Outfit Rosa Crosses: Put the sun on with your denim dress!

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Whether you want to greet spring, celebrate summer or need a pick-me-up on dull winter days. Simply integrate a few rays of sunshine into your outfit and you will notice that no April weather and no gray sky can take away your good mood.

Do not you think? Look here!

lipedema fashion pink crosses yellow medi caroline sprott mediven 550

Rosa Crosses - freedom for the legs

Since I live a life with chronic cystitis, I unfortunately mostly have to do without dresses and skirts in winter. All the more energetically, I tear off all my trousers as soon as the first rays of sun touch my retina. At this point I also ask in the name of your dwarf skin for a pictorial representation of this process in your head.

So nothing was more obvious than finally using my denim dress and letting spring-like colors play out.

But pink crosses and yellow? Sach ma, have you gone blind?

No, but brave as ever. The color combination may not be obvious, but it is absolutely not unusual. In order to get you a little more enthusiastic about her, I have put together a few great other ideas on how you can further develop the outfit idea.

I want to reassure you so that the service concept is not neglected with this look. Even if I'm for you Rose and yellow cannot inspire in combination, you can simply use this outfit as you like. There are simply no restrictions here and these are exactly the components with which you can prepare your wardrobes for any compression color.

It has to be fun, so wear patterns on your legs

Rhyming would be presumptuous here now,
I am aware of it.
But everyone can do normal blog posts,
poetry is more difficult.
I renounce meter at this point,
it's not that quick.
But I still want to tell you
what compression I take here.
This is mediven 550 in the pink crosses pattern,
the hardcore fans recognize it, I knew it!
I wear the color cashmere on my arm,
thanks to the noble pale it suits me.
Knee and elbow functional zones must not be missing,
I can only recommend this to you for every Kompri.
Whether fat or thin, it's about your joie de vivre,
so wear a pattern or none, you can either "heude"
so no one forbid tomorrow.
Because no matter what they advised you to
you live in your compression.
You set the tone for this.
Do what is good for you. Only that is true:
"Radiance is the best accessory."

Have a lot of fun combining and if your color mix gets wild, then celebrate it with all your might and don't let yourself be unsettled. Everything that tickles you immediately gets a special permit from the Lipedema Mode Fashion Police!

Here are the links for after-shopping:

cardigan: Mind | Dress: Violeta | Shoes: Toms | Earrings: Zalando | Sunglasses: Calvin Klein | Pullover: Comma

lipedema fashion pink crosses yellow medi caroline sprott mediven 550
lipedema fashion pink crosses yellow medi caroline sprott mediven 550
lipedema fashion pink crosses yellow medi caroline sprott mediven 550
lipedema fashion pink crosses yellow medi caroline sprott mediven 550
lipedema fashion pink crosses yellow medi caroline sprott mediven 550
lipedema fashion pink crosses yellow medi caroline sprott mediven 550

This article was created in cooperation with Medi.
Pictures: Michaela Kern

lipedema-fashion-outfit-purple caroline sprott

Author: Caroline Sprott

I'm Caroline, born in 1989 and live in Augsburg. Why did I start the lipedema fashion blog? At the beginning of my diagnosis I was completely helpless before an uncertain future. Now, a few years later, through active participation in self-help groups and a lot of research, I have accumulated a wealth of experience that I would like to make available to other affected persons in one place - without the detour via private groups on Facebook. The fashion component is of course due to my hobby. At the time, I promised myself that I would never be restricted by compression stockings. This attitude gives other patients courage and so Michaela advised me to start a blog.

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  • Dear Caro,

    You got me over with the poem. Although I am still skeptical. After my color blocking in Red, my combination Pink Bass with Lemon will follow tomorrow… waaaaa…. I am looking forward to this new experience
    Your Christina_Rick

  • The color combination is awesome! Absolutely great! Thanks for this inspiration. Caro, do you wear tights or stockings? I'm still new to wearing Kompri and don't really dare to wear skirts and dresses with thigh stockings.
    Best regards,

  • Hallo,
    I think it's great. The more weird it looks, the better. My motto, if I have to wear it, then it should bang. I made peace with the stockings pretty quickly. There are such great colors !!! Last year I met a young woman who asked me what I was wearing (skirt and stockings). And when I said it, she confessed to me that she was dead sweating in jeans and brown compromises. People trust you, many don't see that it is compressed and oh, that doesn't bother me anymore. Because I think it's beautiful myself. The crazy, without the stockings I would never have put on skirts. So dare to make your life colorful.