The Phoenix Project - a résumé

Phew, done - Christmas is over: the roast goose has been digested, all the biscuits have been eaten and the remaining scraps of presents between the Christmas tree and the cracks in the sofa have been removed. What remains now besides pine needles and tinsel? Melancholy, the New Year blues ... the year is drawing to a close and people are philosophizing about the events of the past few months. Was it a good year? What can I do better next year and where is the journey going? The phoenix project summary.

2017 - what can you say about it?

Not all of them may agree, but I've heard enough people share them. I want to say it again here in public: this year should finally come to an end! It was really enough in 2017 now, I would be ready for a bit of 2018. And preferably now.

Well, I'm exaggerating a bit. There were also beautiful moments that you want to keep in your memory and that will certainly have a long-lasting effect. But I wouldn't be an optimistic Libra if I didn't see something positive in everything: you learn from mistakes, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger and when life gives you a lemon ... 😉

Just don't bury your head in the sand

Whatever happens: don't give up! I hope everyone learned that this year. And if we were only able to put a smile on the face of a few people with our Phönix project, help a few girls to become more self-confident or just distract them in difficult moments: Goal achieved! Together we are strong, don't forget that. And above all, this is not the end of the project. It should live on and remind you to have fun in life and not always pay attention to what others think of you, for example.

What has happened in the last few months in the Phoenix Project ...?

Little Hanna is here - probably the most beautiful phoenix moment of the editorial team

“My Phoenix moment was definitely my Hanna! You just can't beat that. All the pain and worries that one has are completely in the background because of this little being. It cannot be put into words 🙂 “- Anja

Phoenix project

Phönix project guest contribution:
Lina's very personal story

"Hello dear girls,

my name is lina. I'm just 21 years old and come from the sunniest place on earth, the Swabian Alb.

How it all began

In October of this year I was diagnosed with lipedema in the legs, starting in the arms. Until then I had only hoped to have weak connective tissue, which was already used by Dr. Suspicions raised by Google are now finally black and white but destroyed a world for me. The following days were marked by despair, anger, resignation, fear of losing relationships, reluctance to live, incomprehension and nights full of tears. You know that ... Each of us can sing a song to it. So much for that ... after all, this should be a motivational post. 😉

The diagnosis as a relief

Nevertheless, the diagnosis was a certain relief for me, I am not to blame but sick. Still, I didn't want to sit idly by as this disease progresses year after year, inch by inch, I want to do everything I can to avoid ending up like the worst pictures I saw on the internet. My thirst for knowledge, to want to know and implement everything about lipedema and the therapy options, and then to be able to do the best for it, became insatiable. During my internet research I came across the blog "Lipedema Mode", which calmed me down and motivated me to continue and not to give up.

Something has changed

Today I have a trained lymphologist, a wonderful alternative practitioner and a well-advising medical supply company by my side.

I am convinced that a good mix of fun jumping on the trampoline, relaxing lymphatic drainage, fashionably combined compression, a diet rich in base, supporting homeopathic remedies, sharing experiences with like-minded people, good medical care will help me to do the best for my illness and be as carefree as ever to be able to go on living. All of this makes me feel incredibly good. Since the diagnosis, my legs and arms have been more time-consuming, but I don't allow myself to be restricted by it. The disease is only part of me - I have lipedema, but I'm not lipedema.

lipoedem fashion phoenix project lina patient experience

Everything is not always rosy

Even if not every day is pink, I always try to remind myself to think positively - because only those who are positive can make a positive difference. Bad things only take up as much space in life as they are given to them. This disease has no right to botch your uniquely wonderful character. The way you see yourself, your surroundings see you. Accept yourself as you are, 1. because you have no other choice 😉 and 2. only in this way can you expect acceptance from others and your enthusiasm for life can continue to sparkle.

No time for tribulation

I fill my life with so many positive, fantastically beautiful experiences that there is no room for brooding and sadness and that lipedema is far in the shade.

My motivation for me is the ability to recognize and appreciate the wonderful and precious moments and little things in life. A day out with the family or an evening with your best friends gives you much more wonderful fulfillment and satisfaction than lipedema can ever make up for.

You're Marvellous

A warming ray of sunshine, the first snow, the first little flowers in spring, a walk in the forest in autumn. A lovely email from a nice colleague, compliments from the boss. Sale in your favorite shoe store, a compliment for the new blouse. An infectious laugh. Great people by the side who make you forget about lipedema and remind you that you are more.

You are wonderful - just the way you are!

All the best,

Lina "

Which moments were particularly nice for the community?

And even more …

And even more …

Don't wait until the storm passes, learn to dance in the rain 💃💃☂️ 

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And even more …

And even more …

And even more …

Lipedema affects millions of women, but few know they are sick. ...

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Have a good time and a wonderful start to the New Year!

There are no bad years - you always learn something from it and grow with the events.

All the best,

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Author: Pia

I'm Pia, 26 years old and live in beautiful Central Hesse. Professionally, I am a hotel buyer for a package tour operator, responsible for Ireland. Why am I on the lipedema fashion blog? That's a good question because I am not affected by lipedema myself. The question quickly arises: yes, and why are you participating? You have no idea about the subject! Well, it's very simple - I'm a fashion enthusiast and especially when it comes to beauty. I don't really have any hobbies, at least not such as painting or playing a musical instrument (to be honest, I'm worlds away from them). So I basically look after the cosmetics sector - my hobby! With just a few means to a radiant appearance - and the positive charisma does the rest! Who else looks at compressions, girls?

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