Product test: sliding wave massage device Venen Engel

Product placement

Veins, there is veins.

Yes I know. There are veins. I know, I know. Don't stone me. Usually I turn down pretty much all inquiries from companies, because I can't imagine what doesn't suit us or our concept. However, I found it really exciting to put the Venen Engel through its hearts and kidneys. When I was first diagnosed, I was provided with a check-out model trouser cuff and a jacket since my rehab, so I have been able to gain experience since 2010. Let's see what the sliding wave massage device can do.

Why I am testing it

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a lymph cuff. Usually they are approved and given on loan, but we know our dear health insurers. Sometimes they just stand across. In the case of lipedema, the effect of lymphatic drainage is called into question, which does not make approval any easier.

lipoedem fashion veins angel lymphomat test

For me personally, there was another aspect that was decisive for this test. I haven't flown in over ten years, but when it came time to plan our honeymoon, I got nervous. Before my operations I sat in my trouser cuff every evening and, to be honest, I couldn't imagine flying away for three or four weeks without her. But you would almost need an extra case for this huge part. Most of the time we do not go on vacation where water is a substitute for the MLD. This is where the Venen Angel's handiness comes in handy and, in my opinion, offers a good alternative - especially when traveling. The leg cuffs and the device itself are unusually light and easy to fold, so just the thing for on the go.

Not only my personal motives play a role here, but also all the others that I am not aware of.

Who, if not we experienced lymphatic patients, can assess these sliding wave massage devices in their practicable function and ultimately advise those who need a well-founded assessment in their purchase decision.

The facts

There are several aspects that distinguish the Venen Engel from our well-known lymph cuffs.

  1. Air chambers
    The number of air chambers in the Venen Engel is four, six or eight, in the cash register model 12 (but this is partly due to the fact that the cuff extends to the stomach).
  2. Pants and belly cuffs
    To prevent genital and groin edema, full-length trouser cuffs are mostly used. However, the Venen Engel does not have a one-piece cuff, but instead offers a belly section in addition to the legs. To reduce this risk, and I recommend this practice in any case when using the cash register model, the body should be carefully angled before each use. The lymphatic drainage is not started any differently. It is best to have your therapist show you the steps you can use to activate your lymphatic system. Use it every now and then, it helps me in many a painful hour.lipoedem fashion veins angel lymphomat test
  3. Application pressure
    The application pressure of the Venen Engel is 20–250 mmHG. In general, however, you should not exceed 80 mmHG, so the checkout models are limited to this level for home use. I asked the manufacturer what the reason for the missing lock was and he sympathetically admitted that they were trying to bridge any discrepancies in the fit. This means that with slimmer legs, the pressure can simply be set a little higher in order to achieve the full effect. If you slowly approach the right setting here, you can't go wrong.
  4. duration of use
    The maximum time that can be set for this test device is 30 minutes. A daily application of at least 20 minutes is normally recommended.
  5. Size:
    The dimensions can be found in the following graphic. The total width can be expanded in 10 cm steps. The total length is 86 cm, which for me could be 1,81 cm longer with my 5 m. But I'm a small (well, big) exception. Yes, yes, I'm used to it.leg cuff-dimensions-300x150The dimensions of the belly cuff are 130 cm x 37 cm and are therefore suitable for a body size of approx. 95–110 cm. This could of course be a problem with obese sufferers. But an XL variant is to follow.
  6. Warranty
    If, despite the good workmanship, something is wrong with your device, you can make use of the two-year guarantee. Of course, you also have a 14-day right of return.
  7. Price
    The prices for the Venen Engel range from € 299 to € 840.

If you have any unanswered questions, you can contact the FAQs just take a look.


I have the cheapest model of the Veins of angel extensively tested and am seriously surprised at what it can do. During the application, however, I did not notice any shift in the edema or impaired removal of the lymph. Before each session, everyone was lymphted for all it was worth and I mostly left it at 20-25 minutes. Application time. I felt a pleasant pressure on my legs and felt a comparable relief and activation of the lymph, as with the usual trouser cuff. I can only make one recommendation for everyone who has been thinking of purchasing this device. It is a practical little helper and for what it costs, it can keep up with "the big ones". It is of course no substitute for the lymphomatics indicated for edema therapy, but it is still significantly better than nothing.

The material is really well made and I can't fault it other than that the cable inlets may loosen when stowed away and pulled out. However, that never happened during the sessions, so nothing to worry about. I have also had very good experience with the service. You answered all (even unpleasant) questions quickly and honestly and I find that very personable.

You can easily find the Venen Engel online z. B. at Amazon to order!

lipoedem fashion veins angel lymphomat test

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lipedema-fashion-outfit-purple caroline sprott

Author: Caroline Sprott

I'm Caroline, born in 1989 and live in Augsburg. Why did I start the lipedema fashion blog? At the beginning of my diagnosis I was completely helpless before an uncertain future. Now, a few years later, through active participation in self-help groups and a lot of research, I have accumulated a wealth of experience that I would like to make available to other affected persons in one place - without the detour via private groups on Facebook. The fashion component is of course due to my hobby. At the time, I promised myself that I would never be restricted by compression stockings. This attitude gives other patients courage and so Michaela advised me to start a blog.

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  • Hello Caroline.
    It's interesting that you tested the Venen Engel.
    Last week I discovered the gene angel on Amazon.
    I think that the device is a good alternative to the devices used by the vascular surgeon and of course practical for at home.
    I have been diagnosed with lipo-lymphedema since 2008. I received from a doctor for therapy in the lymphomat and compression. But with 2 children and a job, it is too stressful for me to go to the doctor twice a week.
    I already thought about sending an application to the health insurance company for a lymphomat, but I'm afraid it will be rejected.
    So of course it would be great to win such a device.

    Find your site really great, please keep it up !!!

    Greetings Katharina

  • Huhu dear ones! ❤
    I've been following you for a long time, have been diagnosed since 2015 and have had to fight for every drainage recipe ever since. My family doctor refuses, long-term treatment leaves me out in the rain. Now I'm 8 months pregnant, look like the Michellin male and can't get any more prescriptions ... I'm one of many!
    Perhaps such a device will help me and save me from future long trips to a specialist clinic.

    Keep it up. A lot of strength to all fighters!

    • Oops pressed too quickly. Of course, I use the break to relax. Soon there will be no virl with infant

  • Hello dear team from LipedemaMode,
    Since I was diagnosed with lipedema only a few months ago, I am currently reading a lot on the subject of lipedema in order to deal with it. I think your blog is really great ... and in here I will be able to read a lot of informative and constructive articles during the little break with the "Venen Engel".
    Greetings Anke

  • Lymphing at home would be lovely.
    I could watch my favorite show and relax.

    I currently have lymphatic drainage twice a week. That takes a lot of time and energy to get there. Especially since I still take care of my mother.

  • Lie down on my day bed with Venenengel and relax with a good book during the time, because that way you can consciously take a break from everyday life and do something good for yourself.

  • Hello, winning would be a dream for each of us. So I keep my fingers crossed for everyone. For me personally, winning the "angel" would be relaxing, just the thought of not having to beg for recipes.

  • Hello Caroline,

    since I don't get an MLD, I would be very happy about it and use the time out to read a book!

  • That sounds good. Especially in summer I notice that I have my problems with the stocking. It would be good to slip into the device again in the evening.
    So I would be very happy about this win.

    LG Sandra

  • Unfortunately, I have not yet had the pleasure of getting a lymphomat for home. I was allowed to test it when I was in rehab (not because of lipedema).
    Otherwise I unfortunately get nothing but support. Haven't found the right doctor yet ...
    That's why it would be so great for me to have this vein angel at home, it would really be an ANGEL.
    That's why I keep my fingers crossed for myself! 🙂

  • Hello Caroline, since my doctor told me from the start that the health insurance would reject an application for a device, it would be a sensation to win this. My legs are getting worse and worse because of my sedentary job. And because of my mother's extra care, there is little time for me to drive to the treatments. It would be great 20 min. To take time out from the day and just spend it with the angel

  • Since I am a bookworm, I would enjoy relaxing with a good book. Maybe I'll be lucky if my health insurance has already rejected the device

  • Unfortunately, since I don't get an MLD and therefore have no chance of a lymphomat, it would be huge to win the Venen Engel.

    I would use the time in the Venen Engel to finally read again and take a break from everyday life with tea and a good book 🙂

  • The Venen Engel sounds pretty good. I am curious how the story will continue.
    I would have a good time with the Venen Engel and use it at home, you can definitely relax with the angel and briefly escape from everyday life. 🙂 Unfortunately we all have this double burden, the lymphi somehow get regularly in our everyday life.
    I could also imagine going traveling with an angel 🙂
    By the way, a great thing that you do here again and again! 🙂
    Kind regards, Vanessa

  • Hello dear ones,
    I have been diagnosed with lip lymphedema since mid-2016, I have 1 hour MLD once a week. The “angel” would be great at home

    Your reports are always great and very readable, keep it up

  • That would be perfect for a mommy break - nice to pull back with a book and do something good for ME.
    I have been diagnosed with lipedema since 2015. Really erupted after a miscarriage.
    After the pregnancy it got even worse. I go to the Mld twice a week and swim twice ... but the baby has priority - there is always something in between ... the angel would be the perfect solution when the baby is in bed and I can't go anywhere !!!

  • Hello Caroline,
    I live in the country, and here it is difficult to find a physio practice that can treat me - as it would be necessary, 2 - 3 times a week .. In addition, the MLD is associated with a lot of driving. With the Venenengel I could relax on the couch and take a break with a nice book!

    Greetings to the team and thanks for your great articles,

  • Juhuuuuu! It's finally here, the experience report ❤ Thank you very much for it, I was eagerly awaiting it.

    Since I pay for most of the lymphatic drainage myself, I've been toying with the venous angel for a long time. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any reviews from lipedema patients - until now!

    Dear Caroline- a thousand thanks
    Also to all the other girls from the team - keep it up, you give us all strength and put a smile or two on our faces!

    Back to the angel:
    Winning a copy would of course be bombastic.
    After a long day at work, slip into your cuffs in the evening, a good book in your hand and relax ... maybe soon no more wishful thinking?

    I keep my fingers crossed for all of us!

  • Hi all,

    that sounds great. My lipedema is not that extreme. Apart from compression stockings, I am not receiving any further therapy. Hence, this device sounds wonderful. I've researched a lot so far and didn't dare to use the devices. That is very good feedback, then I know which device I will be ordering soon.

    Best regards,

  • Hello!
    I would use the time to read and look at her beloved books with my little daughter comfortably on the couch. Half an hour without distraction and just enjoy the time.
    And my not quite finished legs can certainly use the angel well. Especially since I also suffer from thrombophilia.
    The profit would be so great!
    Kind regards

  • I haven't done lymph drainage for a long time because I have to pay an additional € 300 per month. My legs could slowly use support again.
    I would make myself comfortable with a book or film, enjoy a cup of tea and take a break from everyday life.

  • The product test sounds super interesting and made me curious.
    I would lie down and enjoy the break from everyday life during this time. Just do nothing and listen to yourself.

  • Clearly, browse Amazon or watch Netflix with a large ginger tea. With the angel I wouldn't have so much pain anymore.
    But you're right about the permits.
    It cannot be that some patients are left in the lurch like this.
    I myself already have level 4 and everywhere. My doctor at the university canceled my MLD. I had to find a solution. She doesn't want to prescribe a reha either. I submitted the application at the beginning of November. I don't get it back. I can't get such a device from a doctor. Somehow I do not understand it. I sincerely hope that the health insurance companies and doctors recognize the seriousness of the situation and our pain!

  • Hello Caroline,
    I would be really happy about the win. I am a lipoedema patient myself and work in the medical supply store. I would like to pass the experience on to my customers.

  • Hello everyone 🙂

    winning the Vein Angel would be a huge blessing for me.

    Everyone always says “Oh, you as a private patient don't have any problems”, but the opposite is the case. We too have to fight for every recipe, but that's not all for us. The health insurance companies only contribute a certain amount to the lymphatic drainage. Now find a therapist whose prices fit the insurance company's vision. Finding an appointment is the next obstacle, not an easy undertaking. And at the end comes the bill, you have to laboriously save the money beforehand, because privately insured you have to pay in advance before the money is reimbursed by the health insurance.

    The time saved by this actual angel would be enormous. I have to drive to and from work for an hour every day, so getting appointments with a therapist this late is difficult.
    The Vein Angel would make so much easier and save a lot of trouble.
    I could finally use the time to spend time with the family, or just to finish my book during the treatment (it's so exciting, but I don't have time and can't read). But the greatest thing would be to just enjoy the peace and quiet and relax your eyes before the alarm clock rings much too early at XNUMX:XNUMX the next morning.

    It would be such a relief if I could win the Vein Angel.

    Very, very kind regards

  • Allow yourself a break, read something and do something for your health on the side - that would be a dream! 🙂

  • That would be a dream to win. I am not prescribed an MLD. Since I also suffer from fibromyalgia, my legs also hurt. I would relax wonderfully with the treatment with Venen Engel

  • Hello Caroline,
    I would use the time as a break from everyday life and enjoy the time at the Venenanggel. Concentrate on my breathing, read a good book or just relax with a face mask. With the feeling - I can do something good for myself.

  • Dear Caroline,
    I think it's great that you tested the Venen Engel. My best friend is 4 months pregnant and she is already panicking about the birth, which I can understand. In two weeks I will take you to a wellness weekend to really relax again. She was diagnosed with lipo-lymphedema, currently in the 1st stage. I didn't know the disease before. Your blog is authentic, I've been following it for a long time and get information and inspiration. It would be really great to give her something that really works. Your blog is authentic, I've been following it for a long time and let myself be inspired.
    With the Venetian Angel I would grant her a long-awaited wish that will not only be good for her, but also for the baby.

  • Hello Caroline. Fortunately, I am not affected myself. Unfortunately my brother's wife has this problem and has been to the doctor umpteen times. Until now nobody could help. It's a shame. She has had it for a few years with her tender 24 years. Really sad. It's a shame that there is no real help so far to make life a little easier with it. The only positive thing about it (which can be seen positively at all) is that the stockings are at least always more beautiful and special, in different colors and patterns. I see this difference after years. Because she will soon marry my dear brother and perhaps wish and give her a little relief and unfortunately my wallet is not the largest, even if I would love to help her. I would like to try my luck for her and then I will also show your report. I keep my fingers crossed gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanz. Thank you so much. I wish you feel better and finally something comes on the market to finally heal those affected. All the best and good health. best regards

  • Hello Caroline!
    Very interesting. But still, in addition to MLD, it would be a relief and something that is good for you. I would be happy to win such a Venus Angel.

  • I would use the necessary time out completely for myself. Retire with a book, have a drink and escape the hustle and bustle

  • My goodness - if I had known, I would have bought such a VenenEngel long ago - especially after the operations, the treatment in the devices was much more pleasant than the MLD for me. One hour in this device is time for me - listening to an audio book in peace, progressive muscle relaxation or reading a nice book. I still have an operation ahead of me and for that I could use the VenenEngel excellently because the many holidays fall during the hot time and therefore many MLD appointments have to be canceled!

  • Hello dear ones,

    Like most of them now, I don't get an MLD. The angel would be great. I would spend the “angel break” with an exciting book.

    Kind regards
    Nicole 🙂

  • Hello Caroline,
    I would be very happy if I won the Venetian Angel. Especially with regard to the coming summer months, I would then with pleasure one or the other retreat with the angel either on my bed or on the sofa and recharge my batteries. For the family, the dachshund and above all for the self-help group work.
    Your work here with the blog, at fb, at the large compression stockings and the like. I admire a lot, but that's why you're 20 years younger than me. I would be happy if we met on 05.05. would get to know personally in Hanover.
    In this sense,

  • Put your legs up, the little daughter in your arms, looking at a book together and being lymphted by an angel! A dream

  • Hello everyone, my application was unfortunately rejected by my health insurance company, so I would be very happy about it and would first put my feet up with a cup of tea and a good book

    Keep it up girls.

  • Hello everyone,

    I have been diagnosed with lipedema for about half a year and only got the stockings. This year I have set myself the task of declaring war on lipedema and, as far as I can, to take matters into my own hands….
    We have a well-known fitness studio in town with an attached figure-shaping area. These include cavitation, hydrofusion and vaccustyler. In addition to training, I try to use all three treatments. But as a working mother, it's all very difficult to reconcile.
    So it would be a blessing for me to have a legitimate meaningful break with the angel in front of the stove with a book.

    Many greetings


  • Hello dear lipedema fashion team!
    Oh, I would just treat myself to a break with the vein angel. A tea and a nice book! Lovely!
    Keep it up!
    Many greetings!

  • If I won the Venen Engel, I would lay down on the couch every day after work with a nice cup of coffee and watch my favorite series. In addition, my legs are pampered

  • I also don't get any more prescriptions and I don't have any specialists. The vein angel sounds like a great bright spot.

  • Since I've been thinking about buying a device to relieve pressure pain for a long time. This article helped me a lot to overcome my disorientation and insecurity. If I won this device, it would be my evening companion with a good book or an interesting film on television. Anyway, I would be very happy.

  • Hello dear lipedema fashion team,
    first of all: How awesome are you that you give something away! The mega hammer! 😀
    Thank you for your report about the device, it sounds very tempting to test the Venen Engel!
    I would probably look for great vacation offers for the summer on the side and I am happy that my legs have been pampered so well before the vacation that they feel nice during the trip. The device is then also taken along, should that work. Probably depending on the travel destination.

    Thanks for your great work! 🙂

    Eva <3

  • Hello Caroline,

    I just came across the Vein Angel test by chance and would love to win it.
    Your experiences with it sound good and the applications would make my everyday life wonderfully easier, since as a full-time mother of two boys, the youngest of whom is unfortunately mentally disabled, I unfortunately have no time for MLD.
    I would use it in the evening when the little ones are in bed and read a good crime novel or maybe even fall asleep a bit.
    But the best thing would be that I could even take the Venenengel with me on business trips and congresses, where my lipedema always plagues me particularly.

    I keep my fingers crossed for everyone!

    Best regards,

  • In the Lymphomat in the clinic, I just love to read carelessly again, which I just don't get to in everyday life. Relax, switch off the world around you and just lose yourself in a good book!
    Best regards,

  • When the vein angel's wings swing
    and quietly sing its pressure waves over my legs,
    I firmly believe that they do it for me
    because he knows I need you

    I would take time regularly to let my angel fly over my legs. Quite relaxed in the appropriate lying position, with a nice book, a magazine or surfing the Internet and here, for example, get nice tips. With a delicious drink and dream that my angel will give me relief for my legs that are constantly aching sitting-office-battered. A little break that should be good for me and my body. The product name is appropriate. I would love to test it and would like to report on it later. We need positive experience that we should share with others and thus give them a piece of hope. With this in mind, I jump into the lottery pot. Kind regards - Steffi

  • Hello Caroline
    Thank you for your great report.
    I would like to throw myself in the lottery pot ... if I had the Venen Engel, I would brush my little dog. So we can both relax.
    Best regards

  • Hello Caroline, thanks for the report, I would be very happy about the Venenengel and would use the time to follow your block more intensively, going to the physiotherapist twice a week with an hour's drive takes a lot of time in a 40-hour work week
    Best regards,

  • What would I do while I lay in the venous angel? Nothing, nothing and again nothing and enjoy the sweet idleness. And close all the doors beforehand so that the dwarfs can't find me 🙂

  • Oh, just relaxing and enjoying would be great. Possibly continue reading a good book. Use the time only for myself…. should then not only be good for the legs.

  • Hello Caroline,

    I would use the Venenengel to treat myself to a break with a nice book or a film.
    Unfortunately, I only prescribed and approved the MLD once a week and would be very happy if I had an alternative to hand at home.

    Best regards,

  • Hello everyone, first of all thank you for the great, informative page. I had already read reviews about the Venenangels, but I had concerns because I am 1,81 m tall and everything is often too short for me …… and again I got information here. Thank you very much! I would probably use the time and build it into everyday life and unblock it while I help our girls with their homework. Listening to vocabulary etc. on the couch and doing something for me at the same time - wonderful :-)! By the way, a tip among tall women - at there is everything for women from 1,80m and I always found pants there even before my 4 liposuctions. That’s just by the way… Thank you for your commitment, LG Ellen

  • Dear LM team, during the treatment I would relax, have a cool drink and talk to a friend on the phone ...
    LG Andi

  • Hmmm, sounds good! So I'll jump into the lottery pot right away and be happy to reveal what I'd be doing on my break: knitting! I love knitting. Is like yoga to me. Together with an application in the Vein Engel, a dream

  • With the Venenengel I would finally be able to relax and regenerate with a book in the evening after a stressful day of childcare

  • Dear Caroline

    I am the silent reader of your blog with enthusiasm!
    I am pleased that you tested this device. I had also informed myself about it, because the fight for lymph drainage through the cash register is always so complex ...
    So I would like to overcome these dry spells - at least - with the little angel and use my energy for the nicer things in life.

    All the best to you, you are doing great!

  • Hello!
    It would be great to have such a vein angel - with relaxing music or a book - to get lighter legs, just great

  • Hi,

    if I should actually enjoy the Venen Engel I would make myself a hot tea, grab a good book and make myself soooo really comfortable on the sofa.


  • The Venus Angel would be a blessing for me after long, strenuous days on my feet. In the evening, relax on the couch, switch the television on and off yourself - that would be a dream.

  • Oh yes, I don't get any recipes for MLD either, so I would be very happy if I win the Vein Angel - so that I can take a break on the sofa in the evening while the device is running and I either read or watch an episode watch a series (Orphan Black or Dr. House, for example). Maybe I'll be lucky, anyway, great action, thank you!

  • Hello Caroline,
    thank you for this test. I have no lymphedema, but after a high dose I have chronic pain in my legs. So far I have used such a device in a wellness studio and have less pain as a result. However, since the treatment is very expensive, I am looking for a device that is inexpensive and enables me to enjoy it more often and to read one, two, three ... books in peace.
    Best regards,

  • Hallo,
    Discovered your post by chance while surfing the web for a lymphomat. I'm glad that I found a test and that you also draw the comparison to your cash register model. I have had my diagnosis for about 2,5 years and only became aware of this method today. Since I put even more strain on my leg in my job as a restaurant specialist and sometimes even don't make it to lymphatic drainage, it would be great to have such a device at home. During the treatment I would relax and read a book, one. Watch my favorite series or take a short power nap. Hope I can take part and, with a little luck, win.

  • Many thanks for testing the Venen Angel! I am considering putting on leg cuffs but am hesitant due to my limited financial possibilities due to a partial disability pension.
    Has anyone had experience of using it for lymphedema in the ankle and toe area - does it unblock the swollen areas?
    Lg Heike

    • Hello Heike!
      I have one from ebay classifieds. A well-maintained device with a guarantee and a 14-day right of return.

  • Hallo,
    I have it now too and was very skeptical at first. Now I leave him 20-30 minutes. purr at the lowest level. I lost some leg girth again compared to the last recipe. Could be because of it.
    Lg to everyone

  • Hello Caroline, I happen to be researching compression for my lymoho patients who don't themselves. Can create comoressional supplies. I have been a physiotherapist for many years and am often amazed at the degree of ignorance towards lupolymphedema patients. Great that you report on your experiences, we recommend it to those affected to read it. Greetings Christiane

    • With pleasure, dear Christiane! Many patients depend on dedicated therapists like you. Wonderful that you are doing this. Do you already know the Lymphologicum? That could be of interest to you too and you could have the magazine Lympholife displayed in practice. 🙂

      Best regards

  • Thank you for testing the Venen Engel, I have now ordered it and am very excited
    Funny that you come from Augsburg. Right next door, so to speak