Pink crosses x jeans blue: this is how you combine the white summer trousers

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White pants often cause uncertainty. Not only the quality has to be right, but also the outfit. Well, every ice cream or beer garden fresh drink increases the risk potential immensely, but mine. What not to do for the perfect summer look. Here I have an idea for you, how you can give the white jeans real character with simple means - even without stained evidence!

Summer in the City

If I ever find a blouse that fits my upper arms, of course it has to move straight into the closet. Stroll through the analogue and digital shops and find pieces that inspire you with small details. Like my dear striped blouse here, with the little green-pink plushies. If then there are fun accessories like the earrings and my beloved lemon, the outfit fits together like a puzzle.

And how do I find the white socket now?

In this outfit you see my absolute star of the white pants, one Lily super slim power denim of Luna Largo. With this darling, everything stays in place despite compression, without additional constriction.

Here are the most important points to look out for when buying your white pants:

  • The fabric must be opaque
    Remember that you don't want to put on the pants with skin-colored compressions only. Above all, it annoys me when the inside pockets can be seen through the fabric.
  • Enough space for the Poppes
    I can't stand anything less than when I sit down and reveal an unwanted glimpse of my compression. So pay attention to a high crotch seam, also known as a high rise.
  • The right fabric for the necessary comfort
    A high percentage of stretch and a breathable fabric are important so that you don't die in heat on a city trip or in the beer garden.
  • The length doesn't matter
    It's summer for the postman, summer for the bus driver and especially for you. Whether fat, thin, large or small - everyone has summer and above all the right to wear everything that makes it more bearable for them. Do you want to wear shorts? Then do that. You don't want to show your legs? Good as well.

But there is no no-go
just a lot of Let's Go's.

Compression in summer?
Now all the more!

My mediven® 550 with the fashion element Crosses in pink really puts you in the mood for summer, because especially on warm days I need my compression more than usual. The high temperatures widen the blood vessels and thus clear the way for more storage, even for healthy people. A painful end to the day is most likely inevitable here, if you leave out the compression and it usually has a pain reliever.

As arm compression I wear mediven® 550 in denim blue with the pattern Live Laugh Love. Yes, you read that right, I also wear the strongest flat knit quality on my arm average. Thanks to the stability, it slips less on me. With the Functional zone in the elbow doesn't cut anything and I can lift and lift and lift my beer mug.

You can find the links here
to the Rosa Crosses outfit:

Trousers: Luna Largo | Blouse: Christian Berg | Earrings: Similar | Shoes: Gabor

This article was created in cooperation with Medi.
Pictures: Michaela Kern

lipedema-fashion-outfit-purple caroline sprott

Author: Caroline Sprott

I'm Caroline, born in 1989 and live in Augsburg. Why did I start the lipedema fashion blog? At the beginning of my diagnosis I was completely helpless before an uncertain future. Now, a few years later, through active participation in self-help groups and a lot of research, I have accumulated a wealth of experience that I would like to make available to other affected persons in one place - without the detour via private groups on Facebook. The fashion component is of course due to my hobby. At the time, I promised myself that I would never be restricted by compression stockings. This attitude gives other patients courage and so Michaela advised me to start a blog.

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