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A well-fitting sports bra is just as important for endurance sports as good tires are for the car. The demands on the loyal companion are as diverse as on any other piece of sports clothing. Because the female breast has of course all sorts of shapes and sizes and this one would not feel ideally while exercising. Triumph offers sports bras of the highest quality. Where some other well-known manufacturers cause chafing, insufficient support or unsightly silhouettes, our test models from Triumph shine with carefree wearing comfort.

Over the past few weeks, Caro and I have been able to test two Triumph brand sports bras. Here is a short interview on this.

How did you find out about Triumph?

Caro: I've known the brand myself for a long time because I always had to wear a relatively large cup. So many labels fell away for me. So I knew that I would be well equipped there for everyday life, but I was skeptical whether they were the right place to go for the sporty part of my life - after all, they actually sell lingerie. The test of the sports bras was completely new territory for me. I always thought that the wearing comfort of my C / D / E cup (depending on the weight situation) couldn't be better than with my current selection. When I started regular cross-country skiing and more intensive training, I got chafing marks under my chest and back and became desperate. Unfortunately, it made no difference whether I wore the bra from H&M or from Nike.

Laura: I have already tested many sports bras and frankly already abandoned find the right sports bra for me. For women this is a very important issue because you do not feel well in sports, then you let it anyway earlier or stay later. Personally, I have often shortened my sports program (especially running) because once again the sports bra wasn't fitting properly and I felt uncomfortable. So I went looking for a new sports bra on the internet again. Here I ended up on the Triumph website. My friends already use the Triumph sports bras and are absolutely thrilled. So I thought to myself, get on the chic sports bras and test whether they will be my new sports companion.

Which sports bras did Triumph send you?

Caro: I am now the proud owner of the Triaction Extreme Lite in khaki ...

… and the Triaction Control Boost in black. The pattern from the Extreme Lite is so pretty!

Laura: I have the two sports bras Triaction Hybrid Lite in the color purple and the Triaction Extreme Lite received in white. Especially the color purple is really mega - I was totally flashed when I opened the package.

When and during which sporting activities have you tested the products so far?

Caro: You have been my constant companion in all kinds of sporting activities such as jogging, cycling, core and strength training over the past few weeks.

Laura: So far I have worn them to racing and mountain biking, running and to the gym.

How do you see the difference between Triumph's sports bras and other sports bras?

Caro: I really appreciated the advantage of the Triaction Control Boost that it can be opened at the front. I really like this idea and it has proven to be very useful when dealing with the sports bra. They lie very well on the skin and, above all, are absolutely bombproof. Nothing wobbles or slips and that's such a blessing to me. They make a nice shape on the chest, which also really surprised me. I had to struggle with that in the past, the cups were always too pointed or not shaping enough for me. I also seriously can't remember a moment when I had to straighten my bra. I am really happy all round and have just arrived at the models.

Laura: First of all, you have to say that every woman has different demands and ideas about a sports bra, just like with many other things in life. For me it is always very important that I find especially for running training a sports bra, with which I feel really comfortable. For me, feeling good means wearing a sports bra that doesn't slip, pinch, pinch or rub. In addition, a sports bra should have a soft, thin and, above all, breathable pillow inserted. Whereby I am not interested in a “push-up” effect.

Another point that I really like is the design. Finally a chic sports bra, you don't often find that, especially not in the colors!

Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

Caro: I am perfectly happy. 

Laura: No - I'm really very happy with the two sports bras and would recommend this with a clear conscience.





Transparency: We thank Triumph for the free and unconditional provision of the products.

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