Our top-of-the-year outfits for 2016

 We laughed, cried, celebrated and rested. The year 2016 was both a very exciting year, but it also brought me back to my base, for example.

2016 - the Sturm und Drang year

The late spring and summer were like a delayed Sturm und Drang time. Nobody could have persuaded me to stay at home and not go out to party. What have I danced, laughed and sometimes drank a little too much. But it got all the nicer in autumn when I found my way back to his base. My hold and my haven of peace, my friend. And then it's nice to just spend time together. There are always times like that and you don't always have to distance the lovers from each other. No - you can also bring them closer together. Maybe I'm not the only one in whom these feelings broke out this year, how was it for you?

New Year New luck

Let's see what the New Year brings - you already have your annual horoscope in the Spindrift checked? This is a tradition with my best friend and me. We'll buy the current issue at the end of the year and keep it until next year's New Year's Eve. Then we see if it was true. And this time it's worth taking a look. The horoscopes all looked pretty good at first glance 😉

What does the horoscope say with you? What are you looking forward to and what are your wishes for the New Year? Write us a comment, we look forward to it!

Our top-of-the-year outfits 2016 with the most likes as a recap

What would a recap of the year be without Instagram's most successful outfits?

Here you can see which outfits were particularly popular, we have updated the shopping information again. So our top-of-the-year outfits:

top-of-the-year-outfits, medi, cherry red, christmas, xmas, christmas

Tights: medi mediven 550 in the color cherry red | Dress: Mind | Shoes: Similar to Buffalo* | Necklace and earrings: Pilgrim, similar here* | Bangle: Paul hewitt

top-of-the-year outfits, medi, summer, sommer, mac cosmetics, mac, bijou brigitte, anker, anchor, boss, boss orange, h & m, asos

 cardigan: Similar to Sheego* | Blouse: H & M + (there are always from time to time, certainly in spring!) | Shoes: Similar to Sheego* | Tights: H&M - you can also wear the medi mediven 550 in black 🙂 | Warp: Similar to Bijou Brigitte

top-of-the-year outfits, medi, sand, mediven, takko, tom tailor, zalando, sommer, summer, outfit

Top: Zalando, similarly via Amazon* | Trousers: Takko | Shoes: Tom Tailor via Amazon* | Tights: medi mediven 550 in the color sand

We want to thank you again for the incredible year!

Much love from us to you!

 handwriting team

* Affiliate

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  • I think I'll start with the Vogue annual horoscope ...
    That sounds like a funny pastime.

    A Happy New Year & to many great new posts here and on Instagram with / from you !! 🙂

    • Hello Carina, definitely do it! It's really fun to look over it again at the end of the year and think of "old times"! 🙂
      I wish you all the best for the New Year and take good care of yourself!
      Best regards,