Travel with lipedema: Morocco

Hello dear ones,

I have my work firmly under control again, but I would still like to give you a brief insight into my vacation.

Traveling with lipedema - flying

Many advanced lipedema patients are afraid that they will not fit into the seats of the airplane. It is best to clarify this with the travel agency or airline before you fly. It is important to wear compression stockings on longer flights. They help your legs to get through long periods of sitting better.

I was wearing my compression but still had swollen legs and feet after landing. And I was glad that my compression was by my side. I don't want to imagine what it would have been like without.

Definitely don't let this illness spoil your travel. You are all strong women, if you want to see the world go out there and just do it! Point!



Brief data about Morocco (Wikipedia Hello):

Country name: Kingdom of Morocco (Al-Mamlaka al-maghribiya)

Air conditioning: different climates; Rabat: Atlantic climate, hot and humid in summer, cool and humid in winter

Location: Morocco lies between the 28th and 36th degrees of latitude and the 1st and 13th degree of longitude.

Size of the country: 459.000 square kilometers (Western Sahara area, which is disputed under international law, also approx. 266.000 square kilometers)

Capital: Rabat, 800.000 inhabitants (with sister city Salé approx. 1,6 million).

Population: approx. 33 million inhabitants; Mean age 27 years; Population growth 1,2 percent annually

National languages: officially Arabic (the Maghreb-Arabic dialect Darija is spoken) and, since the adoption of the new constitution, also the Berber language Tamazight; locally other Berber languages; French is widely used as a business and educational language.

Religion: Islam (Sunni of the Malekite School of Law); approx. 23.000 Christians, around 3.000 Jews

My impressions

I found the vacation in Morocco to be really relaxing. The people are very different, much more relaxed, calmer and more courteous than here in Germany. We saw a lot, were in Marrakech and the Sahara. The landscape of Morocco is traversed by its argan and olive trees. It's not as sparse as I expected. You can also see wild palm trees there regularly.

I was surprised that the people were so friendly - I've got around a bit, but the friendliness of the Moroccans has so far exceeded everything. In the photos you can see that I wore my compression when I was out. It just belongs when I'm on my feet longer. Incidentally, I washed them in the hotel's washbasin - went without any problems. For example, you can use the products of average or juzo use.

I can recommend everyone to visit this wonderful country - we have not noticed any of the current problems there.

A wonderful country, with wonderful people - in I meinem wonderful vacation! Traveling with lipedema, that works.

In love

Handwriting Anja

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