The Phoenix Project - 1st quarter

The Phoenix Project

Hello everyone,

It's been a quarter of a year (!) since we got you called have your moving moments with the hashtag # Lipedema Phoenix and # PhoenixProject to provide. So much has happened during this time and the Instagram gallery for the Phoenix project is growing every day. What a nice feeling!

It's time to look back. The most beautiful moments from the 1st quarter of 2017 - the phoenix moments. We whirled up ashes and rose to new heights, or at least something like that. You understand what I mean.

Anja: My phoenix moment - a new hobby

“I have discovered a new hobby for myself in which I am completely absorbed. It's the sewing. I am in my element there and can let off steam creatively. It's been a long time since I was as enthusiastic about something as sewing. That is something that makes me so incredibly relaxed and happy that hardly anything can do it. "

Tanja: My phoenix moment - a suffering shared is a suffering halved

“I was at two great lipedema events this year. They were a phoenix moment in themselves. But even more the great wonderful people I got to know there. They all share the same fate. But they go through life with such courage and joy that it is literally contagious. I am always happy to make new acquaintances with whom you can exchange ideas, but also forget the bad moments because they understand you exactly. "

Laura: My phoenix moment - my new mountain bike

“I haven't been 100% happy with my triathlon hobby for a long time. I've always enjoyed swimming and cycling, but I've never really got used to running. For some time now I have been looking for a new sport that I can really enjoy again and finally got stuck with mountain biking. So it didn't take long and I got my own mountain bike. For me personally it is a new motivation to exercise in the fresh air every day. "

Caroline: My phoenix moment - jumping over the shadow

“Sometimes you have to exceed your limits and dare to venture into new waters. I dared to do that with my first lecture in March at the Düsseldorf Lymphtag and what can I say. I surprised myself and, with the same breath, experienced such an incredible feeling of happiness because I did something that I never thought I could do myself. To this day, I draw on this relief and the pride that I jumped over my own shadow and set my limits anew. How does the French say so beautifully? The sky's the limit!"
And this was certainly not the only moment in 2017. Sometimes you just have to remember. Small things can make a big difference. What about with you? Have you ever thought about the positive things?

Your pictures romp around on Instagram. From great new legs, nice compression, a wonderful smile, an exciting moment, sporting achievements, inspiring food creations, everything is included. We are very proud to be able to experience these moments with you and have put together a small but fine selection of inspiration from the Phoenix project on Instagram for you:

Ain't it great We should focus more and more on the positive things. We should celebrate and celebrate these moments. We should just be human, with likeable mistakes and rough edges. This is the only way we are right and important.

We are still looking forward to many new Phoenix moments - let us be part of it!


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Author: annichen1989

I'm Anja and I was born on February 10.02.1989th, 2 in Schwedt an der Oder. So I come from beautiful Brandenburg. Professionally, I work as an office communication clerk, I support XNUMX companies with my workforce. I also work as an artist in the field of manga. Dear Caroline invited me to participate in this blog. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and I hope that this will also make our disease better known.

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