Lipedema and partnership: the courage to love - the homage to the partner

Because it's worth waiting for the right one

Over the past few years I have met a lot of people affected and not infrequently have I heard sad, sometimes even harrowing stories about partnerships, relationships and sexuality. Sometimes, however, I found myself again at certain moments. I think we often go through similar situations and that's why I want to encourage you today!

Courage to self-acceptance, courage to wait,
Courage to love, courage to change

I'll start with myself: I already had the fat pounders as a teenager and I often had the feeling that I was because of my "Overweight" haven't found a friend. I was frustrated and made up for it with food.

And then suddenly a prince came around the corner who loved me for who I was. Because of my cheeky mouth, my thirst for adventure, spontaneity and my warmth.

The figure was often an issue, but that was always my work.

At that time I had no diagnosis and was filled with self-doubt. This man just accepted me and supported me in every way. At the time, there were so many things that I wasn't aware of and that's why I just say THANK YOU for this partnership today, because that is not a matter of course.

Unfortunately, after five years there was still a separation and I fell into a very deep hole. It took me many years to get out of there. In the end, it even took the move to Munich to complete it. When I arrived in my adopted home, I quickly realized that I had met a lot of great men, but in the end they showed no real interest. I was either just an affair, friendship plus, an interim solution, the second choice. Very frustrating again!

lipedema fashion lymphedema partnership love mugs

New partnership, new happiness - the turning point in a new,
easier life

I had that in the meantime Diagnosis of lipedema get asked. I was able to make new adjustments and successfully treat the disease conservatively. After four years of MLD and compression, however, I was "out of therapy" and in the end I went for the Liposuction .

At that time I went through this procedure completely alone. Without a partner, without a family. And what should I say? It made me stronger than ever.

My legs are currently not very nice either, but I haven't had any pain since then and my freedom of movement today cannot be compared with the time before. Liposuction was a complete new start for me and so at the end of 2015 I decided to go on vacation to Egypt by myself. This break was urgently needed and guess who I met unexpectedly on vacation? My current heart man, without whose partnership I could no longer imagine my current life.

Fortune found me for the second time

To have a man by my side who loves me for who I am and not for how I look. Who respects me, values ​​me and puts new ideas in my head. The subjects of nutrition and exercise are now a constant companion again, but we are addressing them consciously and to a healthy extent. We love, we live, we enjoy, we laugh, we support and motivate one another. He smiles every time I squeeze into my compression and acrobatically jump through the apartment until it sits perfectly.

Why not be satisfied with intermediate solutions

How many times have I been disappointed by men? How many times have I been frustrated, crying and letting go. Looking back, I know that it is really worth waiting for the right man. No woman deserves to be an interim solution. Today I am even of the opinion that you are sometimes seen that way alone is better off. One must only not lose courage and hope. Set up the crown and deal with yourself. Love yourself and work on your dreams, wishes and goals. It is worth it!

In the end it takes place each their matching counterpart. Trust yourself, happiness in a partnership is usually only a stone's throw away.

At this point I would like to celebrate all men who have their hearts in the right place. THANK YOU for being our anchors and for standing by our side in our daily struggles with ourselves and with the disease! THANK YOU for loving us with all your heart and for helping us to love ourselves and find ourselves beautiful. Thank you for letting us be imperfect, but real.

Melanie Nurtsch

Author: Melanie Nurtsch

Hello everyone, I'm Melanie, born in 1985 and live in the north of the Allgäu. I was diagnosed with lipedema completely unexpectedly in 2011 - a real relief for me at the time, because I always felt “wrong” and misunderstood in those around me. Over the years, my knowledge in the field of lymphology has expanded enormously, so that I was seen and heard as a speaker at patient and specialist events for many years. After my liposuctions and the birth of my daughter, things calmed down a bit and the lipedema faded into the background for a while. My passion for fashion hasn't changed despite my time off and I still love wearing my flat knit compression, because it can be easily combined with the current trends and is always an eye-catcher. I also deal a lot with the topics of anti-inflammatory nutrition, exercise, mental health and compliance - because lipedema requires holistic treatment. You just shouldn't forget to enjoy life anyway and that's exactly the combination that's important to me!

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  • My legs have always been thicker, but that didn't bother any boy or man later. My husband knows me from my youth, but we didn't get together until much later. So he also knows me as slim and now as fat. But that doesn't hurt his love.