The Phoenix Project - the 3rd quarter

What did the second half of the year hold in store for us?

The second half of the year has dawned. A lot has already happened in the first half of the year and we have seen a lot. But what happened in July, August and September? Tanja and Caroline take you on their journey before we devote ourselves to the last three months of the year.

What has Tanja moved in the last few months?

“The 3rd quarter was a very moving and exciting time for me this year, with some phoenix moments. Our biennial Renaissance Festival took place in my hometown in July. For me it is always a wonderful time, which is peppered with many impressions and beautiful moments. I grew up with this festival and I really enjoy this time with friends, despite having heavy legs in the evening 😉
In August and September there were three more weddings among friends and family. Each of them was a wonderful celebration in itself, with a lot of emotional moments and nights of celebration.

I will remember these phoenix moments for a long time. "

What did Caroline change in the third quarter?

“My phoenix moment in the 3rd quarter was my rehab at the Feldberg Clinic, which was finally able to use it again for a concentrated load of sport, conservative therapy and“ come to me ”. This healing effect, when you can just concentrate on yourself for a few weeks, should not be underestimated and I noticed how much my mind could breathe again and recharge its batteries during this time. The Blues clinic was of course not very edifying on my return home, because I didn't want to part with this wonderful rehabilitation stay. Even if the time in St. Blasien was far too short, I was able to gather a lot of strength for the final spurt of the year. "

And what else happened to our Instagram community?

And even more!

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And even more!

There it was, one of the most important moments for me. First visit to a swimming pool with the family in years. Or rather two decades. 🐳🐬 Just life. Without shame. Without doubt. Without disgust at yourself.😔 🙂What a new attitude towards life. 🎉A couple looked me up and down, but you know what, this time I didn't care. No feeling of a stab in the heart as well as so far. I could even smile about it alHello new self-esteem! You're almost done! 😆 # lipedema # lipödemfighter # lipödemisteinarschloch #selbstbewusst #selbstliebe # lipödemmädchen # lipödemphönix # lebenmitlipödem #swimming #teambodylove #selfconfidence #happyme #bodypositivity #bodypositive #perfectlyimperfect

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And even more!

And even more!

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Thank you so much for the numerous posts on Instagram - it is unbelievable how many beautiful moments have come together in the last 9 months! And now it's on to the final spurt ... let's see what October, November and December have in store for us.

All the best,

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