). Naturopathy has known the healing effects of this plant ingredient for many years and uses some of them in their traditional recipes. In our case of lymphedema, the rutin acts directly in the cell walls themselves, here especially in the blood vessels. It strengthens the cell walls in place. In addition, it inhibits any inflammation that occurs in the diseased tissue due to the stagnation of lymphatic drainage and the accumulation of harmful metabolic products. In addition, rutin has the positive side effect that its effects on the liver tissue can lead to an improvement in cholesterol and sugar levels! Outstanding! 

The active ingredient rutin is usually obtained from red vine leaves and grapes as a fruit. In any case, it is a proven active ingredient to treat vascular problems! The rutin strengthens the walls of the blood vessels and keeps them elastic so that less water can collect in the tissue. The recommended effective dosage is around 200–400 mg rutin per day. 

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Author: Dr. Nicole Gerlach

Hi to all the lip girls out there! My name is Nicole Gerlach, I was born in 1983 and a passionate doctor. After a long pre-professional path through biochemistry, I have not only been involved in sports and nutritional medicine for almost ten years and previously worked on publications of various studies on Alzheimer's disease in Göttingen. After five years in the field of internal medicine, I am currently working in outpatient, general medical care. In addition, I have been able to gain experience in emergency medicine and phlebology / angiology, which, along with everything else, is most important to me and which is now the focus of my Instagram account @fragdochmaldiefrau_doctor, which I opened on August 21.08.2020, XNUMX, for questions and help on the subject of lip and lymphedema. A topic that is so close to my heart because I am an affected lipedema fighter myself and would like to share all of my knowledge and experiences with everyone who is affected and who are interested in medicine! Let's do it!

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  • I have lipedema primarily on my thighs and hips, and my calves are little affected. For years I have been measuring my circumference on Saturday mornings every week and know the values ​​for ankles, calves and directly below the knee pretty precisely because almost nothing changes there, ankles between 21 and 22 cm depending on the weather, calves around 38, below the knee 33- 34. At the beginning of September I started using rutin because of a book on nutrition for lipedema and was blown away: when I measured a week later, the measurements were 20 cm for the ankle, 36 to 36,5 (my left leg always has something more) and 32 under the knee! I never thought that the rutin would have such a good effect so quickly!

  • Hi there,
    We treat a large number of lipedema patients in physiotherapy and all of them have only one wish, IMPROVEMENT.
    I practice MLD myself, but also studied acupuncture ..... now my question on behalf of the patients: how good and when does your product work?
    I have just treated a young lady who, out of sheer desperation, had a suction done in Turkey (unfortunately, completely unsuccessful) the consequences are now fatal, we look forward to helpful information.
    Gladly also a phone call.
    Sincerely, Marcel Müller

  • Hello, I have been battling lymph and lip edema all over my body for 23 years. After my twin pregnancy, the weight and water no longer go down. Try everything in the No carb diet, etc. After the covid vaccination, it's really bad. Where do you practice? I would like to meet with you personally. Kind regards Birgit Leis

  • Hello Dr. Gerlach,
    I almost google myself to death to find out about my illness "lipoedema". Sweet clover, rutin, etc. With all the information and advice flood, I'm slowly losing track. Does rutin have side effects on the body or psyche? How long can you take this? Do you recommend a specific preparation?