Bio Balance Neuro-Reset Training: the ideal 3-minute routine for edema patients

At FIBO 2023, the world's largest trade fair for health and fitness, I looked around as a trade visitor - always looking for new ideas that are also and especially useful and implementable for us lipoedema and lymphoedema patients.

And I found that in the "Body and Mind Area" at the Neuro-Reset lecture followed by instructions from Sven Huckenbeck, the sports scientist and developer of the Bio Balance concept: His three effective and simple exercises make it easier for beginners and newly diagnosed lipoedema and lymphoedema patients to establish a daily routine. In addition to improved lymph flow, the aim is
species-appropriate balanced posture.

I present them to you here on because they stand out from a variety of complex and complicated gymnastic programs from yoga, tai chi, Pilates, stretching and mobility and everything else that is offered. Anything that takes a lot of time and doesn't work right away is difficult for the inexperienced to do. These exercises combine knowledge from all movement concepts and are in just three minutes easy to do, anywhere and even without sportswear!

Why Neuro Reset?

Lack of exercise and poor physical condition make it difficult for us to start exercising. There are malfunctions, there are snags and tweaks everywhere. In fact, man is one running animal, but we spend a lot of time sitting down. This shortens the muscle chain in front along the lymph channels and meridians. As a result, muscles and mobility atrophy.

Important for us Lymphies: Without sufficient movement, the lymphatic system, as the No. 1 metabolic organ, cannot transport away enough metabolic waste products and bring the edema down! We need sufficient muscle and respiratory hygiene and fascial activation to break down barriers and protein accumulations (see article "Pretty best friends: breathing exercises for the lymphatic system", Lipoedemmode 2019).

Neuro-Reset Training stimulates the entire body and reaches the organism on a biomechanical, neurological, lymphatic and emotional level.

On the practice of neuro-reset

At the beginning, Sven Huckenbeck had us check our stance: Position both feet in a straight line one behind the other, arms stretched out at shoulder height, look forward. Then it was time to “close your eyes for three seconds”, first with one foot in front, then the other. My result: I could stand well with my right foot in front, with my left foot in front I swayed and wobbled. A sign that something is wrong with my intramuscular coordination. The interaction between nervous system and muscles does not work and I am only balanced on one side. This can be a result of the operations on my torso, it can also indicate that I am physically stressed on one side - for example due to the weight of my electric bass guitar on my left shoulder, which weighs a good 4-6 kilos!

Three neuro reset exercises put to the test

After the following three exercises, the test is repeated. We should compare the result after a month of daily training and report it to the speaker if necessary - (which I like to do with this: I actually stand more securely, I no longer get dizzy, and I've become more agile in trunk rotation, which is a real improvement given my osteoarthritis and other daily training)

For lymphies, it's now: Lymphatics in the crook of the neck like before any MLD and activation and exercise #1

neuro-reset exercises lipedema lymphedema ursula Thomé

Stand upright, feet hip-width apart, knees straight. Keep your hips and pelvis straight (tense your pelvic floor, pull your navel inwards/upwards), straighten your torso and consciously straighten it between your pubic bone and your breastbone. For the first time, carefully lean your torso backwards, like leaning backwards over the garden fence, back, then bring your arms parallel over your head, hands stretched, thumbs pointing backwards - and now bend far up/back. Hold the position at the lowest point until you tremble, keep your legs straight. After 5 breaths, slowly release the pose and briefly move the body.

This was stretching the anterior chain of muscles, fascia and activating the anterior lymphatics.

Neuro reset exercise #2

The starting position remains the same, with feet hip-width apart and torso straight. The arms travel up again next to the ears, but we bend forward from the back of the head to the buttocks in a straight line as far as we can, nose and eyes down. Breathe five more times and carefully release the posture, if necessary support the torso with your hands on your thighs, bend and stretch your back, stand up. This exercise stretches and strengthens your back leg and core muscles.

Neuro reset exercise #3

This exercise is more complex: we go into a big stride, feet parallel but hip-width apart diagonally, toes pointing forward again. Lift the back heel, straighten the back knee, bend the front leg (caution: upper and lower leg remain in an open angle). make sure
that hips and shoulders are straight forward, raise both arms again - but now slowly rotate the upper body to the side over the front leg, then bend backwards! Torso and spine are twisted, both arms and hands stretch out to the fingertips
behind/above, the gaze goes upwards: imagine breathing out and in through your mouth and your fingertips upwards and into the universe (an idea that made it easier for me to establish imaginary contact with the audience during my active time in stage dance ). Breathe 5 more times and back again, then do the same with the other leg forward and tilted to the other side.

The effect sets in quickly and sustainably: posture becomes more upright, tension is relieved and breathing becomes easier. After three weeks of daily practice, while standing upright, you should
no longer or at least less trembling with your eyes closed – the neurostimulation is working.
Sven Huckenbeck has a degree in sports science, has received many international awards as a SPA manager and SPA director of the Hotel König Ludwig in Schwangau in the Allgäu. You can find out more about him, his activities and lively lectures on his Insta profile, among other things @sven_huckenbeck.

His ingenious Neuro-Reset exercise sequence as daily muscle hygiene convinced me because it clarified my deficit, I feel well stretched out after these movements, I stand more upright and can breathe easier. The perfect start to the day!

Have fun and success imitating,
wishes you
the Ursula

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ursula thome

Author: Ursula Thome

Hello, I'm Ursula Thomé, born in 1956. I developed secondary lymphedema in my abdomen, groin and thighs after cancer operations. I am a classical philologist, used to be a teacher and worked part-time at ballet schools and in sports studios. Music and sports also accompany me in (non-)retirement: I continue to work in a fitness studio where I can support edema patients and rehabilitation athletes, and I continue to play the bass on stage. I have been wearing compression garments since 2017. Caroline's blog helped me a lot with valuable information to overcome obstacles and problems related to my edema. I love my colorful compris - preferably with patterns and jewelry crystals in a rocking outfit (also openly on stage). They don't restrict me, they help and underline my clothes and my mood and enable me to continue an active and fulfilling life.

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  • Do you want to know the origin of the concept? The concept I developed is called INKOBE, is a brand and is trained by me. Mr. Huckenbeck has unabashedly taken over the program! This year training courses are taking place in Switzerland! SPAS-S is the name of the association!