Cherry red outfit: the fashionable trouser suit

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Oh, what a horror these pantsuits are. Either they make you old or bank clerks or just not fun. And since I should still enjoy my wardrobe on days when I have to be a little more serious, I was happy to accept the challenge. Pantsuits can be used in fashion, you just have to get a little creative and, above all, have a good friend by your side who takes over the fashion police. 😉

lipoedem fashion outfit pants suit cherry red socks medi 550 business

Serious doesn't always have to be gray, but maybe cherry red.

Sure, gray is an all-rounder, but it shouldn't dominate the look. Set an accent with your compression or a strong color and you can turn your outfit into something special, like here, for example medi mondi esprit in cherry red with the Timeless pattern. And if it has to be a sober blue suit, instead of a plain white shirt, combine a magenta-colored silk shirt, a bow tie blouse or a patterned top. The red ankle boots are totally trendy and make the look very easy wet-cold-snow-rain-bad weather-I want to have spring again-suitable. The block heel also makes them ideal for a long day.

Which pants suit me?

Believe me, I looked for a long time and searched through everything, because suit pants are particularly fussy and do not forgive any errors in fitting. It is important that you make the right decision for your legs. If your thighs are most affected, try paperbag, carrot or waist pants. This emphasizes your waist more and is usually cut wide on the thighs and hips and tapers downwards. If the calves are (or both), straight cuts or Marlene pants could be something for you. In this case, however, you should ensure a neat silhouette on the upper body so as not to look too misshapen.

Don't hide yourselves

No matter how you choose, don't hide! Certainly you can hide a lot of things that you don't like, but never forget to keep your silhouette, it shapes your body and makes up the individual look of each of your outfits. In my case, I opted for carrot pants that emphasize my narrow calves and a long blazer with 3/4 sleeves that conceals my hips and the transition to the thighs. Unfortunately, saddlebags are my problem area to this day and I also take care of my small belly too well. Oh dear, it's time for new resolutions!

But now you come first! Don't be afraid to show your curves and don't think about your problem areas, but about the lasting impression that you leave with a great outfit.

And if you want your cherry red to be festive, you'll find it in this outfit maybe even more inspiration!



Do you want to buy the cherry red look?

Then we have the links for you here:
Blazer: Bon Prix | Top: ESPRIT | Tasha: Zara | Trousers: navabi | Ankle boots: Zalando


lipoedem fashion outfit pants suit 9_web

lipoedem fashion outfit pants suit cherry red socks medi 550 business

lipoedem fashion outfit pants suit cherry red socks medi 550 business

lipoedem fashion outfit pants suit cherry red socks medi 550 business

lipoedem fashion outfit pants suit cherry red socks medi 550 business

lipoedem fashion outfit pants suit cherry red socks medi 550 business

This outfit was created in cooperation with medi.
Pictures: Michaela Kern
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Author: Caroline Sprott

I'm Caroline, born in 1989 and live in Augsburg. Why did I start the lipedema fashion blog? At the beginning of my diagnosis I was completely helpless before an uncertain future. Now, a few years later, through active participation in self-help groups and a lot of research, I have accumulated a wealth of experience that I would like to make available to other affected persons in one place - without the detour via private groups on Facebook. The fashion component is of course due to my hobby. At the time, I promised myself that I would never be restricted by compression stockings. This attitude gives other patients courage and so Michaela advised me to start a blog.

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