Pantone trend color 2018 Ultra Violet

Superhero at the start.

Forget Wonder Women, forget Supergirl and, best of all, forget about all the superheroes in the world, because Pantone has chosen a new superhero for this year and named her Ultra violet.

If you don't know who and what “Ultra Violet” is, get to know a little group here. Pantone trend color "Ultra Violet" is that Trend color 2018 and thus solves the Trend color 2017 "Greenery" .

What do we like about her?

She is strong, brave and a real highlight for our black and gray wardrobe. We will not get any more color power this color year and thus escape the pink red color world.

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How to style Ultra Violet?

all over

Ideally complete and everywhere as clothing, accessories, make-up or hair (only for the very brave).

Ultra Violet total (could also be a title for an action film).

Jeans girl

Relaxed with jeans, Ultra Violet is particularly cool and shows tough guys where to go. Whether as a sweater, coat or shoe, you can treat yourself to a piece without taking any risks.

Classic chic

You conjure up classically elegant ultra strong look with the colors black, white or creamy white. Just put on Ultra Violet accessories and let them act as a highlight to the more subtle colors. Sometimes it's the little things that make an outfit special.

Fly and win!

And now go girls, let's save the world and get in your Ultra Violet outfits.

We have a mission to accomplish ...


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Author: Mitcha

I'm Michaela and I come from beautiful Hessen (Central Hesse). I am fashion at lipedema because a good idea has become reality! Caroline is a very good friend of mine and I have seen her illness first hand, so to speak, since the beginning of our friendship. Through this I learned and experienced a lot about the disease and its suffering that it brings with it. Of course, their pitfalls too, especially when it comes to fashion. Every woman should feel beautiful and desirable, even with the diagnosis of lipedema or other ailments that a woman has. In this regard, I am at Caroline’s side with words and deeds, and together we’re looking for beautiful, fashionable variants that will give your own outfit that certain something despite compression garments. So it happens that I support the blog in terms of fashion, lifestyle, nutrition and sport, even without having lipedema myself. Because everyone should feel comfortable in their body.

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