Thoughts about pregnancy with lipedema

Thoughts about pregnancy

It's hard to describe what you feel and what you think. It's a mix of total excitement and total panic. Sounds a bit theatrical? Yes, that can be good.

I have to admit that I've grown a lot in the seven months. I have become more confident, I think. I stand in front of the mirror and see myself with completely different eyes. I used to see small blemishes, too big a stomach, strange thighs, big arms and a lot more that I didn't like.

The change in pregnancy - a new perspective

But something has changed. When I look in the mirror now, I see a body that is doing amazing things. Which houses a small miracle. I can hardly express it in words, but I have never been as at peace with my body as I am at this moment. Small love handles, big belly ... so what? That's part of it! I am not an ideal image of a woman and maybe I don't even want to be. What for? What good is it for me to be great for others but secretly not to like myself? I prefer to be officially imperfect. Blatant announcement or late insight? Decide for yourself what you think ... I don't want to tell you anything.

There are many Women who don't have children want - because of our illness. Because of lipedema. I would like to say again clearly that I do not judge anyone, but unfortunately I do not understand some opinions either. That’s another matter entirely. I am very happy to have taken this step, not to have let lipedema influence me and to live my life now. With ALL what goes with it.

So clearly! I'm for:




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In this sense, wish you a wonderful time, enjoy the time you have.
Here began my personal journey, pregnancy with lipedema.

Handwriting Anja

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I'm Anja and I was born on February 10.02.1989th, 2 in Schwedt an der Oder. So I come from beautiful Brandenburg. Professionally, I work as an office communication clerk, I support XNUMX companies with my workforce. I also work as an artist in the field of manga. Dear Caroline invited me to participate in this blog. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and I hope that this will also make our disease better known.

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