Night Make-Up: Gray Smokey Eyes

Hi there,

Now I actually wanted to start with basic day make-up, but somehow everything turned out differently 🙂

We were out yesterday evening and I just recorded my night make-up session for you. They are very easy to make-up smokey eyes. At the end of the article you will also see that you can easily spice up such a subtle black outfit with it. I have linked some products directly to you when you click on the name.


#1 Cleanse and apply lotion to your face - Your cosmetics hold better on a clean face that is not tense 😉

#2 Cover red spots and pimples - I use camouflage (Catrice Camouflage in the color Ivory) because I have stupid red spots on my cheeks. You might not want to use camouflage for this, but it works pretty well for me and I actually don't get pimples from it.

Brush: Mary Kay Liquid Foundation Brush - perfect for spreading the camouflage

Mary Kay Liquid Foundation Brush Brush







# 3 Foundation - Spread everything evenly with a foundation brush, don't forget your neck! Edges that cannot be seen in the bathroom are noticed by daylight at the latest.

Foundation: MAC Pro Longwear Foundation
 - NC25 (My tip! A good foundation that you can rely on is a must-have. It can then cost a little more.)

Brush: Lombagine Face Foundation Brush # 67

# 4 powder - Fix everything with a powder, here you can also fall back on the cheap drugstore products, some really have a good mattifying effect, such as. the used Matte Maker from Maybelline NY.


# 5 It's rouge time - I chose a darker variant for this make-up.

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For contouring MAC Sweet as Cocoa Blush and to blush MAC Breezy Blush. For the countouring, set the brownish tone a little further up towards your temple and pull an L below your cheekbone, making a fish mouth can help 😉

Then put the reddish blush a little over it and blend it both together with a thick brush.

Brush: Lombardine Rouge Blush

# 6 eyes - First, use your ring finger to spread an eyeshadow base on the lid and preferably also below the eye, where you want to attach a kohl to it (P2 Keep the Secret Eyeshadow Base). Then spread a light gray eyeshadow (mine is from the All I've ever wanted range from NYX) on the movable lid. Then a deep black eye shadow (an ancient eye shadow from a LE from Nivea, unfortunately there is no longer) in the crease of the eyelid and also a little above - we want it to be dramatic today 😉

A Blending brush blend everything so that no hard edges can be seen. Small mistakes can also be blended wonderfully with it. If the black is now a little faded, that's not a problem. Simply put something more in the crease and blend gently. Below the eyebrow you now apply a light eyeshadow or a specially designed highlighter for highlighting, e.g. MAC Mineralize skin finish, Catrice Highlighting Powder

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# 7 eyeliner & mascara - Last but not least, we now apply a thin eyeliner and finish the make-up with mascara. (Products: Manhattan Dip Eyeliner Waterproof in black & Maybelline NY Colossal Volum 'Express Mascara 100% Black)

# 8 eyebrows - It's amazing how important eyebrows are to the face. CoverIf some of you are not yet using any eyebrow products, you can first use a brown or light brown eyeshadow (eyebrow powder from me: Artdeco eyebrow powder in medium) try. With a Eyebrow brush you can now put the finishing touches on your face!

Even if there is a lot of text - this make-up is done really quickly. And above all, you can easily transform your day make-up into evening make-up with steps # 6 and # 7, without much effort.

Have fun trying!

Often times, despite having the best videos or descriptions, you don't know how to get the most out of your make-up. The Lombagine company, for example, offers make-up courses in which you learn step by step how to apply make-up and what tricks there are. The products are also really recommendable! My friends and I were very excited. Here is the Facebook page of dear Simone, she sells products and organizes the evenings, so you can also get in touch. -> klick

Your Pia

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