Raspberry red: 4 outfits that will inspire you

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The bad news first, most of us get one compression fitting every six months. Sometimes it takes that a bit of courage to choose the colors and patterns that make your heart beat faster. the good news is that's why it's worth it! Because it is not only an important aid in therapy, but also one important part of everyday life that too in 90% of the cases suit you and lift your spirits should. That's why I felt compelled to take away your fear of one of my favorite colors and create a few looks. They should show you how versatile a color like that is Trend color raspberry red for fashion element dots my mediven 550 from average is and how much fun it can be to combine them in a playful way. Let's go, sprat fleet!

All white with raspberry red - like a snowflake

A fear that many compression wearers have is the worry of having to re-equip their closet for each compression fitting.
I can take this fear away from you in no time at all, because if you rely on classic basics such as white, blue, grey, black, cream and earth tones, you can use the bright color of your compression stockings to set small highlights that will liven up an otherwise rather boring outfit make.

The pattern sets the pace

Patterned clothing has a decisive advantage: you can also combine any color of this pattern with it. Whether accessories, other items of clothing for the onion look or your compression stockings - in this case it's these Trend color raspberry red with the fashion element stripes from medicine Simply let the patterns guide you to find the best combination and when shopping, look out for pieces that will give you pleasure for a long time thanks to their flexibility. When it comes to your outfits, don't underestimate the magic of the details. My lemon handbag has accompanied me through a number of looks for years and it is impossible to imagine my life without it. Deliberately search for things that you would like to surround yourself with, for example things that go with your compression garments tassel earrings or motivational bracelets. They should give you a lot of joy with every use and thus also provide an additional mood booster.

We are family, I've got all my colors with me!

You're a flat knit heroine, I'm a flat knit heroine - so we're kind of a family. What is also quite familiar are the colors. Warm tones, cool tones, luminous tones, matte tones, and all can be combined within their neighborhood. In this look, you can see that pink is actually just a pastel shade of red, so it works perfectly together. The combination with red gives the delicate pink a very special power that will inspire you throughout the day. Raspberry red (has the red in the name, so you can only win) calms the crisp color explosion on you and ensures harmony and balance.

In this outfit is the Rock another insider tip, because this is a skirt especially for compression wearers. It features a built-in petticoat to eliminate annoying static and a hidden, adjustable waistband. So you can adjust the skirt exactly to your waist and the constant sticking out of the waistband is finally history. Be sure to try it!

You decide, not the outside world

Unfortunately, the decision for or against a color often fails because of the unsolicited opinion of those around you, and I just can't leave you alone with that. The only opinion about your wardrobe that really matters is your own. Because you end up wearing your clothes and you need to feel as good as you can in them. Of course, you can ask someone else for their opinion, but if you're unsure if you can wear something, isn't that uncertainty alone reason enough that you're not ready for that piece?

Basically, in my opinion, it is the better choice to always try something new and sometimes to step well beyond the limit of the comfort zone in order to push this limit a little further and thus your freedom to wear everything you feel like fighting back . But don't overwhelm yourself and take manageable, small steps. This will help you achieve long-term success rather than getting frustrated with leaps that are too big.

So what do I want to tell you with this article?

  • Colors can be perfectly combined with all basics that are rather reserved.
  • Patterns give you good templates as to which colors you can combine with them.
  • Color families are the safest bank to combine powerful contrasts for an inspiring feeling.
  • You should decide for yourself what makes you feel really good. However, do not stay too much in your comfort zone, but dare to step beyond your limits every now and then to redefine your terrain.

So nothing can go wrong! Share your outfit in the trend color raspberry red with medis channel @medigmbh and meinem @powersprotte on Instagram.

This article was created in cooperation with Medi.
Pictures: Michaela Kern

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