How about some new make-up brushes?

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The transition from autumn to winter now more and more captivates us on the comfortable couch - since women tend to shop online, especially in such situations, I now have to come out too! Yes i did My brush collection has had a baby!

Now it is usually an expensive proposition to buy good brushes. Who does not know her? MAC, Bobbi Brown etc. But I looked at Amazon and Douglas, maybe there are bargains there too.

Now I am happy to be able to present the achievements to you. You can find the corresponding link and my personal recommendation under the products.


Brush set for Lamora's eyes

The set is available from Amazon

Price: currently € 14,95 (I paid € 11,95 a few weeks ago, RRP is € 39,95. So just compare.)

Shipping: Shipping is via Amazon, so the normal Amazon shipping costs apply. As usual, delivery was quick.

Personal recommendation:

In my opinion, the set is worth every penny! The brushes are of great quality and are made of synthetic hair. You won't lose hair even when cleaning. Above all, the angled and the large blender are the darlings of the set. They are wonderfully loosely tied so that you can blend the eyeshadow really well. Definitive buy recommendation!


ZOEVA - 223 Petit Blender / Concealer Brush

The brush is available from Douglas

Price: 9,99 €

Shipping: As usual at Douglas free shipping from 25 € and fast to you!

Personal recommendation:

I was really looking forward to this brush because I needed a blender brush that could blend precise lines. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with it in this regard, because it is really very compact, so not particularly fluffy. However, it is great for blending the lower eyelid - for example for kohl pencil or darker eyeshadow.


DM Ebelin Professional Blush Brush

The blush brush comes with DM

Price: 3,95 €

Shipping: I bought the brush on site or had it given to me by dear Micha for my birthday. If you don't have a DM near you: free shipping online until December 31.12.2016, XNUMX!

Personal recommendation:

I saw the brush on Youtube and was impressed by the shape, it actually hugs the cheek wonderfully. However, it is a little too big. It does not absorb the blush precisely enough and distributes it just as imprecisely. For this reason, I now use this brush to blend the blush, which works great. He does not lose any hair when cleaning the brush. If you are looking for a brush for blending - we recommend it!


My new treasures - the toothbrushes brushes!

You can find the two brushes here on Amazon - Foundation brush & Blush brush

Price: the large brush € 3,44 and the blush brush € 1,58

Shipping: FREE SHIPPING from China girls! Strange but true! Shipping can take up to four weeks. The big brush was there after about two weeks, the small one after about 4,5 weeks. But if you know, you can adjust to it.

Personal recommendation:

At first I was skeptical, but the reviews were great. And let's be honest, what can you do wrong for € 3,44 or € 1,58? No sooner said than done - ordered! When the foundation brush arrived, I was already thrilled: it's so soft! Even if he didn't distribute the foundation, in my mind's eye I saw myself sitting in front of the TV in the evening and massaging my face with a brush.

After a few applications you get the hang of it - first I spread the foundation either by hand or with a normal foundation brush. Then comes the highlight: the foundation is then gently massaged into the skin with the brush. There are no more stripes, no make-up borders or the like. Everything is beautifully blended with the skin! And above all: the brush does not "eat" makeup! Even when washing with a brush cleaner, the brush leaves no hair.

The blush brush also blends the blush beautifully. The rouge is applied in a similar way to a kabuki etc. - it takes some getting used to, but the result is simply wonderful!

Definitive buy recommendation!


My “shopping tour” showed me one thing - you should try something new more often and, above all, dare to order in China!

Happy shopping then!


All the best,

Handwriting Pia

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